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Breast Implants at Spire Manchester Hospital

Well, we’ve had some good news this week in that we have heard from Spire Manchester hospital to say that they are planning to reopen and looking at sometime in July!

There’s no definite date at the moment, for our Reflect Clinic patients, but we are remaining positive that we will have a solid date soon so that we can book in our very ‘patient’ patients who were booked in before the Coronavirus crisis hit, and for the huge number of new patients who have had time to look at themselves, think and reassess their lives and aspirations during this time.

Spire Manchester Appointments

Today, their website says

As part of our longstanding relationship, we are proud to be dedicating our resources to the NHS at this important time. As a result we are reviewing all planned procedures and consultations. We are making every effort to talk to impacted patients and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Information for patients at Spire Manchester Hospital call 0161 516 0198

Huge Increase in Cosmetic Surgery Enquiries

As you may have seen in the media, we have had a huge rise in patient enquiries, of people who have not had the time before to do their research and do something about the fact that they have disliked a part of their body such as their jowls, their breasts or even their labia and are keen to do something about it!

Here’s more info on a recent story from Harpers Bazaar.

Mr Lambe has literally seen patients from head to foot who dislike a certain part of their body and patients have been brave enough to admit they have a part of their body that they would really like to improve, after all, no-one is perfect! You can be sure that you are not alone in your thoughts and feelings and we are here to help you improve yourself through cosmetic surgery.

Boob Job in Manchester

As an example of our cosmetic surgery results, this lady was unhappy about her drooping breasts, so did a lot of research about ‘boob jobs in manchester” before she plucked up the courage to book her consultation to see us for breast uplift surgery with breast implants.  As you can see her results are excellent and she walked away a very happy lady who had a spring in her step for the first time in a long time!

If this looks or sounds like you, you can use this lockdown time to really think about what you really want, and most often it’s easier to describe what you really DON’T want, find some pictures that you aspire to, for example a photograph of the result you would like to achieve in cosmetic surgery, like breasts you would like to have, be it a certain size or shape.  Mr Lambe specialises in natural-looking results so you can be confident that we put your care first in a confidential environment. A great cosmetic surgeon will achieve results whereby friends, family and colleagues will notice you look better but they are not always sure what it is that has improved!

You can be assured too, that he is a very experienced cosmetic surgeon who offers results which achieve the best cosmetic surgery in the North West! He has operated on many celebrities in Cheshire, Manchester, London and LA! Some have been well publicised in Manchester and Cheshire press and gone national, like Dawn Ward and Darby Ward, where she says

I feel amazing and I have no regrets!

Many others have chosen to maintain their privacy and kept their improvements to themselves and those closest to them – either way is fine by us!

We love to see our patients looking fantastic in the media and enjoy fabulous singing, acting or dancing careers in the public eye, knowing we have helped them!

Regular Speaker at Cosmetic Surgery Events

Mr Lambe, who is also the Clinical Lead at NHS Christie Hospital in the Breast Reconstruction department, talks regularly at beauty events, hospitals and women’s events, either online (most recently in Sue France’s Connecting Cheshire Facebook group) or in person pre-corona.

He is presently involved in Corona crisis planning and is tested regularly for Covid-19 to ensure the hospital is corona free to maintain the highest standards of care for their many patients.

Cosmetic Surgery and You

If you are interested in finding out more about how cosmetic surgery can help your confidence and improve your appearance, then please do not hesitate to

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We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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