Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Manager FAQs

At Reflect Clinic, we know that cosmetic surgery is a big decision to make and we want to give our patients full transparency with our cosmetic surgery practice manager Frequently Asked Questions.

Reflect Clinic offers the highest quality of care to all of our patients and we always aim to ensure you are fully aware of the benefits and risks of surgery before you make your decision.

We sat down with our Practice Manager, Jayne Bailey, who has been working at Reflect Clinic for over 15 years to offer an insight into the world of cosmetic surgery.

jayne bailey who is practice manager for cosmetic surgeon Gerard Lambe

Cosmetic Surgery Practice Manager FAQs

How did you start working in the cosmetic surgery industry?

By accident really, I am a people person and I met the right person who saw something in me.  The rest is history. 😉

What is the most rewarding aspect of working in the cosmetic surgery industry?

I absolutely love the whole patient journey from the first call to finally discharging patients at the end of their cosmetic surgery journey. I also get to meet such lovely people.  The patient after pictures are amazing and I am so proud to be part of their journey. 

What cosmetic surgery did you have and how was the process?

I have had a tummy tuck and a breast reduction.  Not at the same time, 3 years apart.  I am a walking advert for Mr Lambe’s handiwork.

What sets Reflect Clinic apart from other cosmetic surgery practices?

We genuinely care, we are an established company with a great reputation for giving great care and fantastic results.  Our patients are our greatest advocates and we have 5***** feedback on Trustpilot where patient’s leave their feedback anonymously after surgery from a lower eyelift to labiaplasty! We are available to answer any questions or concerns and from a patient point of view this is invaluable.

Do you share your experience with potential patients to help settle any nerves they may be having?

Oh my god yes! I share all of my knowledge and experience with all of our patients.  This helps them to have a real perspective of the recovery and results and it helps to calm their nerves I think.

What is life like outside of Reflect Clinic? What are your hobbies/interests?

My life outside Reflect is spent with my husband Tim and my doggies.  I like to go to the gym and out for walks with my Frenchies.  We have a great group of friends who we spend a lot of time with.   I never really switch off from Reflect, I am always talking about work.

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