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Breast augmentation consultation process with Reflect Clinic

One of our most sought-after procedures at Reflect Clinic is breast augmentation, more commonly referred to as a ’boob job’.

We aim to discuss your breast augmentation process with Mr Gerard Lambe at the Reflect Clinic of your choice in our latest Reflect blog!

Let’s start with a simple question:

What is a Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation involves a breast surgeon placing implants into a patient’s breasts.

This procedure is performed for many reasons; to increase size, correct asymmetry or replace volume commonly lost in pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding.

At Reflect Clinic, we use the highest quality silicone implants that have passed rigorous clinical testing to be fit for human use. Furthermore, these implants are sourced from the industry’s most reputable and respectable companies.

I Can’t Decide What Cup Size to Choose; Help!

To help you decide on what size implant is the one for you, we recommend using the “rice and tights” method!

The rice and tights method allows potential patients to feel how heavy their breast implants might feel. You can also try different clothing types to see how the implant shape and size will appear on you.

Dr Gerard Lambe and his team at Reflect Clinic can then change the size and shape to see what feels most comfortable for you and your body from this test.

Watch Dr Lambe show you how to perform the rice and tights test here

Breast Augmentation – Key Info:

Here at Reflect Clinic, we want our patients to be as prepared and comfortable going into a procedure as possible. That’s why we put together a handy tick-list of all the key info you need to know about any given procedure at Reflect Clinic.

Here’s what you need to know about breast augmentation surgery with Reflect Clinic:

  • How long will I be in surgery?This type of procedure generally lasts between two to two and a half hours.
  • Will I need to stay in hospital? Patients are kept overnight so our clinical team can monitor you post-op. As you won’t be able to drive, we recommend making arrangements to be collected the following morning by friends or family.
  • When can I drive and exercise again? – You can begin to drive again after three weeks. You can return to light exercise after eight weeks.
  • Do I need to ask for time away from work? – Yes. For your procedure to thoroughly heal, we advise two weeks off from sedentary roles.
  • Can I bathe/shower after surgery? – You’re able to shower after three days, but do not bathe until our aftercare team has checked your wounds. Then, once fully healed, you can jump back into the bath!
  • Aftercare For your breasts to heal most comfortably, Dr Gerard Lambe and the Reflect team recommend wearing a sports bra for 6-8 weeks.

What our customers say –

Before we wrap this blog up, hear what a previous patient had to say about her experience of breast augmentation surgery with Dr Gerard Lambe at Reflect Clinic:

From my first consultation for breast augmentation surgery with Mr Lambe, I knew I had chosen the right surgeon. I was never rushed, and no question was ever a silly one. It was beneficial to see the computer-generated images of myself with different size/shaped breast implants.

On the day of the surgery, Mr Lambe and his team at Spire Manchester helped calm my nerves and made me feel at ease. I was particularly sickly post-op due to the anaesthetic. Mr Lambe and the anaesthetist came to check on me a number of times, and the nurses were amazing with me.

I had an overnight stay and could not have wished for better care. The results of my surgery have far exceeded my expectations! The aftercare I have received from Mr Lambe has been exceptional. I would highly recommend Mr Lambe, and indeed I have, to a number of people!

So there you have it, everything you need to know about breast augmentation surgery at Reflect Clinic with Dr Gerard Lambe!

To find out more about this procedure or any others that our team can offer across many locations, including Spire Manchester Hospital, call 07434 572 794 or complete our simple contact form here.

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