Patient Safety in Cosmetic Surgery

covid mask advise hospital

We have chosen only the very best hospitals, Spire Manchester in Didsbury, The Wilmslow Hospital (formerly 52 Alderley Road) and most recently the Aset Hospital in Whiston, Merseyside.

During the Covid-19 outbreak, we have adhered to the strict safety guidelines of the hospitals with the wearing of masks, socially distanced waiting rooms, hand sanitisers and regular cleaning of equipment has ensured that patient safety has continued to be the number one priority. Unfortunately, this has meant that patients have had to attend some consultations and procedures alone to ensure the safety of other patients. However, this is reassuring to know that although some waiting times have increased, this has been due to thorough cleaning of patient areas, which should always be a priority.  The hospitals above have led and maintained the highest safety standards in challenging circumstances.

Mr Lambe is a spokesperson for BAAPS and and continues to spread the word about what is safe practice in the field of cosmetic surgery in the UK.

BBL surgery was a trend in 2018 and this was proven to have the highest rate of risk in all the categories of cosmetic surgery procedures so we took the decision to discontinue offering this type of plastic surgery and indeed to talk on national media and spread the word of just how risky this surgery is.

Please see BBL safety video on morning TV


Here at Reflect Clinic, you can rest assured that we will continue to put your safety front and centre at your consultation and when performing the surgery. contact us by using our contact form below to find out more.