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My Upper Eyelift Experience

Cath’s Experience at Reflect Clinic

NAME:  Cath           OCCUPATION:    Beautician

LIVES:  Astley           HOBBIES:  Aesthetics is my life!          

COSMETIC SURGERY: Upper Eyelift     AGE: 64

Cath’s Upper Eyelift Q and As

1  Why are you having upper eyelift surgery?
eg How did you feel about your face before the surgery and did this affect your confidence?

I was unhappy with the heaviness of my upper eyelids. I felt it made me look tired and aged me.

2 What research did you do prior to booking?

I was looking around for a consultation when my daughter mentioned that Dr Lambe had a really good reputation for blepharoplasty surgery.

3 How did you feel after booking your consultation with Jayne?

 I felt excited whilst a little anxious and I was keen to go ahead with the consultation. Jayne was really helpful and reassuring. She kept me informed throughout my contact with Reflect.

4 What questions did you have at your consultation?

I wanted to know if Dr Lambe could see the issue concerning me and his view of the best approach to improve the area.  I also wanted to see photos of other patients who had had the procedure. I asked about the potential risks and recovery time.

5 How did you feel after your consultation with Mr Lambe?

I felt informed and reassured by his years of experience. I liked his warm, friendly approach and I felt all my questions had been answered and I was keen to progress…

6 Any tips for anyone thinking of having blepharoplasty surgery?

Look at the Company’s reviews. It is helpful if you know someone who has used the cosmetic surgeon for the procedure you are considering. Go for the consultation and be prepared to ask any questions you have thought of.

7 How was your recovery? What did you expect and how was it different?

I had an excellent recovery. I expected much more bruising than I got. I think choosing the local anaesthetic option enabled me to recover more quickly. I did follow all pre-treatment and post-treatment advice that I was given.

8 How was your aftercare experience? What really helped?

Cleansing the area as per advice given from the nursing professionals. Not scratching itchy bits! And it helped me to take daily pics of the progress during my recovery.

9 What do you think of your results?

Very, very pleased. I can wear eye makeup again and you can see my eyelashes!

10 How has cosmetic surgery changed your life?

I feel much more confident. Thank you xx






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