Mini Facelift


Treatment Time

1 hour


Next day

Hospital Stay

2 hours


Gentle exercising after one week




Yes but keep the wounds dry until we review after 10 days


Review one week post op

Time off work

One week

What is a Mini Facelift?

During the procedure a small incision is made around your earlobe and or side burn region and through this a small amount of skin is excused and stitches placed in the underlying tissue to create a lift .

The Results

Immediate tightening which will relax a little and a subtle improvement in the jowl region and or the undereye region


Mini Facelift – Patricia*


Patricia* came to see me to ask if anything could be done to help with the small jowl she had started to notice. She had been to a nonsurgical doctor to ask about a thread lift but did not think this was going to give her the result she wanted. She was sure she did not want to go ahead with anything major like a full facelift and asked if there was anything else that I could do for her.

Questions at Consultation

Patricia was keen to know how long the procedure might last and so I told her that she should get a good result for around 2 years.  The facelift does not stop time ticking, but it does re-set the clock of the ageing process.

First Consultation 

I examined Patricia* carefully and we took some images of her face on an iPad so that we sit and look at them together and discuss which areas were troubling her the most. She mentioned how she was beginning to see a loss of the heart shape of her face from when she was younger and she generally felt “heavy in the face”. I asked about any medications she was taking and if she had any problems with bleeding. She mentioned she smoked about 5 cigarettes a day and I explained it was very important to stop this to ensure that she achieved full post-operative healing without any problems 

I explained how it may be possible for her to get an improvement of her problems through a procedure known as a mini facelift. I explained how I do this – while the patient is awake and under a local anaesthetic – and carefully tailor a scar around the lower part if the facial area or around the sideburn and through this I am able to excise (take away) a small amount of skin as well as put some stitches into the deeper layers of the face to lift the areas that were causing her concern. I explained how this is much less powerful than a full facelift and that the results generally last up to a maximum of 2 years but that if she was pleased it was an operation that could be repeated down the line.

I asked Patricia* to think it over and to talk to her Husband too to decide if she felt that this was the right option for her or if she should perhaps wait until things got worse and then have the full facelift instead.

Second Consultation

Patricia* came back to see me 2 weeks later and brought a friend with her. She had been talking it over with her friend who had undergone some nonsurgical work in the past and also had some threads (otherwise known as a threadlift). Overall she felt it was something that she wanted to do. I drew on her (using a special ink pen) where the scar would be so she could check in a mirror if this was acceptable and I explained that she would not see anything like the improvement you get from a full facelift but the operation was less invasive and more subtle. She then signed her consent and I took her pre-op photos 

Day of Mini Facelift surgery 

Her surgery was booked in downstairs in the small and much less intimidating ambulatory procedure room. Patricia* came with her friend and I explained what I would do. First I sat her up and carefully marked her face at the correct angle to get the most correction in the areas she wanted. I then lay her back in the chair and slowly and carefully numbed the area around her ear and gave the anaesthetic time to work. I then was able to perform the procedure on her whilst she was totally comfortable and we were able to talk throughout.

Results of Mini Facelift Surgery

She was very happy with the immediate post op result and at follow up 6 months later she still has a great result.


Patient Reaction

Mr Lambe listened to my concerns and didn’t put any pressure on me to go ahead which I liked as it gave me time to think and I knew then that I could relax and feel safe under his care. I am absolutely delighted with the results and feel like a new woman! I was amazed to see him on The Real Housewives of Cheshire so I know have a celebrity surgeon who is also down to earth, honest and really skilled at what he does. Would highly recommend!


Below are some common FAQ’s about our procedure for mini facelift Manchester, Cheshire and UK

What is the price of a Mini Facelift?

All procedures at Reflect Clinic are unique to you. To find out a price for your mini facelift please book a consultation and discuss your needs with our expert surgeon, Mr Gerard Lambe.

You should not have this procedure if

You are overweight, with a BMI of over 32, smoke or vape, are in bad health and are taking anti-coagulant medication or are diabetic.

What is a mini facelift?

A Mini Facelift is a surgical procedure to rejuvenate and refresh the face for those who have started to develop signs of ageing that are beyond what can be corrected with Fillers and Botox™.

Who should have a mini facelfit

It is ideal for non-smokers who are starting to see the appearance of early jowls and deepening lines from the corner of the mouth to the side of the nose.

How long does the procedure take

The treatment takes about an hour in total and wounds are placed inconspicuously. They heal in approximately 10 days and there’s no need for painful removal of stitches.

What are the risks involved with a mini facelift

All surgery carries the risk of wound infections and poor scarring. The scars are very carefully tailored to fit into the areas that are hidden such as in a Full Facelift and so are very unlikely to be noticed.

What are the advantages?

The low down time! It’s a short operation and there’s a quick recovery time so you can take less time off from work or leisure activities. There is also minimal swelling and bruising.

What are the limitations

Obviously you will not see as great an effect as you would from a Full Facelift which is a far more extensive procedure and the results will not last as long.

What about my aftercare

You will be reviewed after one week and again after 2 weeks to check that all wounds are healing nicely.

What about my medication

You should be off any medications or supplements that may make you bleed e.g Warfarin or Clopidogrel. If in any doubt please ask your GP.

How long does a mini facelift last

The results last between 2 and 3 years. As with any rejuvenating facial surgery the clock is reset but unfortunately it keeps ticking and so signs of ageing will always reappear eventually.

The overall effect can be improved by combining the Mini Facelift with Botox™ and Fillers to create a harmonious regeneration and an overall refreshed look.

The overall effect can be improved by combining the Mini Facelift with Botox™ and Fillers to create a harmonious regeneration and an overall refreshed look.

How do I book?

You will need a private consultation to discuss your personal requirements as everyone is different. 

Mini Facelift FAQs Downloadable and Printable PDF




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