History of Manchester United

Manchester United may be the most famous and influential football club of all time. For decades they have been one of the most dominant, successful and ever present teams in the sport. Where Manchester United may be from humble beginnings the teams...

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10 Top Reasons To Visit Manchester

Many consider Manchester the ‘Capital of the North’, it’s arguably the second most cosmopolitan city in the UK and it becomes an increasing hub of culture, work and leisure with every passing year. Its attractions really are tailored to suit every possible...

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Top 10 Reasons to Live in Manchester

Living in Manchester Wow, well where should I begin? After securing a job at The Christie Hospital in Didsbury, we moved up the M56 to South Manchester nearly 10 years ago.  At the time our family consisted of  one 3 year old daughter and another baby on...

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Top 10 Reasons for Living in Cheshire

We are often asked why we based our Company in Cheshire and there are the top 10 reasons why:- Fantastic Schools Family Life Glamorous People Houses Lifestyle Media Hub Night Life Opportunities Shopping Well Hooked Up 1 Fantastic Schools Many...

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Another Use for Fillers

There are many different brands of fillers such as Juvederm (which we use at Reflect Clinic) and also each brand has arrange of fillers which have a thicker or thinner consistency depending on what area of the body or face is being filled. For example, Lip Fillers are...

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Diet and Fitness Trends – The Alkaline Diet

The Alkaline Diet Recently I went to a restaurant purporting the benefits of a certain diet which made me think about the recent trends for clean eating and alkaline diets. I can only think that the perceived benefit of having an alkaline diet is working...

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Skin Care Success

Skin Care Success There is no doubt that healthy, glowing blemish free skin is something most people desire in order to look and feel their best, but most of us as adults do not have baby soft skin and this is down to a number of factors:-...

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Celebrity Plastic Surgery

Celebrity Plastic Surgery In today's society it seems that we are all under increasing pressure to look youthful and not age gracefully. Much of this is pressure from the media, including Social media such as Instagram, which was blamed most recently by...

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To make a personal appointment at a time and hospital of your choice in Manchester or Cheshire, please contact us via telephone or by using our Contact Form.

Reflect Clinic is located in Spire Manchester Hospital (in Didsbury) and Spire Cheshire (based in Warrington) and works with patients around the UK and abroad. If you live further afield then speak to Jayne and we can look after you further by helping with your transport and accommodation at a fabulous hotel nearby for your convenience and comfort.

If you would like to discuss improvements to your face and body and what can be achieved with plastic or cosmetic surgery, then come and see The Best Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon in Manchester (and Cheshire!) at the Spire Hospitals and discuss your options in a gentle and understanding environment with Gerard Lambe who you've most likely seen on BBC Breakfast, The Real Housewives of Cheshire and This Morning TV programmes, as well as a host of national and local newspapers and many women's magazines.

Your Consultation cost is £195 so just call Jayne on 0161 393 3993 to schedule your Consultation and discuss both the cosmetic surgery procedure you are interested in and the options available to you.



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