Treatment Time

1 hour per area

Hospital Stay

Normally none


Low Impact after one week


As soon as possible


After 24 hours


Wearing a compression garment day and night post op

What is a Liposuction?

Liposuction is where fat is removed from specific and stubborn areas of the body which do not respond to low calorie diets or exercise

This treatment is suitable for anyone with stubborn fatty areas that won’t budge. You must be a stable weight and medically fit.

The Results

Results are best in areas where the skin is tight and can therefore spring back into shape for example the outer thighs and saddlebag areas

Treated areas usually result in a better fit to clothing.

FAQ ABOUT Liposuction

Below are some common FAQ’s about Liposuction surgery.

What is the price of Liposuction?

All procedures at Reflect Clinic are unique to you. To find out a price for your liposuction please book a consultation and discuss your needs with our expert surgeon, Mr Gerard Lambe.

You should not have this procedure if
You are overweight, with a BMI of over 32, smoke or vape, are in bad health and are taking anti-coagulant medication or are diabetic.
What is it?

Liposuction is a way of sculpting the body by sucking away fat in a carefully controlled manner.

How is it done?

Depending on the size of the area, you may be able to have the procedure awake (with Local Anaesthetic) or asleep (under General Anaesthetic). First Mr Lambe will see you on the morning of surgery and mark out the area(s) to be treated. This is important and acts as a map. Next a special cocktail of fluid containing anaesthetic and adrenaline to control pain and bleeding is injected into the area. Very small incisions are used and these are not placed symmetrically as this is more noticeable than marks that are offset.

What happens after the operation?

You will come back from theatre wearing a compression garment and this is a very important part of the post op care so that you get the best result. The garment helps to stop swelling and fluid collections and ensures that the skin that was lifted up during the procedure sticks down smoothly.

You will have tiny wounds that are closed with dissolving stitches..

How long do I wear the garment for?

The best results are obtained from wearing the garment for 6 weeks but a minimum of 4 weeks is recommended.

When do I come back for a check up?

Mr Lambe will see you 2 weeks after the operation to check that your wounds are healing nicely.

Who gets the best results?

The best results from Liposuction are in areas where you have tight skin and the skin therefore snaps back when the fat is emptied out.

Good areas are the outer thighs and saddlebag area.

If you have loose hanging skin in the area to be treated then Mr Lambe will assess you at your consultation.

What are the potential complications?

You can develop small collections of fluid under the skin called seromas. This can be avoided by using your post op garment.

You may have lumpy or uneven areas which again can be minimised by wearing your post op garment for a minimum of 4 weeks and best after 6 weeks. You can develop infections or poor scarring but this will be monitored post operatively.

Is laser/ultrasound Liposuction better than traditional Liposuction?

All Liposuction relies on very similar principles of removing the fat by suction but some companies have added ways of trying to break up the fat to make it easier using either vibration, heat or ultrasound. These make the Surgeon’s job a little easier but they risk causing burns to the skin and for this reason I do not use them as I have always been able to get good results with conventional and safe Liposuction..

How do I book?

You will need a private consultation to discuss your personal requirements as everyone is different.

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