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Our Virtual Reality Cosmetic Surgery on Loose Women

Wow! This has been a really busy weekend after we learned on Friday that the Loose Women producers were interested in our virtual reality consultations (where we use Crisalix software to give virtual reality makeovers to patients). They asked us to give VR consultations to our very own Loose Women for their Monday panel of loose ladies including the fabulous Andrea McClean, Jane Moore, Coleen Nolan and Brenda Edwards.

Over the weekend, lots of “before photos” were flying around of Andrea McClean, Jane Moore, Coleen Nolan and Brenda Edwards so that Gerard could provide a summary of potential cosmetic surgery improvements using their 3 photos of what could potentially be achieved with cosmetic surgery.

Let’s be honest, Lockdown has meant that we can’t get out to our beauticians, hairdressers or even have our nails done. And now we are all having to use video calls to see and chat to our friends and even colleagues if we are having to work remotely from our offices via onscreen chat groups such as Zoom or Facetime.
All of this, as well as having more time to ourselves as we have to stay safe indoors and adjust to the new slower pace of life, has meant that we are all naturally scrutinising our looks more than ever.
For us here at Reflect Clinic, it’s also resulted in a three-fold increase in cosmetic surgery enquiries!
As you know, Gerard is a spokesperson for industry body the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) and has transformed the looks and bodies of some very well known faces with his surgical skills. 
Since lockdown restrictions mean only emergency surgery is possible right now, we have introduced our new technology which enables our patients to have Virtual Reality Surgery in the comfort and safety of their own homes.
It’s a state of art surgery simulation process that means you can ‘try before you buy’ and have your plastic surgery such as an eyelift, facelift or breast enlargement surgery from the comfort of your sofa – virtual reality style. You can then book in for a remote consultation via Skype or Facetime, even before you are able to come in for an appointment after lockdown at state of the art, Spire Manchester hospital. As well as doing thorough research from the comfort of your own armchair, this will reduce the time scale and steps you take before your face to face consultation.
Since Corona virus lockdown, bookings have trebled for procedures which Dr Lambe carries out using the confidential app to which patients need only send three photographs of their face, either side and front facing, ready for the software to work it’s magic.
This was too good an opportunity for the Loose Women to turn down so Gerard Lambe kindly ‘operated’ on our Loose Ladies’ loose bits over the weekend!
First on the virtual operating table was…
Dr Lambe said:
Brenda has great skin and super bone structure which shows far fewer changes and very little ageing really for her age. Therefore the treatments I’ve virtually carried out have been more subtle. I have concentrated on correcting the lower eye bags with a blepharoplasty (that’s an eye lift ). She has also had liposuction under her chin and a neck lift. The volume has been restored to her cheeks through the lower eyelid surgery using what is known as a mid facelift. 
Her facial structure and great skin elasticity means Brenda is very unlikely to really need surgery but she could have the minor aesthetic tweaks we’ve done here using minimal techniques and fillers. 
Colleen is a plastic surgeon’s dream. She has these wonderful high cheek bones which give her the perfect foundation for a face-lift.
I’ve given her a full facelift as she is the right age to really benefit from this and for it to look very natural. It has tightened and lifted her neck so that she now has a youthful jawline again.  I wanted to give Colleen back her heart-shaped face, which tends to become square as tissues sag when we age.
I then carried out an upper and lower eyelift surgery to remove the bags and to open and brighten the eyes with a very modest brow lift to enhance this look.
Finally, Colleen has wonderful, fair Irish skin which unfortunately, as we age shows changes in pigmentation and lines. Sorry Colleen. Therefore I’ve given her a simulation of a deep skin treatment which can be done either with laser or a chemical peel to improve her skin tone and elasticity.
Surgeon Gerard says:
Jane Moore has a light, fair skinned face and relatively little complexion changes for her age. She’s clearly got good genes and looks after her skin.
Jane benefits from a simple simulated very light skin peel on the area above the upper lip. I’ve also worked on her lips in a very natural way – the lips tend to lose volume with time and a very skilful and artistic increase in volume provides youth without that awful duck pout.
I’ve not carried out a full necklift here as despite what she may think, for her age she looks great. A neck and chin lift would be an option in a few years but often once a woman has a mid-facelift, the neck tightens naturally.
Therefore I did Jane a minor mid-face lift and it adds volume and youthful curves to her rather beautiful face.
I have focused the surgery around the eyes on Jane using blepharoplasty (an eye,lift ) as Jane does have a bit of a hang in the upper lid. By having that fixed now, as a lot of celebs do, she will have a very fresh looking face without looking like she’s had any surgery at all.
The addition we’ve given her a small amount of filler to her cheeks to create a more natural and harmonious rejuvenation – ideal for a 50-something lady.

Top UK Plastic Surgeon, Gerard Lambe

Finally, Andrea McClean’s before and after results were shown after her introduction to “Top UK Plastic Surgeon Gerard Lambe”..
Gerard said

Andrea has a youthful face and is a lovely facial canvas to work on. Again, I can see she has looked after her skin but has the very normal laughter lines any woman has in her 40s. For her simulated surgery I’ve concentrated around her eyes where there is some loss of volume and brightness which can be corrected by careful use of filler in the lower eyes just to show the difference it can make, I have done her a Virtual Reality upper eyelid blepharoplasty – an eye lift – which removes the excess skin from the eyelid. It is very simple procedure that in real life can be done under local anaesthetic and the results are so rejuvenating for women and men – among celebrities and people in the public eye, including TV stars, sports stars and even male politicians, this is the most requested procedure for those who don’t need a full face lift but just a really fresh and natural look with little surgery

She has good lips but the addition of a very small amount of volume creates a subtle enhancement. The skin has been gently treated with a fruit acid peel to remove changes in pigmentation.
She has good lips but the addition of a very small amount of volume creates a subtle enhancement. The skin has been gently treated with a fruit acid peel to remove changes in pigmentation.

Hope you enjoyed the show, aired at 12.30pm on Monday, 18th May 2020. You can even watch it on ITV Hub catch up!

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Written by Gerard Lambe, Joanna Lambe and Collette Walsh

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