Sponsoring Cheshire Socialites’ Ascot Event

This week we are delighted to announce that we are the main sponsor for Cheshire Socialites’ fabulous Ascot Ladies Lunch!

The event is to be held at The Alderley Edge Hotel, in Alderley Edge, Cheshire on Thursday, 21st June 2018 from 12-5pm.

We have long been a fan of Joanna Scott Aspray’s Events (please see Cheshire Socialites website for other events) as we have always met some amazing Cheshire ladies (and gentlemen) who are always glamorous, charming and of course beautiful!

The event had the wow factor from “the off” with a beautiful black stallion awaiting guests at the entrance to greet them and set the tone for the day!

Fashion Show

Last year we saw a fashion show by Seema Mulhotra, of Forever Unique and Real Housewives of Cheshire Fame and the new perfume launch by Lauren Stone called Number One which I can personally say is rich, musky and long lasting. It’s altogether fabulous!

Last year, there were other ladies products available to try such as sparkly facepaint and the lovely Darby Ward (also of Real Housewives of Cheshire fame) sang some well known songs while we drank and dined in the sumptuous Gusto Restaurant on London Road, Wilmslow.

It has been well documented in the press that Darby had a consultation on the Show with her mother Dawn and sister Taylor where we showcased our new 3D Virtual Reality Visors (otherwise known as #BoobGoggles!) at the new state of the art Spire Manchester Hospital in Didsbury and following on from the show, she decided to go ahead with her breast augmentation surgery.  The show created media attention about her age and her decision to have a breast enlargement at 21 and Dawn and Darby were interviewed by Loose Women and featured in the national media to explain their decision. Gerard Lambe was very careful during the consultation and of course gave his no pressure, realistic and honest advice to Darby about what she could expect from her cosmetic surgery.  We were delighted to hear from her that she is delighted too and going by her social media channels she is very happy with the results!!

Cheshire Charity

We are also pleased to say that The Kirsty Club Charity benefitted from the Ascot event and the atmosphere was as friendly, sparkly, gold and glamorous as you would expect from Cheshire! The lovely gentlemen here were fabulous hosts and made everyone feel most welcome from start to finish.

Photo Opportunities

Alongside the outstanding glamour of the occasion, the event was showcased in The Cheshire Magazine, owned by the Run Wild Group, and local press including The Wilmslow Guardian newspaper featuring local business women and socialites with photos such as this one (taken at another of Joanna’s events).

This Year

So as you can see, it was no surprise that we decided to sponsor this year’s event ourselves to support Cheshire Ladies who prove every day that you can have it all – brains, beauty and bling!

Watch this Space!

The event will be further promoted on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the media so please look out, retweet and share the details of the event. As part of the VIP package we have a table for 10 so watch our social media channels as we announce details of a competition to offer a prize at our VIP Table for the full Cheshire experience…!