Are you waiting to have Breast Surgery?

Are you waiting for Breast Surgery?

We have had so many reviews recently from patients who have waited, sometimes for many years, before having the confidence to come and have a consultation for either a Breast Enlargement (sometimes known as a Boob Job) or a Breast Reduction.

I have wanted to have a breast reduction for half of my life now but never had the confidence to actually go ahead with it. I came close around 8 years ago but didn’t go ahead with it. Now, having done it (finally!), I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I only wish I done it sooner!!

A Breast Augmentation operation is a big decision and one that many ladies mull over for some time.  There is now so much information available on the internet that it can become quite overwhelming to decide what is right for you.

Throughout the whole experience of my breast reduction he and his team, especially Jayne, were absolutely amazing. Right from the word go I knew Mr Lambe was the person I wanted to perform my surgery (and I saw 5 other surgeons as well!).
Mr Lambe answered every single question I had beforehand (and he will tell you himself that there was an awful lot of them!). He was patient and kind and made me feel totally comfortable and at ease. There was no pressure whatsoever, I just honestly felt that Mr Lambe wanted me to make the right decision for myself.

I’m always looking for new ways in which to help patients make the right choice for them about breast surgery and to give them the best idea of just how they will look after a procedure.  That is why for the last 18 months I have been using Crisalix 3D Virtual Reality software to help my patients make the right decision about how to progress with their Breast Augmentation surgery.

This software uses a small lens  attached to an ipad to take an accurate dimensional scan of your body and it only takes about 3 minutes if you are a victim of this fast paced world and short on time!  This image can then be used to simulate how different breast implants will look on you.
The best part of these images is that they can be viewed in Virtual Reality using a phone and a Virtual Reality (VR) headset. This then allows you to look down and see your new cleavage as it would look using different sized and shaped implants.
It  is possible to simulate both round and shaped implants as well as how they will both look under and over the muscle.  The full catalogue of implants can be selected to really hone in on the exact result you want tot achieve.  The images can be shared with you via a secure email address so that you can view a shortlist of implants at home and can then discuss your options with your friends, partner or family. This takes away the element of guesswork in deciding which size and shape will look best on YOUR BODY.
Another fantastic advantage is that you can also “try on” a range of swimwear in Virtual Reality to see how your chosen implants will look on the beach or by the pool.
You can also “try on” a range of clothes, again in Virtual Reality, which will allow you to see yourself as you would look after breast surgery, clothed in a choice of dresses which would give you an idea of the cleavage and body shape you could expect.
I always recommend a second consultation before any cosmetic procedure.  This allows you the time to reflect on your decision, hence our Company name, Reflect Clinic, with no pressure and in the comfort of your own home or wherever you have the time and space to review the results that are possible and how you wish to proceed.  It also allows you time to think of any questions you may have regarding recovery, complications or an issue that is personal to you.

A Breast Augmentation requires you to be asleep for approximately one hour and can often be done as a day case ie no overnight stay or packing is required.  I recommend that you wear a sports bra in the post operative period until your incisions are fully healed.  This is normally just 5-6cm long and is positioned in the crease of your breast and is closed up with dissolving stitches so that no drain or stitch removal for both convenience and to reduce a further visit to the hospital, leaving you to rest up, relax and help you towards a smooth recovery.  If you have a sedentary job, where you mostly sit listening or perhaps at a Computer, you can usually return to normal office work in 2 days (48 hours) and only perform light exercise in those two weeks.
There have been a number of media stories about concerns regarding breast implants and it is important to know which manufacturer your Surgeon uses.  I always use implants from reputable companies as they provide a warranty with the implant which covers you and me should the implant fail.  Fortunately this is now very unusual in the age of modern implant shell technology.

It is important to remember that cosmetic surgery is a BIG DECISION and therefore you should ALWAYS TAKE YOUR TIME to think it over and at Reflect you will not feel at all pressured into making a quick decision. There really is no harm in weighing up the pros and cons of surgery for yourself or simply to find out the facts before you go ahead.

As I write this I am 2 weeks post surgery and I am incredibly happy with the results, even this early on. From day one I could see that the size and shape were fantastic and as the swelling has reduced each week I feel that even more. I now feel in proportion to my own body and I’m excited to get bra’s, bikinis and clothes that I’ve never been able to wear before. I have always had terrible ridges on my shoulders from my bras and in the past few years have been having physio for neck and back pain. I have not taken any of my neck pain / nerve blocker tablets since the operation and my shoulders are now smooth and flat…..two more huge plus points!
Thank you Mr Lambe… life has been changed!!

For more information about Mr Lambe, Breast Augmentations or 3D Virtual Reality Breast Augmentation Consultations, please call Jayne on 0161 393 3993 or click here for our contact us page.