Breast Reduction


Treatment Time

2 – 2.5 hours


3 weeks

Hospital Stay

One Night


8 Weeks


Day One


Showers after 3 days, no bathing until healed


Sports bra for 6 -8 weeks

Time off work

2 weeks for sedentary roles

Before & After Results

What is a Breast Reduction?

A Breast Reduction is an ideal operation if your breasts are too large and heavy and you suffer from backache or bra straps that cut into your shoulders.

It is a permanent solution that allows you greater choice when choosing your outfit or underwear. This operation can be combined with a Breast Uplift.

The Results

The majority of women are delighted with the results of their Breast Reduction surgery.

They often report a greater ability to exercise, their bra straps are less painful and their backache is greatly improved.


Breast Reduction Surgery


Breast Reduction surgery

I have been performing Breast Reduction operations for over 10 years now but I can honestly say that out of the many operations I do this one has one of the highest rates of satisfaction. Ladies who have had Breast Reductions have often suffered for many years with feeling self conscious, struggling to find clothes that fit on their top and bottom as well as the physical issues like having backache and shoulder straps cutting in to them due to the heavy weight of carrying their breasts around in day to day life. Some patients shy away from running and exercise as their breasts move around a lot and get in the way so it even limits their life choices of having a healthier lifestyle.

Patient Background

I remember a particular clinic in Spire Manchester about a year ago when I saw 2 of the most needy cases I have seen in many years . The first lady was a civil servant and she described a symptom that I have never heard before in my 20 years of practice. Her breasts were so large and so heavy that she told me when she was sleeping at night her breasts would fall on to her arms and then her hands would go numb waking her up in the middle of the night !!

She was certainly the largest bust I have operated on and I believe she said she was a double JJ cup in bra sizes, again a first in my practice.

Questions at Consultation 

She was however in very good health and had a clear understanding of what the surgery would involve. Her surgery went ahead and I did as she asked and I made a significant reduction which relieved her weight and numb hand symptoms but still leaving her feeling feminine.

First Consultation

Mr Lambe answered every single question I had beforehand (and he will tell you himself that there was an awful lot of them!). He was patient and kind and made me feel totally comfortable and at ease. There was no pressure whatsoever, I just honestly felt that Mr Lambe wanted me to make the right decision for myself.


She was keen to go down in size but still very much wanted to have a significant sized bust as this was something she always had and she said she would not feel right if she had ‘small’ breasts. 

Second Consultation

The second lady was in an even worse predicament and had tried, with the support of her GP, to have surgery on the NHS. I believe this would have been the right thing but sadly with the pressures on funding she was denied surgery.

She was a lady who had very severe arthritis of her shoulders and this was, therefore, giving her a lot of pain when her bra straps were pulling on her shoulders. She had very large but also very pendulous breasts. This meant that my normal method of Breast Reduction surgery had to be altered.

In most Breast Reductions the nipple is kept attached to the breast and then moved up but in this case the nipple was so low it would not have survived and I opted to perform a nipple graft. This is when the nipple is completely removed and then grafted on like a skin graft. This worked very well for her and she came through the operation with flying colours and healed first time. Her cosmetic result was not her main objective and it is very difficult to get a good shape when the patient starts in such a very bad position but she was overall very pleased as she had less pain and more choice in clothes and found life in general to a be much easier.

Patient Reaction

I have wanted to have a breast reduction for half of my life now but never had the confidence to actually go ahead with it. I came close around 8 years ago but didn’t go ahead with it. Now, having done it (finally!) I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. I only wish I had done it sooner!!

I continue to see patients for Breast Reductions and I find that I am getting patients who are more aware of the benefits this surgery can provide them with in terms of pain reducing symptoms, ability to find and wear clothes thaty they like and a boost to their self confidence.




Below are some common FAQ’s about Breast Reduction surgery in Manchester, Cheshire and UK

What is the price of Breast Reduction?

All procedures at Reflect Clinic are unique to you. To find out a price for your breast reduction please book a consultation and discuss your needs with our expert surgeon, Mr Gerard Lambe.

You should not have this procedure if

You are overweight, with a BMI of over 32, smoke or vape, are in bad health and are taking anti-coagulant medication or are diabetic.

Reasons for Breast Reduction Surgery?

There can be many reasons for a patient to seek a consultation for a Breast Reduction but the symptoms that are frequently reported to me are back pain, bra straps digging in, deep shoulder grooves, problems with finding clothes to fit on both the top and bottom half, sometimes the skin beneath the breasts can be quite sore and often it can lead to poor posture either because the patient is self-aware or because of the sheer weight of the breasts. A Breast Reduction can help to reduce or eliminate some or all of these symptoms.

Who is suitable for a Breast Reduction?

Ideally, you should be in good general health, a non-smoker, non-vaper, not taking any medications that may make you bleed or lead to problems with wound healing and are not planning to get pregnant or breastfeed in the future.


