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Another Use for Fillers

There are many different brands of fillers such as Juvederm (which we use at Reflect Clinic) and also each brand has arrange of fillers which have a thicker or thinner consistency depending on what area of the body or face is being filled.
For example, Lip Fillers are usually * in consistency
Fillers are brilliant in many ways and one of them is that they provide instant results so a patient can see immediately the difference it is making for example to enhancing their lips and giving them fuller lips which is the current trend for Instagram and other social media photographs.

Uses for Filler

Another use that we have found most recently is that the filler can be applied to BCG Scars for a vast improvement!

What is a BCG Injection?

BCG (stands for Bacille Calmette Guerin. BCG is a weakened version of a bacteria called Mycobacterium bovis which is closely related to Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the bacteria responsible for tuberculosis). It is usually given to babies and children in the United Kingdom to protect them against Tuberculosis, although it works for anyone under 35.
In the United Kingdom babies and children are routinely vaccinated shortly after birth.
Sometimes the trauma to the arm by the injection can result in a range of scarring from small circles, dimples or more infrequently a large “divot” in the arm.
The patient in this before picture was 45 years old and had a really nice shoulder line which was spoiled to some degree by the large scar on one upper arm.  She was due to attend a host of Summer parties where lots of pictures would be taken and felt that the scar restricted her choice of clothing especially as bandeau tops were her favourite choice but she felt self-conscious of the scar and covered it with a range of scarves or cardigans over the years.
Luckily, it is quite easy to improve this type of scarring and other benefits to this type of procedure is that it is quick, easy and shows immediate results!
I was able to cover the area first with a numbing cream and waited 30 minutes before this took effect. I then released the scar by injecting 1ml of Juvederm filler into the area which firstly lifted the scar tissue (which had been tight and in place for 45 years!) and then gently add little by little until the “small valley” of scarring was plumped up until it gave a gentle and natural  looking curve to the arm to make it equal to her other arm.  The effects were impressive and took less than an hour for a problem of 45 years!

“I was so happy to be in the kind care of Mr Lambe who listened carefully to the problem and explained the options that were available to me.  I chose the filler procedure as it would produce a quick and cost effective solution so that I could be confident when having photos taken in my favourite style of dress without being self conscious of the big divet in my arm!
I couldn’t believe that something that had annoyed me for years was very quickly filled in and I am so pleased with the result.  I cannot wait to go to the wedding and wear my strapless designer dress and look forward to seeing the photographs afterwards.
Mr Lambe made me feel so much at ease I decided to have the procedure there and then but there was no pressure from him.  If you have anything similar then it’s such a simple and easy procedure that I would advise you to definitely just go ahead and have it done, life’s too short!”

We took the picture above 30 minutes after the filler had been applied, when the initial pinkness had subsided.  On touch the area was slightly harder than the surrounding skin but over the next week it settled down and felt the same as the surrounding area.
Juvederm is our preferred brand of filler and it comes in a range of strengths and consistencies, depending on the area to be treated for example lips  and under eyes.
With the Christmas party season on the horizon with lots of photos to be taken with friends and family, it’s worth thinking and planning now to improve any areas of your face and body so that you are not grimacing or avoiding having photos in what should otherwise be joyous occasions to be cherished with family and friends.
Mr Lambe said

“The procedure above is slightly unusual but I was pleased to use the product in a new way and very pleased with the results for both the patient and myself!”

If you have an area of your body that you are self-conscious about, then please don’t hesitate to ring Jayne for an initial chat.  Mr Lambe can see you at your convenience when you have had a chance to think over your options.

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