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Pinnaplasty (or Otoplasty)



I honestly can’t tell you how happy I am with my whole experience with Mr Lambe and Jayne.

My first consultation was so informative and he assured me that he would make me look the best he could. He is extremely professional and clearly very passionate about his work.

On the day of the operation he came in to reassure me all would be okay. I was awake during the operation but relaxed as all the staff are lovely. He talked me through it and kept asking me if I was okay and comfortable. It didn’t seem like I was in there 45 mins! I didn’t feel anything during the operation and you don’t see anything either (for those who don’t like blood).

The results are fabulous!! I can see a huge difference and the aftercare was brilliant. Jayne was at the end of her phone for any questions or concerns I had, and to be honest I am known to panic so I had many questions! ????

Overall I am so pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend Mr Lambe and Spire.

A massive thank you to all of the staff! X


Pinnaplasty (Otoplasty)

What to Expect


Treatment Time

30 minutes


From Day One

Hospital Stay

Quick day case procedure


From Day One


From One Day


From Day One



Time off work


What is Otoplasty (Pinnaplasty)?

An Otoplasty is an operation which recreates the fold of the ear so that the ears are less prominent.

Who is suitable for Cosmetic Ear Surgery?

If you are considering cosmetic ear surgery, you should be fit and well, a non-vaper and a non-smoker. Please come and see us for a consultation ensure you are a suitable candidate.


Below are some common FAQ’s about cosmetic ear surgery.


What is the price of an EarFoldTM?

All procedures at Reflect Clinic are unique to you as we all have different types of skin, unique shapes and our own individual aspirations.

Please click here to find out the cost of your earfold procedure.

Click book a consultation to find out what Mr Gerard Lambe, the best cosmetic surgeon in the UK can do for you.

Once you have been assessed, you will then receive an exact price for your earfold procedure which is clear and transparent so that you can make arrangements for finance (0% finance is available via Spire Manchester) or pay in full to begin the next step of your cosmetic surgery journey to The Most Beautiful You.

You should not have this procedure if
You are overweight, with a BMI of over 32, smoke or vape, are in bad health and are taking anti-coagulant medication or are diabetic.
Who should have a Pinnaplasty?
You should be fit and well, a non-vaper and non-smoker.

An earfold is only suitable for people who have a deficient fold at the top of the ear (ie the top third of the ear).

It does not correct ears that stick out due to a prominent cup (ie the whole of the ear sticks out).

Prior to surgery you will have a chance to preview how you will look by applying clips on the outside of your ear. This also helps to plan the correct placement of the clip to get the best result for you.

What is a Pinnaplasty (Otoplasty) with an EarFoldTM insert?

A Pinnaplasty is an operation which recreates the fold of the ear so that the ears are less prominent from the side of the head.

What are the side effects?
There can be a little swelling and bruising for a while after the operation. Infection or exposure of the clip is very rare.
Can it be reversed?
The clip can be removed if there are any issues or you do not like it
What is an EarFoldTM made of?

It is made of gold plated memory metal so stays in position.

Is it done asleep or awake?
The procedure is carried out whilst you are awake and a numbing cream applied or an injection that numbs the area before the operation.
How long does the operation take?
This is a very simple operation that is done under local anaesthetic (awake).

It takes approximately 30 mins

What should I do after the operation?
You should rest and avoid contact sports or pressure to the area.
How long until I see the results?
You can see your results immediately.
What results can I expect?
The actual results will be slightly better than you saw at your preview with the clips on the outside.
What about aftercare?
You will be reviewed at 10 days, 6 weeks and 6 months to ensure you are happy with your cosmetic surgery procedure.

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