I will nearly always see a patient for 2 consultations before proceeding with a Breast Reduction. This is because there is a lot of information regarding the risks and benefits of surgery and I like to give my patients time to think it over and to write down any questions they may have about the surgery. It is sometimes helpful to look at pre and post op pictures here on my website and also on other sites such as It can sometimes be necessary to combine a Breast Reduction and a Breast Uplift (Mastopexy) as well as a Breast Augmentation (in some challenging cases) in order to achieve the final result that a patient desires. It may seem strange to talk of a Breast Enlargement as well a Breast Reduction, but a breast implant can be used to create fullness in the upper part of the breast while removing the lower part of the breast in a reduction in order to gain a certain shape and size that some patients like. This is why I require 2 consultations with many patients to discuss all of the different options in order to select the best one for them. This is also a good way to communicate to me what sort of result you would (or wouldn’t like) to have. You will have a detailed informed consent form provided after the first consultation and you should read this thoroughly and write down any questions you may have.

What is involved in Breast Reduction surgery?

On the morning of surgery I will come and mark you up which means planning the operation by writing on the skin using a special felt tip pen. This is an important part of breast surgery when planning the new position of the nipples and the extent of the skin and glands to be removed. A Breast Reduction is done under General Anaesthetic ie asleep. It generally takes between 2 and 3 hours to complete the surgery. I do not use drains and I use all dissolving stitches. A small reduction may mean that you are able to go home the same day but if it is a larger reduction then I prefer you to stay in hospital for one night to ensure you are comfortable and the breasts can be monitored for swelling or bleeding.

Post Operative Procedure

You will be seen the next day by me in your chosen hospital to monitor your breasts and then allowed to go home with a plan to be reviewed in 10-14 days to check the wounds. It is important to keep the wounds clean and dry and to rest at home. You must ensure you keep yourself mobile by having a short 5 minute walk every hour as this reduces the risk of post operative clots.

Follow Up Procedure

I will review you in the clinic 10-14 days later and remove the dressings and inspect the wounds. If all is well then you will usually have a much lighter dressing applied and then a plan to review your progress in about 4 weeks and then 3 months time. It is important in the post operative period to avoid anything rubbing or pressing on the wounds and so I ask that you wear a soft and supportive sports bra with no under wiring until I am happy that all wounds have settled nicely.


All operations have the potential for complications and a Breast Reduction is no exception. The most frequently seen issues are in the small area where a scar meets the chest wall which can sometimes be a little slower to heal. Poor scarring is a risk in any surgery and is not under the control of the Surgeon. A risk that is always discussed is the potential of loss of a nipple. This is because the nipple has to be moved and it needs to carry a healthy blood supply with it. If the blood supply does not feed the nipple then there can be problems with healing or loss of the nipple. This is something I have very rarely seen in my whole career and is more common if a Breast Reduction is being repeated and the Surgeon does not have the information regarding the previous surgery available to them.


The vast majority of patients are delighted with the results of their Breast Reduction surgery and wish they had done it sooner! It can be a truly life-changing procedure for some patients leading to a new lease of life with increased confidence and a whole new wardrobe!

What is the difference between a breast reduction and a breast uplift?

A breast reduction reduces the size and weight of ladies breasts using a carefully planned pattern of scarring. The nipple is often sitting in a low position in ladies who have larger breasts and this is also lifted at the same time to create a pleasing natural appearance.

How long does the surgery take?

The procedure is done under GA (General Anaesthesia) so you will be asleep and takes approximately 2hrs.

Can I pick a cup size if I am having a reduction?

It is not possible to promise a cup size but Mr Lambe will do his very best to produce the size and shape of breasts you desire. There are limitations to what can be achieved and this will be discussed fully with you consultation.

What are the possible complications?

Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL) is a very rare cancer that MAY be associated with breast implant capsules. Approximately only 3 in 100 million women in the US are diagnosed per year. The relationship between breast implants and ALCL is unclear and is currently under investigation.

Do I have to stay overnight in hospital?

For an uplift you can usually be a day case. For a reduction, depending on the size of the reduction, you may need to stay overnight in the hospital and you should arrange for someone to pick you up the next day.

How long will I need help after surgery?

Generally you will need to have some help with shopping and childcare for the first week at a minimum as it is advisable not to lift anything heavy while your wounds are healing.

What bra should I bring to wear post op?

You should wear a supportive sports bra with no underwiring after your surgery as the wiring can rub in wounds and cause them to break down. Front fastening bras are often easier to use after surgery so you are not stretching behind you.

What should I do if I am worried post op?

If you have any cause for concern after your surgery such as dressings being soiled or increasing pain and redness, then you should contact the hospital on the number provided on your discharge notes. Mr Lambe will also review you in the clinic 2 weeks after surgery and remove your dressings and check the wounds are healing nicely.

What about breast feeding?

Unfortunately, breast feeding is highly unlikely to be possible after this surgery.

How do I book?

You will need a private consultation to discuss your personal requirements as everyone is different.

Breast Reduction Downloadable and Printable FAQs




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