Breast reduction

Breast reduction 


A breast reduction is a procedure to reduce the size and weight of the breasts. It frequently also involves repositioning the nipple , an uplift. Patients frequently complain of symptoms like back aches, bra straps cutting in and finding difficulty with getting clothes to fit due to disproportion between the top and bottom of there figure. A Breast reduction is not grunted to relieve all of the symptoms but it can frequently help a great deal.



During a breast reduction the skin and the glandular tissue are reduced and nearly always the nipple is repositioned at a higher level. the operation is performed under a general anaesthetic and can take up to 3 hrs depending on the size of the reduction . 


On the day 

I will see you on the morning of surgery and mark up the new nipple position and the site of the incisions. Pre op photographs are taken either then or earlier in the clinic.


How long

all wounds are closed with dissolving stitches and I do not use any drains. You will usually go home the following day and I will see you at approximately 10-14 day post op to check on the wounds. I ask you to bring a sports bra (no under-wiring). this is so that the wires do not dig into the areas that are healing. I ask you to bring a bra in your normal size as this allows for swelling and is not too tight.


Recovery time 

Patients are mobile from day 1 after the surgery and you are able to increase your walking day by day as this helps to reduce the risk of blood clots. you should allow between 10 and 14 days off work if in an office based job but if you are doing a more physical role it may be better to allow 3 weeks off.



Many patients believe that it is possible for the surgeon to control the exact size that you will be but this is not true. NO surgeon is able to guarantee a chosen cup size and this is very inaccurate measure in general . We can lean towards taking or more or less away but the final size is determined by the need to achieve a pleasing and balanced shape as well as maintain the blood supply to the nipple.



Breast feeding 

In general you should expect not to be bale to breast feed after a breast reduction as the nipple has to be moved it often loses the connection between the gland and the ducts. It also better to have completed your family before undergoing the surgery as pregnancy can lead to the breast growing or sagging significantly again.



Grow again 

it is best to wait until the breast s have stopped growing as in some younger patients 19-21 there is risk that the breast can grow again after the surgery although this is overall very rare.




Many ladies have significant asymmetry between the breast and this can be improved or corrected during the surgery.


Nipple sensation 

It is possible that sensation can be lost in then nipples after a breast reduction due to the distance that the nipple has to be moved although I take steps to preserve the tissue that carries the sensation from the nipples



There are different patterns of scarring that can be used in a breast reduction but nearly all will involve a scar around the pink part of the nipple (the areaola) and then a vertical scar down and along the areas of the breast (anchor pattern). I limit the length of the scar in the crease so that it does not show own the cleavage or extend to far to the sides.





Final result time 

It can take up to 3 months for the swelling to settle and then another 6 – 9 months for the breasts to settle into their final shape and position.



You will be provided with a full informed consent document that will detail all potential complications of the surgery but the more frequent are delays in wound healing and poor scarring. Rare complications included blood clots in the legs and many precautions are taken to minimise this risk.