Eyelift Surgery, Manchester & Cheshire

 Treatment Time:

 1 – 1.5 hours

Hospital Stay:



Day one

Washing & Makeup:

Light washing and makeup from 1 week


1-4 days


1 week


Stitches are removed after one week.

Time Off Work:

1 week or until stitches are out

Eyelid Surgery is sometimes known as Blepharoplasty. After surgery on the eyelids you will look fresher and the eyes will look more open and youthful. These procedures are ideal if you are starting to feel that the upper lids are heavy or that you have started to look hollow and tired around the lower eyes.



You will look more rested and more youthful in appearance. Many patients report increased self-confidence. Upper Bleph patients report being able to see more easily as there is no upper eyelid skin resting on their eyes and reducing vision. Lower Bleph patients report that they look like they have had more sleep without the bags under the eyes.

Reviews From Patients

“I am very happy with the result of my blepharoplasty, Mr Lambe has done a brilliant job.. its very natural all my friends are saying how well I look, instead of asking me if I ‘m tired. I was very nervous and he reassured me, his confident relaxed manner helped me… I would highly recommend him to all my friends”
``So happy with results``
“I had very baggy eyelids that gave me the appearance of looking tired. I decided to have upper eyelid surgery to correct this and following a very reassuring consultation decided to have the procedure with a local anaesthetic. Within a few days of the operation my eyelid swelling had gone and within 7 days the stitches were removed. At that time I was only left with a small amount of bruising but by day 10 that had gone too. Very pleased with the results.”
Ms TCheshire
``Thank you so much Mr Lambe``
“I would like to thank Mr Lambe for the success of my recent upper eyelid surgery. My surgery was performed at The Spire Hospital, Manchester and from consultation through to completion of the procedure he was very professional, very reassuring and his friendly manner put me completely at ease throughout the operation. Should I need any further treatment in the future I would certainly consult with Mr Lambe again and would have no hesitation in recommending his services.”
Mrs LManchester


FAQ About Eyelifts

  • Before-Eyelid Surgery
    After-Eyelid Surgery
    Before Eyelid Surgery After
Upper – is an operation to remove excess skin and fat in the eye and eyelid to open up the eyes
Lower – is an operation to reduce bags and excess skin under the eyes.
It is most beneficial for those who have had significant changes in the eye during the ageing process and want to look how they used to look when they were younger – less tired and more refreshed.
As with most operations, patients who smoke, who are on anticoagulants. For eye surgery more specifically those who suffer from dry eyes.
After the operation patients have often remarked “I now look how I used to look!”. You should have a natural, rejuvenated appearance.
Upper – yes if you only have excess skin, no if you have excess fat to be removed
Lower – yes but this limits how much fat can be tailored in the lower eyelid so is ideally only for those who have an excess of skin alone.
All surgery has risks of a poor scar but particular risks in eye surgery include a shift in position of the eyelid. Mr Lambe is therefore extremely careful and secures the position of the eyelid with a special stitch at the time of the surgery (known as a canthopexy). If you suffer with dry eyes then these can be made worse as the incision under the eyelid can put the small oil secreting glands to sleep.
Any bleeding after surgery can be serious and for this reason Mr Lambe is meticulous. Blindness is a very remote and rare potential complication of any surgery on the eyes. This will be fully discussed with you at the time of surgery.
Most swelling resolves in 10 days but you may have some residual bruising that takes a little longer to settle and this can be covered with makeup.
You should ideally sleep in a “head elevated” position with a couple of pillows behind your head for the first couple of nights.
You should avoid bending over as this can raise your blood pressure and start to bleed.
You will need a private consultation to discuss your personal requirements as everyone is different.