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Where can I find Cosmetic Surgery Near Me?

Are you searching for “cosmetic surgery near me”? Look no further than Reflect Clinic! Reflect Clinic are experts in cosmetic surgery in the UK and offers a wide range of services to patients. This latest blog will explain everything you need to know about Reflect Clinic and cosmetic surgery near you. Cosmetic Surgery Procedures at […]

Cost of Your Plastic Surgery

We are so glad that you are considering us for your plastic surgery journey and that you have been able to find out about your specific plastic surgery. At Reflect Clinic we know the costs of plastic surgery can be a financial commitment so we want to provide you with full transparency and no hidden […]

Check out Breast Implant Surgery with Reflect Clinic

Are you looking for breast implant surgery? Reflect Clinic can help with our breast implant procedures! At Reflect Clinic, we have an experienced team and an award-winning reputation as the best cosmetic surgery company in Manchester. We have a wide range of breast procedures available to patients, including breast implants in Manchester. This latest blog […]

Ultimate Guide to Breast Uplift Surgery

Are you searching for breast uplift surgery? You have come to the right place! We have a fantastic, 5-star team here at Reflect Clinic, with an award-winning  “The Best Cosmetic Surgery Company” reputation in Manchester, Cheshire and the North West! This latest blog will explain everything you need to know about breast surgery in Manchester! […]

Reflect Clinic & MyEllevate® Neck Lift Surgery

Reflect Clinic proudly announces that we can perform the MyEllevate® Neck Lift procedure in the U.K. During our trip to New York, expert surgeon Mr Gerard Lambe learned and gained expertise on the neck lift (platysmaplasty) procedure. Reflect Clinic are incredibly delighted that we are the only clinic in the UK to authorise a neck […]

Breast Augmentation in Manchester Guide

Breast Augmentation Manchester is a popular procedure, but only when it is performed by qualified plastic surgeons who are experienced in breast augmentation in Manchester operations. Luckily for you, at Reflect Clinic, we have the finest plastic surgeon in Manchester, Mr Gerard Lambe! Mr Lambe has countless years of experience in breast augmentation and is […]

Lower Eyelift in Manchester

Whereas with the upper eye, you can be in and out of surgery, the lower eye needs a little bit more care and attention – that’s where Reflect Clinic Manchester come in! Lower Eyelift Surgery (or Lower Blepharoplasty) in Manchester at Reflect Clinic requires millimetre-level precision to avoid any complications, such as the lower eyelid […]

New Year, New You! – Cosmetic Surgery in Manchester 2022

It’s that time again where you set a new years resolution to motivate yourself to be a better you. And if you didn’t manage to stick to it last year, don’t worry… Last year doesn’t count! So why is cosmetic surgery in Manchester 2022 going to be different you ask? At Reflect Clinic, we believe […]

Pinnaplasty in Manchester

We hear you loud and clear! Deciding to go ahead with any cosmetic surgery is a big commitment. So we want to give you the information you need, to know that this procedure is right for you! Pinnaplasty or otoplasty are medical terms for an ear correction operation that recreates the fold of the ear […]

Why Reflect Clinic has Manchester’s Best Cosmetic Surgeons

Best Cosmetic Surgeons It’s a bold statement to say that we have Manchester Best Cosmetic Surgeons at Reflect Clinic, but being referred to as a ‘Boob God’ certainly goes a long way! Here at Reflect Clinic, our cosmetic surgery team is headed by Mr Gerard Lambe. For context, he can have so many added titles […]

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