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Breast Reduction in Manchester Reviews

It truly is a life-changing procedure hearing from these patients and I can totally understand how it must feel to be in pain due to chronic backache! I’ve had sciatica on and off and it really drags you down so having this constant ache must be really difficult to live with for the ladies involved. xx

We’ve also read how having large breasts can impact on your life by hearing that some patients have experienced thoughtless comments which has knocked their confidence.

Thank goodness literally a weight has been lifted off their shoulders physically and figuaritively.
Please read below and find out more about our patients’ breast reduction journeys after surgery.
5 Star Review Trustpilot

Breast Reduction Review

I have recently had a Breast Reduction surgery with Mr Lambe and I honestly cannot thank him enough. I truly feel that this surgery has changed my life.I have wanted a Breast Reduction since I was 16 years old, it was something that I always joked with my friends about on nights out. I felt that having very large breasts had always held me back; from always being stared at, to people saying horrible things, to not having the confidence to go the gym, to the constant back and shoulder pain. I felt like I did anything to hide. However, my only regret is not having this surgery 5 years ago, after I had my 2nd child.As a nurse, I did extensive research about the surgery, and it was not something that I rushed into. I looked at the other clinics offering this Surgery and felt that they rushed you in for it, and it was about enticing you with the interest free credit. I wanted to feel that I was a person and not a number.I first contacted the clinic and discussed the Surgery and my concerns with Jayne, who was fabulous. She was so down to earth, caring and definitely provided the personal feel that I was looking for. She explained to me about there being no drains and that they used PICO dressings. I spoke to my friend who is a tissue viability nurse who reassured me that these dressings were fantastic for healing, as I was worried about this as a potential complication, especially at the T-junction site. I then booked in for my consultation with Mr Lambe.I was very nervous about the surgery, and I discussed all my concerns with Mr Lambe face-to-face. I felt that he was very kind and considerate of my feelings and that he took the time to listen. He understood why I wanted the surgery, and he discussed with me what the realistic expectations were of the surgery. I felt confident that I had found the right surgeon for me. I never once felt under pressure to have the surgery and I certainly felt patient focused. I booked into having the surgery.I have recently had the surgery at the Wilmslow Hospital, which was fantastic. I saw Mr Lambe and his team in the morning prior to the surgery, he again could tell I was very nervous, and he again instantly put me at ease. His bedside manner was lovely and the staff at the hospital were all very kind. When I woke from the surgery the first thing I did was look down my gown and I was absolutely amazed at the instant results. I felt instant relief and happiness and was so glad that I had it done, especially under the care of Mr Lambe. I stayed in over night and went home early the following morning. I have been back to the Hospital to have the PICO dressings removed and everything is healing well, Mr Lambe checked the wounds during my dressing change. Again, on meeting him he was so nice and chatting to me about holidays. I found him to be a lovely Surgeon and very humble, he has honestly changed my life and I don’t think he realizes the impact he makes.From the initial consultation to after the surgery, Jayne has kept in touch with me. We have chatted before and since the surgery and she is amazing. She also takes the time to get to know you and is on hand to answer any questions that you may have. Our conversations have often gone on with us both laughing. Since the surgery I have brought a swimming costume for my holiday, one I would never be able to buy normally, and I couldn’t believe that it actually fit me. I cried in happiness on my husband and sent a picture to Jayne as that is when I realized that this Surgery has changed my life for the better.The Reflect Clinic undeniably has a great team through and through and embraces what it is to give amazing care. I hope if you are considering a Breast Reduction surgery, or any other surgery that this makes you book your consultation with Mr Lambe. I am sure the Reflect Clinic will change your life also.

Sarah – March 2022

Wonderful Team!

DP – December 2021

Breast Reduction Manchester Cosmetic Surgery Reviews

As you can see, Mr Lambe is considered by some to be “the best breast surgeon in the world!”
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