What Our Wonderful Patients Have To Say…

We are proud to have had so much positive feedback over the years and pleased to have so many delighted patients.

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``Over the moon!``
I am absolutely over the moon with my new boobs at first I kept thinking I should have gone bigger but I honestly think I’ve made the perfect decision with my body shape and size etc also can I be bothered with mahoosive boobs giving me a backache for the rest of the my life? No. They’re perfect and done by the best surgeon who I will be recommending to everyone. I’m so happy xx
Jenny - Breast Augmentation
``Really wanted fuller lips!``
Mr Lambe has a very calming manner and made me feel at ease as I was very nervous initially as my lips are very sensitive. He made a few jokes too which melted the ice so I would highly recommend him. He listened to me so that I got the result I wanted and made sure I was completely happy with a follow up call.s this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience’s attention…
``50 years old and wanting a bit of a lift!``
Professional and very approachable. Answered all questions and ensured I understood the procedure and what I wanted from it. Was honest about treatment required and did not do more than needed. Made sure to tell me to contact him if any issues or problems.
``Brilliant Results!``
Dr Lambe was so nice and helpful, he put my mind at ease and was very professional and answered all my questions. He made me feel really relaxed about the whole operation and I would definitely go back to him and recommend him to everyone who wants breast surgery. Thank you for everything.
Bethany - Breast Surgery
``Lucky to see Mr Lambe!``
This letter is to highlight how lucky I feel to have been treated by Mr Lambe at The Christie. From the first consultation he made me feel comfortable and confident of the journey that I’d be taking and putting my health into his hands. I do suffer with bad anxiety, having Mr Lambe as support and knowing I could contact him at any time before the operation has made the experience a lot easier. On the day of the operation he came to see me; I have already mentioned that I do suffer from anxiety and I believe this visit helped me as I did not require any anti-anxiety tablets. I also asked if I could see him whilst being anaesthetised because this was something I was worried about, when I arrived in the anaesthetist’s room he was already there which also put me at ease. When he was finished in theatre he went out of his way to find my husband in the canteen to tell him all had gone well which I am very grateful for. The operation was a good few weeks ago and the after care has also been excellent. Sometimes I forget I have even had it done because everything has been smooth!
Lucy - Mummy Makeover
``Thank-you sincerely``
“I just want to thank you sincerely for your surgery on my face on the morning of March 8th. Since Monday I have been out and about without a plaster dressing and the reaction of all my friends is ‘Oh what a beautiful job. I would hardly have noticed. Thank you so much!”
Fay - Mini Face Lift
``Kind, professional and considerate. Thank you``
“To Mr G Lambe and all Ancillary staff concerned in my treatment I have been receiving. ​My family and I would like to thank you for all the wonderful care and attention given to me since I first came to the hospital. Everyone dealing with me has been so kind, considerate and courteous. Thank you so very much.”
William - Breast Reduction