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If you are doing your research before you have a tummy tuck, then there are many types to find out about!

Do you need a full or mini abdominoplasty, reverse or extended, Fleur de Lis abdominoplasty and so it goes on… so many different names but they all refer to one of the most popular cosmetic procedures over the last decades.  

Abdominoplasty surgery and liposuction, remain the most popular body contouring procedures globally. They are regularly combined but also at Reflect Clinic we combine tummy tucks with a variety of breast surgeries for our popular “mummy makeover”.  

Most of the patients coming to Reflect Clinic complain about excess skin hanging below the belly button.  The reason for this can vary and includes mainly post pregnancy and post weight-loss changes. Despite hard efforts at the gym, patients can get really fit and reduce their body-fat levels but elasticity to the skin rarely retracts back, resulting in saggy skin which then goes on to affect our patients’ body confidence. Non-surgical approaches with lasers and skin tightening solutions can offer only a little and patients soon realise that a tummy tuck might be the only realistic solution to their concern. 

Tummy Tuck: The Cosmetic Surgeon’s perspective

At Reflect Clinic we really enjoy seeing new patients in our clinics coming to see us about their body concerns and asking for tummy tucks. We like to listen to you and hear the journey you have been on, discuss your concerns and make the best surgical plan for you.

For most of our patients, the tummy tuck is the only way to remove all this excess skin that hangs down and does not go away with conventional methods such as eating a low-fat diet and doing a regime of cardio and toning exercises.

As Plastic Surgeons, there is so much more to it and we see things from a different, or maybe from a wider perspective, as outlined below: 

  • For us, a tummy tuck is not just an operation to remove excess skin and fat. We see it as a body contouring and body reshaping operation where we try to redefine your lower abdomen and create (or restore) beautiful curves around your waist. 
  • We have the cosmetic surgery skills to combine it with liposuction for advanced body contouring. We regularly perform liposuction to the flanks and back but also to the abdomen in order to reduce excess fat and give you a more defined abdominal wall and reduce the size of your buttocks.
  • With years of experience and thorough knowledge of all the existing techniques, we can address concerns to different parts of the abdomen (lower or upper) or offer solutions to extreme skin excess after massive weight loss. 
  • For patients who have previously had a C-section in child birth, we will remove their old, often unpleasant, scar and push the new one as low as possible, so it will be well hidden in your favourite bikini or underwear.
  • We also see an added benefit in tummy tucks, regarding your old stretch marks. While it is literally impossible to remove stretch marks with non-surgical procedures, during an abdominoplasty, those stretch marks under the belly button can be completely removed.

  • During a tummy tuck, we will always approximate (bring closer together and tighten up) the rectus muscles and treat any post-pregnancy widening of the central abdominal zone. This will re-establish the strength to your abdominal wall. It is quite satisfying for us to see our patients months after the surgery saying how much their mobility and support to the back have improved. 
  • Finally, by following all the latest trends in cosmetic surgery procedures and new techniques, we have now moved on to an era without drains. We have evolved our techniques in such way that we preserve the essential abdominal fat with lymphatics, so no drains are needed which ensures that the chances for large fluid collections are now extremely low. 

If you are unhappy with excess abdominal skin come and talk to us. If you think that you have tried everything at the gym and with diets and your problem has not resolved, you might be a great candidate for tummy tuck surgery.  

How much is a tummy tuck?

Please see our price range page to find out the potential cost of your cosmetic surgery, as everyone is different. All our clinics provide free, on-site parking.

Click here for tummy tuck and other cosmetic surgery procedure prices.

We are happy to provide you with a total and transparent price once we have seen you at an in-person consultation at our hospitals in Spire Manchester or at The Wilmslow Hospital in Cheshire or even our newest hospital, Aset Hospital where we look after our Liverpool patients. From time to time we do mini-consultations @DDClinical in Chester city centre. Keep an eye out for events news on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

More tummy tuck in Manchester questions

We also get asked many other questions around price, such as what is your breast enlargement price, on a regular basis. We do need to see you beforehand for a consultation as everyone is different in their body to start with and has differing aspirations going forward.

Before and after tummy tuck procedures

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