Facelift Surgery, Manchester & Cheshire

 Treatment Time:

Full 4 hrs 

Mid 1 /12 hours 

Mini 40 mins

Hospital Stay:

Full 1 night

Mid 1 night

Mini No


As soon as you are able


Yes but keep wounds dry


10 days


Gentle walking only for 1st 2 weeks


Review one week post op for Full Facelift, Mid Facelift & Mini Facelift

Time Off Work:

Full 3 weeks

Mid One week

Mini None

A facelift (Rhytidectomy) is a good way of recreating a youthful appearance by restoring your original face shape and removing “jowls”. There are many variations on the technique and Mr Lambe will be able to advise you on the best variant of the procedure for you.



The results will usually be a more refreshed and youthful face with loss of jowls and sagging skin in the neck. Your options will be discussed at your consultation. The results will vary depending upon your choice of facelift.

  • Before-facelift
    Before facelift After

Reviews From Patients

“I look less worried and 10 year’s younger. It made me feel more relaxed and confident when I went out.”
Sarah, Hale43
``So chuffed with results!``
“I have been thinking about having a facelift for the last five years. I feel younger than my age and as I’ve got older friends have sometimes looked at me concerned that I looked ‘tired out’ when in fact I’d just come back from holiday!! When I looked in the mirror it made me feel older and it was bit depressing, to be honest! One day I just thought enough is enough and after seeing Mr Lambe on BBC Breakfast and finding out he was based locally I couldn’t believe my luck! I booked a consultation and he was really nice and answered all my questions honestly so I went ahead and booked in.  I can honestly say that I look in the mirror and feel ‘right’ as how I look and how old I feel are the same, younger and a lot better! Thank you so much, Mr Lambe for giving me a new lease of life!”