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Coronavirus Impact on Cosmetic Surgery Patients

Implications of the Corona Virus

It is hard to believe that our world has changed so dramatically in such a short time with everyone in the country on lockdown, all businesses shut down and the whole of the economy put into a coma. these are very unsettling times with many people concerned about their jobs and how to pay the mortgage, rent, buy food and pay loans and bills. Children have had school finished early and without doing the final exams that they had all worked so very hard for. Especially difficult for those children who were about to do their GCSEs and A’ Levels which were their tickets to higher education or jobs.  These are just a few of the enormous changes that we have seen in a matter of a fortnight. To add to that is the fear that people have about how sick they may get if they contract the virus and if their loved ones will be safe.

Let’s look at a few facts and the first is the basics of what a virus actually is. A virus is a very odd thing in Biology in that they are not actually considered to be alive! Technically a virus is a little tiny bit of DNA or RNA (very similar to DNA) wrapped up in a little protective coat. Bacteria is many thousands of times bigger and contains lots of machinery to keep it alive that a virus does not. An analogy would be to think of your smartphone as a bacteria cell and a virus would be like a small piece of computer code written on a tiny bit of paper and wrapped up in clingfilm. A virus lives just to makes copies of itself and it needs a machine to do that. the machine it uses is your cells in the case of COVID 19.

The problem with this virus is it spreads very easily between people and in about 5% of people it makes them very sick and they need a machine to breathe for them, hence the focus on delivery of ventilators which is the name for these breathing machines.

It can be overwhelming when listening to the news and it can feel that everyone who gets the virus dies or becomes very ill but this isn’t true. 8 out of 10 people who get it will have only minor symptoms eg Prince Charles, Boris Johnson and even our Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, who has been out of the spotlight for a while but is now thankfully back to work and back to full speed. Another one and a half people will get quite sick and need hospital care but its the last 5%(1 out of 20 people) who will get very sick and will need these machines to breathe for them. The problem is that 1 in 20 out of the whole British population (approx 70 million in the UK) is far too many for the NHS to cope with in one go! That’s why the government wants to slow the spread and “flatten the curve” so to speak, of the rising numbers of patients who will temporarily need this breathing support and overall monitoring and care.

Corona Virus and the NHS

I am now back full time in the NHS and at the present time (3 April 2020) we are not seeing a huge wave of COVID patients, however, this is predicted to come in the next 12-14 days and we are busy making preparations and training for when it does happen. In the meantime the routine cancer surgery we perform at The Christie and all of my cosmetic surgery for Reflect Clinic at Manchester Spire Hospital has been stopped.

It certainly is an eerie feeling in the hospitals at the moment, with everyone keeping their distance and the usual busy flow of patients and bustle of work is replaced with a quiet sense of unease and preparation for the unprecedented and unknown scenarios we may face.  We have been fully trained for the time when we are full of patients on ventilators but to be honest it still feels “unreal” for all of us.

We are all aware and supporting the NHS workers including Nurses, Doctors, Managers, Cleaners, Porters and administration staff, carers, food manufacturers, food suppliers, food delivery people and indeed all our dedicated supporters in the caring industry and it was totally heartwarming at 8pm last night to see that TV stations put their programming on hold so that we could hear and see our neighbours clapping, whistling and making some noise to show their gratitude and support for all us health workers when we need it most! THANK YOU.

Cosmetic Surgery Implications

Cosmetic surgery has stopped as the private sector has become an extension of the NHS for the next 3 months until we have got over the worst of the COVID 19 outbreak. We must remember, however, that this will eventually pass and the world will start again. Businesses will struggle to get going again but unlike in wars. all of the roads and factories will be intact so we can restart again, after this “pause” on life.

Remote Consultations

I for one am tryng to remain positive and am focusing on the future when I can restart my business and see all of my many patients who had booked in during March and April. The message I am receiving is that we must all live the best life we can after these dark times and many patients continue to contact me to ask questions about their potential breast enlargements, facelifts and eyelfits on Facebook and Instagram.

Please be assured, that if you have always wanted to have that improved body and you want to know more while you have some quiet time to think at home, I am happy to provide remote consultations via Skype or FaceTime. Just contact Jayne on 07434572794 who will be pleased to set this up for you.

Crisalix Virtual Reality Consultations

You may remember when I first introduced 3D Virtual Reality visors, showing Darby Ward before and after photos of their breast surgery results on the Real Housewives of Cheshire.

Well, they have been innovating yet again and I am very excited about using the new improved 3D Virtual reality system – it is now possible for you to experience the amazing simulations of different breast implants by simply taking 3 different photos and uploading them to my site here

Once the pictures are uploaded I am able to prepare a simulation of all the different sizes and shapes of breast implants for you to see. When the current corona virus restrictions are lifted I will then be able to show you these simulations in person so that you can discuss the amazing “boob goggles” before and after images so that you make a final choice on what is right for you.

Stay Safe

Lastly, it is vitally important that we ALL follow the government’s advice and that we remember that these unusual times will pass and we will all be grateful for simple freedoms once it has gone. Our lives may even change for the better and some have already mentioned that their lives have slowed down in pace and we may have improved connections with family and friends as a result.

If you have any further questions on the impact of corona virus on your surgery or you’d like to book your own virtual reality consultation, then just call Jayne on 07434572794 who will be pleased to set this up for you or out of hours complete our contact form and we will come back to you.

Stay safe and hope to see you soon!


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