Mummy Makeover

This is a combination of procedures to correct sagging and loss of volume in the breasts and tummy areas.

Your family should be complete before considering this operation as having further pregnancies could undo the good work.

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Frequently asked questions
Key Points

Operating time

From 4-6 hrs

Hospital Stay

2-5 days


From day one


Advised at wound check 10 days post op


From 3-4 weeks


After 4 weeks

Time off work

Depends on job role. No lifting of 10kg+ for 12 weeks so light duties advised


Abdominal binder and sports bra


The results can be quite dramatic in the right patients.

A flatter and more toned tummy coupled with increased volume and positioning of the breasts can make a huge difference to your confidence and choice of clothes.

Our Success Stories

“I just wanted to thank the team who dealt with my procedure in such a superb way. Their pre-procedure briefing led me to be more relaxed than I might have been otherwise.”

Jenny, Hale Barns