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Mummy Makeover – Mothers out of Lockdown!

Zoom Boom and Cosmetic Surgery

During the Zoom Boom, where virtual reality meetings with work colleagues on Zoom videos and catch-ups with friends and family on Facetime meant that we were all looking at ourselves on video more and for longer than we had ever before. Women then scrutinised themselves from the upper eyelids or to their sagging jowls and contacted us in their droves to arrange a consultation with Mr Lambe to fix this issue.

Having the time (we could no longer commute to work, go out for drinks or dinner) AND the money (less spent on travel, entertainment, no holidays booked, refunds from flights and entertainment pre-booked) meant that we received huge interest in our range of cosmetic surgeries. This proved a perfect combination to ring Jayne and book in for cosmetic surgery from a breast enlargement with breast implants to a breast reduction with an uplift, mothers were now putting their own wishes first!

Mothers out of Lockdown

Whilst we were digesting the shock of first hearing about the global pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus, we were aware that a lot of ladies were sitting home, some single and wanting a fresh start, some with a partner and a lot of mothers who have had their children and they simply did not have the time to prioritise themselves and their own needs first.  Thankfully, all three groups of women were now able to totally “re-set” their lives and got the chance (at last!) to re-order their prioritities in life going forward.

We hear that lots of mothers tend to put their own dreams on hold while they have their own family, look after their young ones and then continue like that for the rest of their children’s lives, always putting themselves last. Over time, a lot of ladies get the chance to have a tummy tuck, breast uplift or a combination of these with a mummy makeover (including liposuction) to put them back to how they used to be before pregnancy and childbirth. Covid has allowed these ladies to use cash set aside for holidays or family events and to use it instead for their own cosmetic surgery.

We also hear that a lot of women feel ‘guilty’  or ‘vain’ for having these desires, but there are two good sayings, one is “happy wife and happy life” so if you the lady of the house is happy, then it follows that your husband or partner is happy too. This happiness spreads to other areas of your life from your relationships to your choices of where to go and who with (when corona is over). Another well-used term from child specialists is that if you have quality time for yourself and put your own needs first, then you get to recharge and can be a better, happier mum which is very important and spreads throughout your family. Please believe us you are definitely not vain and you are definitely not selfish for wanting to improve yourself and your confidence. Each and every member of the family is an important priority.

If this sounds like you, then a good question to ask yourself is “What would you advise your best friend?” Chances are that you would be a lot kinder to your friend than you are to yourself!  Please be kind to yourself first and foremost and treat yourself to the care you would give to your children or your best friend.

Tummy Tuck and “Boob Job” combined

We have had some wonderful reviews from other Mums about their experiences of having a Mummy Makeover (combination of a boob job, whether it is a breast augmentation (breast aug) with breast implants, a breast reduction or a breast uplift) and a tummy tuck (such as a mid or full tummy tuck) and sometimes a bit of Lipo (liposuction) to sculpt your new body back to how it used to be,  so here is an example of what you can expect from the team at Reflect Clinic, in a patient’s own words.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Mummy Makeover Review
Do not go anywhere else for your surgery!

Well this is going to be one of the easiest reviews I’ve ever had to write and probably the longest! I have recently had a breast reduction & mini tummy with Dr Gerard Lambe and I absolutely could not be happier!

I have wanted a breast reduction since I was very young, probably around 14 years old (age 30 now) as I had big boobs and just got unwanted attention, I have never been able to wear what I’ve wanted to wear for all of these years, I’ve dreaded events, parties, holidays and such like because finding something to wear was a massive chore! I have always had big boobs, and I have always maintained a healthy weight but even at my lightest (7 stone) I STILL had big, heavy and saggy breasts. I had tried everything to get them smaller and hid away in baggy tops. I knew I had to have breast reduction surgery.

I did my research & I visited a cosmetic surgeon in Stirling before I chose Mr Lambe for my surgery and she was definitely not the lady for me, didn’t answer anything in full, didn’t seem interested and charged me for the ….. consultation. I then rang Jayne and OMG she is amazing! From the very first phone call, I knew this was a great company and one I wanted to deal with, Jayne was warm and welcoming and very down to earth & relateable! I booked in for my consultation to get the ball rolling.

I met Mr Lambe and he was lovely, he was professional & made me feel very at ease as I got easily embarrassed about myself. He did not make me feel like this, he took his time and made sure I knew everything about the procedure. While I was there I asked about my tummy as I had had two emergency sections and the bottom part of my tummy was a bit bulgey. He said he would be happy to take care of this for me also which I was thrilled about. So I was booked to go ahead with breast reduction & mini tummy on 17th January. He was humble and normal, I felt I could really talk to him, he was caring, a good listener and I felt like I’d known him for years. I knew 100% that I wanted to go ahead with him from our first meeting.

Come 16th Jan I was struck down with a sickness bug and I myself had to cancel my surgery! I was so upset, Jayne rang me right away, she was so empathetic about this as I was devastated and assured me she would do her absolute best to get me back in and she did, she worked hard sorting appointments and working things out, phone calls back and forward, she kept me in the loop and we finally had a date – 12th March which was perfect for me!

I’ve finally had my surgery done. The hospital staff before and after my surgery were fantastic also, nothing was too much trouble for them and they looked after me very well, I can’t fault them.

I was a little nervous going in to get my surgery but Dr Lambe, Dr Apostolos & their Anaesthetist Patrick all came to meet me that morning and put my mind at ease, they went through everything properly and I was ready to go in. My expectations have been exceeded! I’m around a C cup now having been a 36FF when I arrived the day prior which is unbelieveable. My boobs look so good they could be passed off as fake, I’m over the moon and my tummy is finally tight and back to the way it was pre kids ha! The whole process from start to finish has been second to none and I can’t thank them all enough. Jayne takes her time to get to know you and she made me laugh so much, she’s professional and approachable. I can’t stress enough how good this team is. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and have recommended them to family members who I know are thinking of a procedure themselves. Pick up the phone if you are thinking about any type of surgery with this dream team, it’ll be the best thing you do. This has been a long time coming for me and I’m so glad I chose Gerard Lambe. Thank you to every one of you. Xx

***Edit- I will update as I’m healing.

So far I had my dressings changed and the hospital were great and Mr Lambe was happy with the way I am healing up, I feel very good, really surprised at the process so far, I’ve been off pain medication from day 5 and day to day feel good. My nipples are responding to cold and I have feeling in them too (not that I was bothered if that went away anyway as I knew that was a risk) so that’s a good sign also which I’m really pleased about.
My stomach is pretty much healed I will be honest, it is so flat! No pain at all in anything I do like sneezing, coughing or walking. Finally met Jayne too and she’s just as lovely in person, she has been checking up on me too which is really nice.

Day 11 post op and couldn’t be happier!

Mummy Makeover Manchester Cosmetic Surgery Reviews

As you can see, Mr Lambe is considered by some to be “the best breast surgeon in the world!”
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