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Sarah’s* Upper Blepharoplasty in Manchester Q and A

Facelift and Upper Blepharoplasty in Manchester Surgery

Why did you have this surgery? Eg How did you feel about your body/face before the surgery and did this affect your confidence?

Before my surgery, I had a tired look and had a lot of excess skin on my upper eyelid. I was unhappy with my sagging jowls which affected my confidence. I went into surgery to regain my confidence.

What research did you do prior to booking?

Before booking my cosmetic surgery, I prioritized researching the advantages and disadvantages of the surgery I was considering. I wanted to ensure that upper blepharoplasty surgery and a facelift was the best decision for me and my body to help return my positivity about my face.

I knew my decision to get the surgery was right when I found Reflect Clinic. I saw reviews of Mr Lambe’s work and the outstanding praise he is getting with his procedures, which left me with no hesitation in contacting him for my cosmetic surgery.

How did you feel after booking your consultation with Jayne?

After booking my consultation with Jayne, I felt relieved and thrilled with the service provided by Reflect Clinic.

Jayne was able to answer any queries I had and helped explain the process to me. She put my mind at ease very quickly and then I had the peace of mind to proceed with the cosmetic surgery.

What questions did you have at your consultation?

My questions primarily focused on the risks involved with the surgery as I was wary of the issues or problems that may occur.

I was reassured of the risks with cosmetic surgery and that I was in the best hands with Mr Lambe. I also asked general questions on how long the surgery is and how long I would have to wait and the results I would be getting.

How did you feel after your consultation with Mr Lambe?

Mr Lambe gave me the confidence and positivity to move forward with cosmetic surgery. He was terrific and put my mind at ease after answering all of my questions about the process and the cosmetic surgery itself.

He made time for me which I thought was very generous and thoughtful. I had seen other cosmetic surgeons for consultations in the past, but I was not happy with the appointments, so I did not proceed, whereas Reflect Clinic ticked all my boxes.

Any tips for anyone thinking of having blepharoplasty or facelift surgery?

I think that if someone is unhappy with their physical appearance and lacks self-confidence, they should not hesitate to proceed with cosmetic surgery.

The care, attention and client service are exceptional, and I am delighted with my results and Reflect Clinic’s services.

How was your recovery? What did you expect, and how was it different?

Mr Lambe explained the recovery process to me and it was as I expected.

I listened to Mr Lambe’s advice and I was very diligent, which made all the difference in my recovery. I was a little sore after, but that was to be expected with cosmetic surgery.

How was your aftercare experience? What helped?

The aftercare I received with Reflect Clinic was fantastic. I went along to the Clinic, and Mr Lambe was at every one of my appointments to check my wounds and answer any questions.

Another helpful service was the role of Jayne, who was at the end of the phone, which I found useful too.

I cannot fault any of the aftercare from my cosmetic surgery. It was fantastic!

What do you think of your results?

I could not be happier with my cosmetic surgery results from Reflect Clinic. My look is very natural, and I look so refreshed. Importantly, it has had a tremendous effect on my self-confidence, which was one of my aims for the surgery.

How has cosmetic surgery changed your life?

Cosmetic surgery from Reflect Clinic has 100 percent changed my life. I feel ready to go out and socialise with friends and family. It is a joy to apply makeup and have that confidence back in me!

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