Jenny’s* Facelift Experience

What Jenny* said:

“Mr. Lambe and Jayne, his secretary were extremely helpful and professional from the beginning of the facelift experience. I have seen a few surgeons before while I was doing my research and I don’t exaggerate when I say that after the first interaction I knew 100% that I found what I was looking for. I remember calling my friend straight away and told him, that’s it, he is the one!

He was patient, professional, kind and really caring from the beginning. I had tons of questions and done my research thoroughly before I spoke with him, so I had questions around the tiniest details and he patiently answered all of them without getting annoyed or frustrated whereas other surgeons didn’t really want to take time to explain anything or seemed to be either ignorant or arrogant. Some people might not be as nervous as I was about the procedure, but I think a procedure like this is a big decision about your body, so I wanted to have a piece of mind that my doctor would truly take care of me before and on the day and after. Mr Lambe didn’t fall short on anything, when I expressed my worries to him, actually he offered he is happy to hold my hand before I fall asleep if I want to and I was happy, I didn’t even have to ask for it, but he had a good understanding how important it is.

At the same time of course, I didn’t feel any pressure from him going ahead with anything even on the actual day. So another reason why I also chose him, because he was the only and first one who said he likes to keep his patients in for the first night just in case any assistance is needed. And I think that was needed as well. I felt sick even the next day, but it was good that the nurses were there on the first day/night and confirmed everything is fine or what I can and cannot do. At the end of the day it is a surgery and my wellbeing was just as important as the outcome.

He is very knowledgeable with excellent empathetic and interpersonal skills and down-to-earth person and anybody can be assured they will be in good hands with him. The after-care from Reflect was amazing as well. I could talk to Jayne any time on the phone and Mr. Lambe came back to my emails promptly whenever I had any concerns and provided his expertise when it was needed. He is a very pleasant person and easy to talk to which you really want from your surgeon and am very happy I found him and went ahead with the procedure.

I love my results and I would go to him again if I needed anything.”

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