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Many women have used their lockdown time to reflect and review their bodies and if they are happy (or not).  Zoom calls have made us focus a lot on the face we are projecting on the world as we look at ourselves for many hours a day on facetime or zoom, in groups or on one to one meetings and the reflection is not always the one they like the look of!

Combined with the cancellation of all international travel, many women have taken advantage of the holiday refunds and their own holiday savings and have decided to take the plunge in creating their dream body in time for their next holiday!

It seems that having time out from the daily commute, reflecting on how you want to live your life and how you can improve it has impacted people in droves across Manchester, Cheshire and Chester in the UK and indeed internationally!

Women all over the UK have had the means by using these funds to finally put themselves at the top of the list (ahead of their children for once!) and we have spoken to many who have been relieved and excited to go ahead and have their life-changing surgery! Mummy Makeover surgery has been a huge trend in 2020.

We have also seen a huge increase in cosmetic surgery enquiries in general over the Covid Crisis – it’s not all bad – and once we were given the all clear to see patients again, their stories have been told via the many cosmetic surgery review sites available on-line.

We were delighted to read the latest glut of five star reviews.

5 stars: Excellent

I’m just approaching 3 weeks post-surgery

I’m just approaching 3 weeks post-surgery for a tummy tuck, breast reduction and Liposuction. I truly cannot put into words what Mr Lambe has done for me. I have suffered from large breasts my entire adult life and they were physically becoming quite unbearable. I decided that seeing as I was been ‘put under’ for my reduction I might as well have my tummy done at the same time, meaning one period of down time. I had 2 consultations with Mr Lambe pre surgery where he covered all I asked and more. At no point did I feel pressurised but what I was impressed with was he was realistic as to what my results would be (my breasts were not straight forward!). Mr Lambe listened, he understood why I wanted this, he, quite simply put, cared.
The date was set and then the lovely, fantastic Jayne came into her own. The day before surgery she rang and she put all my nerves at ease. She is one of the nicest people to talk to and we covered so much and more!!
Surgery came and went… Mr Lambe came and visited me both mornings following surgery explaining how it went etc etc. Again though, it was his bedside manner that absolutely astounded me.. he genuinely cared. He helped me sit up (something so very small but Mr Lambe noticed I was struggling and just did it).
The results are beyond my expectations, the aftercare has been amazing with Jayne messaging me daily to check how I am. I’ve seen Mr Lambe for 2 aftercare appointments since being discharged. I had to have a scan at one appointment due to some pain I was having and Mr Lambe even came into my scan and held my hand to reassure me everything was ok (which of course it was!).
So Mr Lambe, thank you. Thank you for giving me my body back, saying thank you just doesn’t seem enough!! And Jayne thank you for the constant support.
Without any doubt whatsoever I highly, highly recommend Mr Lambe. I actually feel privileged that he was my surgeon xx

Dawn – November 2020
5 stars: Excellent
Gerard Lambe, MBChB
Specialist Registered Plastic Surgeon
Spire Manchester Hospital, Manchester,
Overall rating 5 STARS

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As you can see from the reviews above, this is why Mr Lambe is considered the best breast surgeon in the world!
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If you would like to find out more about Mummy Makeover surgery which is a combination of cosmetic surgery procedures here in the North West, then it involves 3 main areas:-
  1. Breast surgery – either breast enlargement surgery with breast implants; a breast reduction or breast uplift surgery,
  2. Tummy Tuck surgery – which reduces the skin above or below the tummy button
  3. Liposuction – usually in the flanks (side of the body) or the legs
You can pick and mix from the above procedures to restore your body to how it once was (or better!) before having children.
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