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Case Studies > Amelie Breast Uplift

My Breast Uplift

Patient Case Study

OCCUPATION: Civil Servant

LIVES: Manchester

HOBBIES: Reading

AGE: 47


Patient Answers

Why did you have plastic surgery?

eg How did you feel about your breasts before the surgery and did this affect your confidence? I hated my boobs for so long, I felt very conscious about them.

2 What research did you do before booking?

I was recommended by a friend who had cosmetic surgery with Mr Lambe.

3 How did you feel after booking your consultation?

I think Jayne (the Clinic Manager) is wonderful, she is just how I imagined her to be. I had heard great things about her, so it was nice to speak to her.

4 What questions did you have at your cosmetic surgery consultation?

Millions, it’s all a blur now but I asked a lot of questions.

5 How did you feel after your consultation with Mr Lambe?

Even more confident that I had made the right choice. I was excited to get booked in.

6 Any tips for anyone thinking of having this surgery?

Stop thinking about it and get it done. I waited far too long, I wish I had done it years ago.

7 How was your recovery? What did you expect and how was it different?

Better than I thought it was going to be. More achy than painful, but I could do more than I thought I would be able to.

8 How was your aftercare experience? What helped?

AMAZING!!!!!!!!! just knowing Jayne was on hand if I had silly questions helped. Nurses were so gentle and kind too.

9 What do you think of your results?

I am over the moon. I still don’t recognise myself sometimes.

10 How has cosmetic surgery changed your life?

In many ways but most of all it has given me a shape, a figure, and confidence.

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