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Mummy Makeovers in Manchester Month

Mummy Makeover Manchester

Judging by the title it’s been an MMM month here at Reflect Clinic!
We’ve had our editorial published in The Cheshire Magazine and having gone into Manchester City Centre to have a meeting, we came across the July 2017 issue of The Cheshire Magazine featuring yours truly! It’s great to know that it is so widely distributed and read around Greater Manchester as well as around Cheshire!

As the Summer months have approached we’ve seen an increase in patients asking us about Mummy Makeovers, Breast Surgeries including Breast Augmentations, Breast Reductions, Breast Uplifts and also for Tummy Tucks.

To reassure our potential patients, I thought I would include some fabulous reviews that we have been gathering from our Facebook page and also which is an international women’s forum where breast surgery is discussed in detail with patients who have had breast surgery or are thinking about it and gives patients a useful forum to ask questions and gain some detailed answers which help them decide on questions such as which surgery to have, which Surgeon to choose, which implants to use and what shape and size.

Having hankered after a cleavage for years, I finally bite the bullet and went for it. Should have done it years ago.  It wasn’t scary at all.  I can honestly say I didn’t have any pain after the surgery.  Discomfort yes, but not pain.  I was pretty evangelical about the post operative instructions I was given though so perhaps that helped.
Now six weeks later, I feel great.  The boobs look fantastic.
So if you’re considering it, go and talk to a Professional and then go for it!
Mr Lambe is considerate, compassionate, a good listener and an all round nice guy.
Five Star ***** Overall Rating
Five Star ***** Doctor’s Bedside Manner
Five Star ***** Answered my questions
Five Star ***** Aftercare folow up
Five Star ***** Time Spent with me
Five Star ***** Phone or Email responsiveness
Five Star ***** Staff professionalism & courtsey
Five Star ***** Payment process

Five Star ***** Wait times
Sue, Frodsham

Our patients rave about the Crisalix 3D Virtual Reality Visors. We scan your body so you can see yourself in Virtual Reality and then you can use our Samsung visors to see yourself in a range of outfits from bikinis to dresses as you would appear if you had your implants in, as well as being able to increase and decrease the size of your breasts in Virtual Reality you can see the effect of both round and tear drop implants and vary the volume in your implants so that you can see clearly from the left side, the right side and crucially looking downwards as if you were looking at your own cleavage.  This really helps patients choose the look they want and show it clearly to Mr Lambe so that he can replicate your desired “look”.  Patients really appreciate the fact that it takes away the guess work of deciding which implant size to go for, so they feel more relaxed before going into surgery.
Another Breast Surgery patient said

I saw Mr Lambe giving a talk at Spire Hospital and he impressed me so much with his general demeanour and sincerity that I immediately thought if I’m going to have a surgery I want him to do it.
I then saw him on 3 occasions before deciding to go ahead. He was not a bit pushy, he answered all my questions and was patient when I had a bit of a ‘meltdown’. I also spoke to his secretary, Jayne, on a number of occasions, she is so understanding and easy to talk to. I was very apprehensive on the day of surgery, Mr Lambe came to see me beforehand as did the Anaesthetist, what a lovely man also.
When I saw myself after I looked down and said ‘WOW’! That looks so good !
I am 4 weeks post op and back at the gym, all is good. I would highly recommend Mr Lambe and his team to anyone thinking of surgery. From initial consultation, surgery and after care he has been so professional and reassuring and has this calmness about him that makes you feel comfortable and confident in him. Thank you Mr Lambe, I think I now look pretty amazing, even if I do say so myself! There is a saying ‘You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear’ Well….Mr Lambe can!!

A Tummy Tuck patient took the time out of her busy day to tell us this

Mr Lambe and his Secretary Jayne along with the New Spire Manchester make up the new dream team in Cosmetic Procedures in my opinion. I recently had Surgery under their care and all aspects were exceptional. The results were amazing, the pain levels for me were so minimal I did not even finish a packet of paracetamol. Mr Lambes quiet, calm manner leaves you feeling completely at ease, he explains what he can achieve and is very realistic. Lots and lots of literature from all concerned which is always good. I had an underlying health condition, he understood this and guided me through. He made the whole process appear effortless, it was like dealing with a good friend. I am so glad I chose this Consultant, it is very difficult to decide who to use as its a major event in your life and not something to be taken lightly. I am so glad I made the decision to do this after such a long time thinking about it, I still think I am dreaming. 5 stars to Mr Lambe and his great team.

5 Stars ***** Overall rating

Jackie, Northwich

For the full listing of our 5 STAR Reviews, at Real click here.
As always, please conduct thorough research about your surgery, your Surgeon and any questions you may have before going ahead with any Consultation or cosmetic surgery.  A good surgeon will answer your questions fully, in an understandable way and supply you with information sheets such as FAQs so that you have the full range of information at your fingertips before making a final decision.  If you would like any more details of any specific surgery then click here
Breast Enlargement
Breast Reduction
Breast uplift
Tummy Tuck
Mummy Makeover
You should not feel pressured in any way.
If you would like to discuss your surgery, then please call Jayne initially on 01613933993 to discuss your needs and/or make an appointment to see Mr Lambe at either The Christie Private Hospital, Spire Cheshire or Spire Manchester Hospitals.
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