Picking the Best Plastic Surgeon in your part of the World

Recently a patient told our very on My Gerard Lambe that he was the best plastic surgeon in the world. Whilst we were delighted with this feedback it did make us consider again what makes a great surgeon and what ingredients are needed for the best cosmetic cosmetic surgery practice?

How Reflect Clinic has Evolved as a Cosmetic Surgery Practice

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Mr Lambe like all top cosmetic surgeons spent many years in many countries training to become a cosmetic surgeon and learnt from some of the best surgeons in the world. After gaining his MD (Masters in Anatomy) Mr Lambe decided to continue his passion for World Class surgery and further researched complex face and body reconstructions at one of the most advanced Hospitals in the world, The Hutt hospital based in Lower Hutt, near Wellington, New Zealand.

In recent years we have been working primarily from Spire Hospital in Manchester but to due growth and the demand of patients to see Mr Lambe from all over the UK and the world we also have clinics in London, Essex, Rochdale and Wilmslow.

Our Cosmetic Surgery Treatment Range

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As one of the best rated cosmetic surgeons in the North West our skilled practice includes a large range of Face, Body and Breast surgery procedures. Gerard has been referred to as a ‘boob god’ by one of our patients and our breast augmentation surgeries have received excellent feedback as seen on our TrustPilot reviews.

As trends change and ladies focus on different body parts to help them achieve the look that they desire we have found a large demand for Upper Eyelift surgery and Mummy Makeovers. During the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic we have noticed a large increase in the desire for face and eye surgery treatments, we believe this may be down to the Zoom boom as we noted earlier this year in one of our blogs.

Growing our Cosmetic Surgery Team

Jayne Clinic Manager
Jayne – Clinic Manager

In 2018 we took on the excellent Jayne Bailey as our Clinic Manager. Having worked with Jayne with help in booking our consultation and surgery appointments in recent years and as demand for Mr Lambe has soared we needed a full time Clinic Manager to look after our brilliant patients throughout their journey with Reflect Clinic. This now means that you can contact our clinic directly via mobile telephone to discuss your needs and arrange to meet with Mr Lambe.

Are we the Best Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in the World?

Naturally there is now way to quantify that and there are such excellent cosmetic surgery clinics around the globe. What we can say is that since we began our journey as a clinic we have grown and gotten better and better and looking after our patients and increasing our range of treatments based on the the needs of modern women.

Why no call Jayne and begin your journey with Reflect Clinic today?

A Full Tummy Tuck or a Mini Tummy Tuck

When it comes to a full tummy tuck the name suggests that the procedure isn’t actually as big as the reality. Abdominoplasty involves both the removing of tissue from below your naval area and the reducing excess skin and therefore the full version of a tummy tuck is not a small operation. A Full Tummy Tuck lifts all the tummy right from the ribs and therefore allows the Surgeon to tighten the underlying muscles and to correct any laxity (loose skin) in the upper part of the tummy at the same time. This requires an incision around the umbilicus (tummy button) too.

A mini tummy tuck, as the name suggests is a much smaller operation. The mini operation is for ladies who have stubborn excess in the lower tummy area and therefore this can be removed more quickly, leaving a smaller scar. The rehabilitation time for mini tummy tuck surgery is much quicker than that of the full tummy tuck

Tummy tuck Recovery and Rehabilitation

Full tummy tuck surgery will take between 2-3 hours to complete, you will have the surgery when under a general anaesthetic. The good news is that at Reflect Clinic we do not use drains as part of your recovery plan and therefore there is no need for an uncomfortable removal of drains, post operatively. You will need to stay in hospital for between 1-2 nights to ensure that we can monitor your immediate recovery from surgery. The quicker that you’re mobile again, the quicker you will be able to go home to recuperate in a familiar environment with support on hand should you need it. We strongly advise that you arrange for somebody to pick you up from hospital as you won’t be able to drive.

After surgery we’d suggest that you stay mobile and that includes light walking for the first 5-10 days after surgery. Mobility is very important as this reduces the risk of post operative clots in your legs. You will also be provided with painkillers after your operation that we strongly suggest that you take.

Whilst we suggest mobility after surgery, it’s very important in the first 6 weeks after surgery that you’re not lifting any heavy items or doing housework such as vacuuming.

Tummy tuck

How Much will My Tummy Tuck Cost

As mentioned above, the tummy tuck is an operation that is unique to you. No two patients are the same and we can’t give you your exact cost until after we have assessed you during your consultation. Prices for tummy tuck with Reflect Clinic start at £9,500 up to £11,000.

Book your Tummy Tuck Consultation with Our Clinic

If you’d like to discuss tummy tuck surgery with our clinic then please get in touch via our website or call our Clinic Manager, Jayne, who will be happy to discuss your needs with you and arrange for you to meet with Mr Lambe (our lead plastic surgeon) for your consultation.