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Mid Facelift Ultimate Guide

At Reflect Clinic, we want our prospective patients to be as well-informed about our procedures as possible.

That’s why we put together a guide on each cosmetic surgery available; in this blog, we’re focusing on the mid facelift!

Let’s start by detailing what exactly a mid facelift is

Many patients who are looking for facial cosmetic surgery often consider the mid facelift.

This is because of its rejuvenating results; these results are particularly prominent under the eyes and around the cheeks and mouth area.

A mid facelift lifts any sagging areas around the cheek. It recreates a youthful appearance, totally refreshing the face with harmonious contours from the lower eye towards the cheek!

mid facelift

How is a mid facelift performed?

A mid facelift is performed under general anaesthetic and involves making a small incision in the lower eyelid.

This operation focuses on the central third of the face intending to give a patient’s face a natural, a new lease of life!

Mid facelift – What you need to know

  • What happens on the day of my surgery?Mr Gerard Lambe and his anaesthetic team will visit you pre-surgery to discuss any fears or questions you may have regarding your mid facelift procedure. Once you’re happy, your mid facelift will go ahead as planned. Post-surgery, you’ll be returned to the ward with cooling packs over your eyes which will help to reduce any swelling and discomfort.
  • How long does a mid facelift surgery last? – Typically, a mid facelift procedure last around 2 hours under general anaesthetic.
  • Will I need to stay overnight in the hospital? – Yes. Our medical team will need to monitor your response to your cosmetic surgery overnight. Once you have been checked and cleared for any complications, you’ll be good to go the following morning!
  • Can I bathe? – Regular bathing and washing can continue, but our medical team recommends keeping your wounds dry on your face and neck until your post surgery checks.
  • Will I need to take time away from work? – Yes. For your wounds to fully heal, the medical team at Reflect Clinic recommends a minimum of 7-10 days off work.

Now that you’ve got all the information you need, it’s time to book a consultation with Mr Gerard Lambe where you can discuss your individual questions and find out the cosmetic surgery price!

To do just that, please call  our Reflect Clinic Manager, Jayne on 07434 572 794 or simply fill in our patient contact form here

For an in-depth overview of the mid facelift cosmetic procedure on offer at our numerous Reflect Clinic locations, please visit the dedicated procedure page.

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