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Different types of breast implants and their uses

Here at Reflect Clinic, we strive to provide quality information, without any sales jargon, to help our patients make the best choice for their bodies.

In this latest blog, our aim is to discuss the three key steps when considering breast implant surgery; these are:

  • Choosing your breast implants
  • What size breast implant is best for you?
  • What shape breast implant is best for you?

So, let’s start with things to consider when choosing breast implants…

Choosing your breast implants

Breast implant surgery at Reflect Clinic is all about making the correct choice for our patients, not bank balances.

On your first consultation with Mr Gerard Lambe, several important questions need to be discussed before committing to breast implant surgery:

Body frame:

Typically, we would recommend a larger implant with greater width to produce a natural look and feel for larger body frames.

Conversely, for patients with more petite frames ( e.g. a chest width of 30 inches), a smaller implant is necessary to produce a natural look and feel and make a more pronounced change.


To make your breast implants proportionate to the rest of your body, your height (without heels, ladies!) needs to be considered.

For example, a longer torso would need longer implants to complement a patient’s natural figure.

Width of natural breasts:

Many patients who come to Reflect Clinic are interested in breast implant surgery with the hope of regaining their previous cup size before pregnancy/childbirth.

It’s important to consider your current natural breasts in the here and now to achieve the desired results of the past.

Larger cup sizes would need a broader width for their implants. In contrast, with naturally smaller cup sizes, the width of an implant would give a top-heavy look.

Breast tissue:

The feel of your breast tissue skin is often the best way to judge which implant will suit your body. If it feels loose (you can test this by pinching the skin – if there is a lot of excess skin, then your skin can be described as loose), a larger, shaped, or round implant would be most suitable.

However, if your skin is thin (and quite translucent), then perhaps a smaller shaped implant would be more suitable for you.

Mentor Breast Implants:

Your breast enlargement goals:

Are you looking for a natural look to your breast enlargement, or are your goals more centred on your breasts being more noticeable?

Is cleavage vital to you? There are many questions to discuss when it comes to breast implant surgery. At your consultation with Mr Gerard Lambe, you’ll have the time to go through these goals with one of the UK’s leading cosmetic surgeons!

What size breast implant is best for you?

There are many factors to discuss when deciding the best size breast implant for your surgery goals. These include projection, shape, texture of the outer shell, width and height.

As previously mentioned, width and height are vitally important to get correct with any breast implant surgery.

A significant difference between the natural width of your breasts and the breast implant will result in unnaturally shaped breasts.

Similarly, the height of your breast implant takes into account your body frame, breast tissue and breast surgery goals.

Once, size has been chosen, we then move on to our final question…

What shape breast implant is best for you?

Typically, breast implants come in two distinct shapes; round and shaped.

Round breast implants are always the same height and width and are the most popular choice with patients.

This is because of multiple reasons; it’s important to note that both round and shaped implants provide a natural look, but each patient’s definition of ‘natural’ is as individual as they are!

Round implants are known to give more volume at the top of the breast, producing fantastic cleavage results when paired with a correctly fitting bra.

Shaped implants are the perfect choice for those patients looking for a more subtle breast enhancement whilst still providing a natural look and feel.

To find out more on breast implant surgery, click here.


All this and more can be discussed with Mr Gerard Lambe at your first consultation; believe us, he absolutely loves a chat!

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