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Full Facelift


Treatment Time

0.5 – 4 hours


From 10 days

Hospital Stay

One Night


Gentle exercising first 2 weeks


From One Day


Yes but keep the wounds dry


Review one week post op

Time off work

From 0 -3 weeks

What is a Facelift?

A Facelift (Rhytidectomy) is a good way of recreating a youthful appearance by restoring your original face shape and removing “jowls.

There are many variations on the technique and Mr Lambe will be able to advise you on the best variant of the procedure for you. Reflect Clinic have clinics for Facelift in Manchester and Cheshire

The Results

The results will usually be a more refreshed and youthful face with loss of jowls and sagging skin in the neck.

Your options will be discussed at your consultation.

The results will vary depending upon your choice of facelift.


A Facelift can seem like a daunting and scary procedure but there comes a time when a Mini Facelift and no surgical techniques like Botox® and fillers can keep up with the pace of change in your appearance and a good Facelift can be a way to turn the clock back 10 years. A Facelift that is done well will look natural and will reposition and secure the deep layers so that you have a long term improvement in areas like your jowls and your neck laxity. The following is a case study of a recent patient under my care to help you make a decision if this is the right procedure for you.


Sue* was a married lady of 55 who had always looked after herself with regular beauty treatments and Botox® and a couple of treatments with fillers but she had become increasingly concerned about her increasing jowls that had changed the shape of her face from heart-shaped to quite square shaped. She had also noticed that she had developed laxity around her neck and wanted to know if a Mini Facelift or a thread lift would be able to improve this.

She was otherwise in very good health and was not overweight, smoking or diabetic. I explained that with the degree of sag in the tissues that she had that a thread lift would not be powerful enough to produce an improvement and even a Mini Facelift would be very short lived and so I discussed with her what a Full Facelift could achieve and why I believed this to be her best option in the long run.

Questions at Consultation 1

Sue wanted to know how long the operation took and I explained that I can usually do everything in 3 and half hours. She also wanted to know if the incisions would be visible and I explained how I very carefully tailor the incisions into the crease in front of and behind the ear and then up into the hairline. She wanted to know if she would be very bruised and swollen and I explained how I am very careful in my dissection to produce minimal bruising as I want my patients to look their best right away. She wanted to know if there would be stitches to remove and I explained how I always use dissolving stitches and I do not use painful drains – I use a special tissue glue that helps to eliminate the space where blood can collect

Second Consultation

At the second Consultation, we talked more about the site of the incisions and I drew them out on a special app on the computer so she could see exactly where they would be. She asked about driving and I explained that most people need about a week before they feel safe but that it was important to have someone to pick her up and drop her off at the hospital. I explained how the skin is often a bit numb for some weeks after the surgery but that this gradually returns and we covered how the improvement is not permanent but merely resets the clock.

Day of surgery

On the day of her surgery, she was first on the list and I took her pre-op pictures then we went to theatre where the procedure went to plan and very smoothly taking just 3 hrs. I did not need to use drains and I do not put heavy or bulky dressings in place so I can see the skin and observe for any swelling or wound problems. She slept head up that night and had minimal swelling and bruising in the morning.

Post-op care

I see my Facelift patients after one and 2 weeks post-op to check on healing and answer any questions they may have. I give advice about the use of Arnica for reducing bruising and when they can start washing hair again, usually after about 3 days.


She was absolutely delighted with the result of surgery and had received many compliments on how fresh she was looking!

Mr Gerard Lambe  MD, FRCS (Plast)
Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgeon


Below are some common FAQ’s about our procedure for facelift Manchester and UK

What is the price of a full facelift?

All procedures at Reflect Clinic are unique to you as we all have different types of skin, unique shapes and our own individual aspirations.

Please click here to find out the cost of your full facelift surgery.

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Once you have been assessed, you will then receive an exact price for your full facelift surgery which is clear and transparent so that you can make arrangements for finance (0% finance is available via Spire Manchester) or pay in full to begin the next step of your cosmetic surgery journey to The Most Beautiful You.

You should not have this procedure if
You are overweight, with a BMI of over 32, smoke or vape, are in bad health and are taking anti-coagulant medication or are diabetic.
What does it involve?
Incisions are carefully tailored around the ear and into the hairline so that the scar is nearly invisible when healed fully. The skin is lifted and then the layer beneath (SMAS) is tightened and it is this that creates the long lasting lift and not by pulling the skin. A glue is used to reduce the risk of bleeding and all wound are close with dissolving stitches and no drains.
What is a full facelift?

A facelift (sometimes known as a Rhytidectomy) is an operation to correct the signs of facial ageing by redrawing skin and by tightening and lifting the layer beneath the skin.

It is done under GA (General Anaesthetic) ie while you are asleep.

Where your aim is to look younger, more refreshed and less tired.

When is the best time to have a full facelift?
If you want a long lasting solution to raging in the neck and jowls then facelift may be the right solution. As the signs of ageing appear, you are likely to continue to look much younger than your actual age. Further surgery and/or fillers can be undertaken to optimise the effect eg dermal fillers can be started at 1-2 years after surgery. This, along with good skin care, no smoking, sunscreen and avoiding the sun will maximize how long the effect lasts. A good facelift will turn back the clock but it won’t STOP it and it is normal to have a small amount of wrinkles.
Am I suitable for a full facelift?

As long as you are healthy, have no major medical problems, are realistic about results, and really want to remove some signs of ageing, specifically the loss of facial fat and overall sagging of your face and neck, then a full facelift is probably the right procedure for you.

However, Mr Lambe will assess you to see if a full facelift, mid or even a mini facelift is more suitable to achieve the results you would like.

How long does a full facelift last?

A good face and/or necklift can rejuvenate the face for 7-10 years, however, this depends on several factors including the condition of your skin, if you smoke or drink regularly and the age you had your surgery. It doesn’t stop time but it definitely re-sets the clock!

How long does the surgery take?
The procedure takes between 3-4 hours to perform depending on how many other additional procedures are needed at the same time eg fat transfer or eye surgery which many people have.
Will a facelift eliminate all my wrinkles?
No. It will dramatically rejuvenate the lower part of the face, but it doesn’t remove the wrinkles around the mouth area or the eyelids.

If you would like to eliminate wrinkles, a range of treatments would be recommended for example, filler, botox, chemical peels or lasers.

Will a full facelift eliminate all my wrinkles?

Mr Lambe will discuss what a full facelift will achieve when you have your consultation and you can discuss the range of options available to you to achieve the results you would like.

This is very important for a facelift. There are three phases:-

Phase 1 – 7-10 days Patients are presentable to their family

Phase 2 – 10-14 days presentable to friends

Phase 3 – 3-4 weeks presentable to the public

You are advised to take between 2-4 weeks off, as bruising and swelling are variable.

However, the swelling in the face and the neck, especially the face, will take 4-6 weeks to go down. The numbness around the cheek areas will resolve in 3-4 months.

What will I be like just after surgery?
You shouldn’t have a significant amount of pain, if any at all. You may have a feeling of tightness as you will have a head dressing on. You may also have 2 drains in place, which will be removed with your dressing. If you have had eyelid surgery this may produce some discomfort. The key is to keep your head elevated and to try to relax if you can. This will help keep your blood pressure normal.
Printable FAQs for Full Facelift Surgery
FAQFullFacelift – Printable PDF guide for Full Facelift Surgery

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