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Inverted Nipples

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We are often asked if we can correct inverted nipples on our breast surgery patients, whether it is when they are visiting us for a  breast enlargement (sometimes known as a boob job, breast aug, breast augmentation), a breast reduction or a breast uplift as these can be done at the same time if needed.

You may be surprised to know that an inverted breast nipple is a very common condition for women, but also for men, affecting around 10% of the population.  

We realise this can be a sensitive subject so come and see us for a consultation where Mr Lambe or Mr Apostolos will answer all your questions.

What is the inverted nipple corrective surgery?

The surgery takes place under local anaesthetic in the clinic. Small amount of local anaesthetic is injected under the nipple and through 3-4 mm incision around the nipple the short milk ducts are divided, hence the releasing the nipple outwards. The nipple is secured in a new everted position with key sutures that will fully dissolve in a few weeks. The area is covered with a special dressing for 10 days.

What happens during the surgery?

The surgery takes place in a pleasant and safe environment in the clinic. The nursing team will get you admitted and dressed. You will meet your surgeon to confirm your consent, answer to any questions and take photos. During the surgery, a small amount of local anaesthetic injected under the skin. With a small incision we get access to the area of the milk ducts, which are either stretched or divided to release the tension. Key sutures are placed to keep the nipple in the new position. The skin is stitched too with a dissolving suture. A soft foam is placed on the everted nipple and dressings applied. Our nursing team will comfort you in recovery and help you get dressed. You should be able to leave the clinic soon after the surgery if you feel well.



What are Inverted Nipples?

There are different types of inverted nipples and the clinical picture varies as well, from being just flat to fully inverted. This can affect massively someone’s confidence and very often the patients feel embarrassed to show their breasts, even when the rest of the breast shape and volume is normal. On top of that, there are practical issues around inverted nipples, the most common being the difficulty to breastfeed. 

In most cases the inversion starts in puberty or even after a pregnancy and has to do with the fact that the milk ducts are too short and tight, keeping the nipples down.

As the breast grows naturally the short ducts are keeping and pulling the nipple downwards resulting in full nipple inversion.

Note that if the problem happens in adult life and suddenly, you need to discuss with your GP immediately, for investigation and exclusion of any breast pathology, including breast cancer. 

The Results

Patient Review

” I’m now 4 weeks post op, my second op with Mr Lambe and his team. I’m so pleased with the results of my breast surgery. This is my 3rd breast surgery, due to complications, so was extremely wary, however Mr Lambe and his team came up with a plan to rectify issues I had been experiencing. My scaring is very neat, and recovery has been great.

Lastly, I have nothing but love and appreciation for Jayne! I’ve known her for over 2 years now, and she has become a firm friend. She is there every step of the way, always on the end of the phone should you need anything at all. When going through an experience of this kind you need a point of contact, a friendly, reassuring person, and you couldn’t ask for a nicer, more kind and caring person than Jayne!!!
I highly recommend Mr Lambe and his team 🙂 “

Written by private patient

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To be advised after consultation as everyone is different and complex if we are to match it to your other nipple well.

You are overweight, with a BMI of over 30, smoke or vape, are in bad health and are taking anti-coagulant medication or are diabetic.

Also, you should not have this operation of this problem appeared suddenly as it has to be investigated to exclude any breast pathology. 

The surgery takes place under local anaesthetic in the clinic with minimum discomfort. However, it can be combined with breast or abdominal surgeries that are usually performed under general anaesthetic. 

For the inverted nipple correction we use only dissolving sutures, meaning that you won’t have to go through the discomfort of stitch removal.

While you are fully mobile immediately after your surgery, we advise you rest for 48 hours and sleep elevated on back for one week.

You can return to your work in 3 days and you should keep the area dry for 7-10 days.

Avoid exercise for 3 weeks and sexual activity for 4 weeks.  

For simple cases with a very small degree of inversion, breastfeeding can be possible.

More severe cases though require complete duct division from the nipple resulting to permanent inability to breast feed.

The surgery normally takes around 45 minutes and is a day case.

As with every surgery there is small risk for bleeding, infection, scarring, asymmetry to the nipples, recurrence of the problem and temporary change to nipple sensation.

If you suffer from inverted nipples, in one or both sides, and are generally fit and in good health, you should be fine to proceed. During your consultation let us know of any medications you take or any medical problems to guide you accordingly. 

After allowing any post operative swelling to subside and the implants to drop slightly the final result shows after about 12 weeks.

A special dressing will stay on for around 7-10 days and during this period is important you rest and let everything settle nicely. We will see you in the dressing clinic to remove your dressing and assess your wounds. 

Procedure Overview – What to Expect

Treatment Time

45 minutes

Hospital Stay

No, day case only



Time off work

2-3 days for sedentary roles


Avoid for 3 days


Gradually return after 3 weeks


Avoid for 7-10 days


7-10 days

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