Breast Augmentation Surgery Cheshire & Manchester

A Breast Augmentation, commonly known as a ‘boob job’ involves a Surgeon inserting implants into your breasts to increase your cup size, correct asymmetry or replace volume in the breasts which has been lost after pregnancy and breast feeding.

It is the ideal procedure for ladies who are unhappy with the present size or volume of their breasts and is sometimes combined with a Breast Uplift (Mastopexy).

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Frequently Asked Questions
Key Points

Operating time

1-1.5 hrs approx

Hospital Stay

One night


From day one


Showers after 3 days – no bathing until completely healed


From 3 weeks


From 8 weeks

Time off Work

2 weeks for sedentary roles


Sports Bra for 6-8 weeks


The results are usually great and the majority of women are delighted with their new shape.

It is normal for the breasts to be a little swollen after the operation and it can take a number of months to see the final results.

Silicone implants have been extensively investigated and found to have no association with any diseases. we use high quality implants from reputable companies.

Our Success Stories

“How lucky I am to be treated by Mr Lambe at the Christie. From the first consultation he made me feel comfortable and confident of the journey that I would be taking.

Linda – West Didsbury

A Breast Augmentation using Breast Implants
What is a Breast Augmentation?
A Breast Augmentation is an operation to increase the size of a woman’s breasts. This is most often performed by inserting a silicone implant into each breast but modest increases can also be achieved using the fat transfer method.
Who is suitable for a Breast Augmentation?
As long as you are fit and healthy, preferably a non-smoker and you have achievable goals, you are suitable to proceed with the surgery. I have operated on young patients prior to having a family and also ladies in their later years who have always wanted a confidence boost and have been shy about their small breasts.
What are the key decisions?
The most important thing is to have an open consultation. For a patient undergoing a Breast Augmentation, the key decisions are: A) Choosing the right size for you B) Choose the position of your implant
By size we mean do you wish to be a D or a double D like your friend? Each individual is different so what suits your friend will by no means mean that that particular size would look right on your chest.  To ensure you make the best decision for you we now have new virtual reality 3D technology which allows you to be scanned, see your “virtual reality” self in the mirror and change the size of the implants to see how you would look with a variety of sizes to achieve the look you want.  You can even take the images home to discuss with your friends, family or partner. By position we mean whether the implant is inserted under the breast alone or under the chest muscle. It is covered with muscle in patients who are slimmer on the top part of their chest and you can test this yourself by pinching the tissue on the top part of one of your breasts, a 2cm thickness is ideal but if you are unsure your Surgeon will make the final decision with you.
How do I decide the size of my Breast Implants?
Choosing the size of your breast implant used to be a very difficult decision and many patients would regret choosing a size that was too big or too small to achieve “the look” they aspired to. However, we now have an amazing new technology that is able to scan you as a 3D model into an application on an Ipad and then simulate a number of different sizes and shapes of implants and how they will look on your body. These can then be visualised using the 3D Virtual Reality application from Crisalix. I am able to share these images with you so that you can view your virtual reality post op result at home and discuss the choice with your husband, partner, friends and family. This really gives you the best chance of making the right decision. If you wish to preview a different size you can request this via the application and I am able to upload additional simulations without you having to come in again for a further consultation.
What size Breast Implant should I choose?
Patients often say that they know a friend who has had a Breast Augmentation and they had a particular sizes or shapes of implants. It is very important to remember that every woman is different in size, shape, ribcage, amount of breast tissue they start with and how much volume their breasts can accommodate. All of the above factors influence the final result greatly so therefore you cannot hope to get exactly the same result as a friend and this is why we now use the VR system which is personalised to you.
What does Breast Surgery involve?
Your Breast Surgery can be done as a day case meaning you do not have to stay in the hospital overnight. The surgery is done while you are asleep (under General Anaesthestic) and it takes approximately one hour. A small incision, approximately 5cm long is made in the new breast crease and using a special instrument that seals blood vessels as it cuts, a “pocket” is carefully made to hold each implant. The implant that you have chosen is then carefully positioned. In order to reduce any infection we clean the skin again and use a special funnel that prevents the implant touching the outer skin. This helps to reduce a complication known as capsular contracture that can affect implants in the long term. The wound is then stitched together with 3 layers of dissolving stitches and a dressing is applied to keep your stitches clean and dry.
Post Operative Review
You should feel comfortable as Local Anaesthetic is injected into the wound and the pocket and so you will be able to go home the same day. You should wear a soft and supportive sports bra and rest at home. You should only need paracetamol for any pain and you should keep the wounds clean and dry.
Are Breast Implants safe?
There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Breast Implants in recent years. Back in the 1990s there was alarm that patients may had been developing diseases that were related to Breast Implants. People were concerned that arthritis and chronic fatigue syndromes may have been associated with Breast Implants and so a huge investigation was performed in the US looking into all the data and it quite firmly concluded that there was NO association between these conditions and breast implants. Patients can develop illness despite having Breast Implants and these conditions can occur in those that have Implants in place but it does not mean the Implant has caused the disease and this is what the FDA concluded.
What about PIPs?
PIP Implants were made by a French manufacturer and at one point in the Company’s history they started using non-medical grade silicone to fill the implants in order to save money and this was illegal. A number of patients had these Implants which had poor quality silicone fillings and they leaked or ruptured leading to symptoms and problems.  I have spoken on this issue hear more.  I only use the highest quality breast implants made in Germany by Polytech. I am certain that these are made to a very high standard and they come with a warranty. Here is a link to the details of the warranty.
What happens to my Breast Implants in the long term?
Capsular contracture is a problem that can happen long term with Breast Augmentations and this is when a scar forms around the Implant that gradually becomes harder over time. It is normal for the body to form a scar around the implant and this is known as a capsule but when it becomes hard it can give rise to ripples or can change the shape or position of the implant. To counteract this problem, I therefore use polyurethane coated implants which reduce this complication as they have the lowest incidence of capsular contracture. Other issues include infection and this is why I take numerous precautions to prevent infection as this can mean the implant will need to be removed. Low grade infection can also lead to an increased rate of capsular contracture.
When can I buy new underwear?
It can take up to 6 months for all of the swelling to completely subside after breast surgery and so you should wait until then before treating yourself to expensive new underwear to show off your new feminine shape!