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Cosmetic Surgery in Real Housewives of Cheshire

Love it or loathe it, the people of Manchester and Cheshire regularly watch the Real Housewives of Cheshire on Monday nights on ITVBe and it is often talked about at the school gates, so when Mr Lambe accepted the invitation to appear on the Real Housewives of Cheshire (RHOC to those in the know) he was interested to meet the Cheshire ladies to find out exactly what cosmetic surgery they were hoping for. Their consultation was filmed at Spire Manchester hospital, the brand new state of the art hospital in Didsbury, South Manchester which was built at a cost of £26m.  In our opinion, it is the best hospital in Manchester as it combines the latest medical technology with great staff and fantastic patient care, which is why we chose it as a base to meet our patients for their consultations and also to have their cosmetic surgery and aftercare appointments.


Real Housewives Of Cheshire Celebrity Cosmetic Surgeon

Mr Lambe has been a Plastic Surgeon for many years and due to the media hub at Salford Quays in Manchester which houses ITV and BBC TV, many celebrities in the area from both TV and stage, including actresses, presenters, singers and dancers, come to see us to tweak their already amazing faces and bodies, or to swap their breast implants.  Some are happy to go public about their plastic surgery, recommending Gerard Lambe as their Celebrity Plastic Surgeon and some like to keep their cosmetic surgery (breast surgery, breast reduction, breast enlargement, facelift, eyelift, lipo or tummy tuck) private – which we totally understand. The fact that we also have Manchester United and Manchester City football clubs nearby means that there are many football WAGS who are in need of breast enlargement surgery with breast implants. Manchester has also been named second capital of the UK in terms of business, culture and opportunities. You just need to look at the houses in the area for proof that in the golden triangle of Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, Hale and surrounding areas, there are the most millionaires per square mile in the UK, second only to London.


Breast Enlargement Consultations

As you no doubt saw on the Real Housewives of Cheshire, screened on ITVBe, Darby Ward was seen discussing the possibility of having breast enlargement surgery with Taylor Ward and the rest of the family including Dawn, Ashley and the grandparents over Sunday lunch! To our amusement, Ashley seemed very shocked to hear about his daughters talking about breast enlargements! On the serious side, Mr Lambe always recommends you do your research and discuss your cosmetic surgery options with close friends and family, like Darby Ward did on the show, as they are likely to know you best and have your best interests at heart, so we were pleased to see that she had followed our advice and thoroughly discussed the pros and cons, as with any cosmetic surgery, before deciding to go ahead with having breast implants. Like any concerned Mother, Dawn Ward also did her research, calling Mr Lambe “the best Plastic Surgeon in Cheshire” before contacting us and booking a breast surgery consultation with us at the Reflect Clinic Consultation rooms in Spire Manchester. We were delighted to meet them all and impressed to see and hear that they were taking the breast enlargement surgery seriously by asking a lot of questions about the results they would achieve, how long recovery would take and how long they would have to rest up after surgery before resuming their busy celebrity lifestyle.


Darby Ward Consultation

Darby was the first to have her private consultation with Mr Lambe so that he could assess her body shape, any health concerns and discuss her desired shape in an empathetic and relaxed environment away from the cameras. Our patients usually have at least one consultation with us where they can also discuss any queries that are unique to them, they can show Mr Lambe what their concerns are and address those concerns. Of course, every individual patient is different and therefore we cannot tell you what size, shape or positioning of your breast implants before we have actually seen and spoken to you so that we can discuss the many options available to you. Darby Ward decided to go ahead with her breast surgery whilst on the RHOC. She opted for 240cc volume breast implants which would give her a natural, enhanced look which suited her small frame without looking over the top.

She had the “boob job” surgery in September and due in part to her being fit, in good health, a non-smoker and a lady who followed her aftercare instructions to the letter, she achieved the result of her dreams. She has since gone on to gain a contract as a Victoria’s Secret model such is her self-confidence and body confidence after the operation. Victoria’s secret underwear is one of the most prestigious underwear modelling jobs with a high class selection of sophisticated underwear as seen here. We always wish our patients every future success and are absolutely delighted that she secured an absolute dream job!



#Boob Goggles

At her breast surgery consultation, Taylor Ward also asked lots of intelligent questions about the possible risks and complications of breast augmentation surgery as well as looking at photographs of the fabulous results that can be achieved. Here at Reflect Clinic, we have state of the art Virtual Reality technology provided by Crisalix which allows breast aug (breast augmentation) surgery patients to see themselves in Virtual Reality wearing a range of clothes including bikinis and ballgowns to show how they look now and how they would look after their breast augmentation surgery to achieve their desired image. The software, developed by Crisalix, also shows images of your virtual reality breasts (complete with freckles etc!) where you can look at your own breasts from different angles including the left and right sides and even downwards as if looking down at your own cleavage to see the effect the breast implants would have on your cleavage area.



Taylor Ward’s Consultation

Taylor Ward can be seen here at her consultation literally gasping in amazement when seeing her virtual reality self – how it was and how it could be – and this is where the social media phenomenon of #boobgoggles was born on SnapChat, Twitter and Instagram!

She mentioned that she was not happy with the size and shape of her breasts as one was slightly different from the other.  The right size and placement of breast implants can go a long way in giving symmetry to patients who would like to achieve a symmetrical look.




Dawn Ward on Loose Women

Unfortunately, however, even though the Ward’s did their own thorough research on breast augmentation surgery and the best plastic surgeon in Cheshire, Dawn and Darby Ward were trolled by people who criticised the fact that Darby was young to have a boob job.  Darby looks young for her age but she was in fact 21 at the time. Patients are classed as adults when over 18 which is the recommended minimum age as girls’ breasts are still changing and growing up until that point. She had the full support of Dawn Ward and it is well documented that Dawn had a pretty hard time on Loose Women defending their position with Darby Ward in the audience looking on in full support of her Mum.



Rachel Lugo’s Mummy Makeover

More recently on The Real Housewives of Cheshire (RHOC) Rachel Lugo brought up the issue of her concern about the changes in her breast implants and her tummy area sometimes known as a “mummy tummy”.

Mr Lambe specialises in breast surgery and Tummy Tucks which when combined (either with or without Liposuction) are known as a Mummy Makeover, so called because women often notice the difference in the shape and size of their body after pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding which sometimes has dramatic results on their bodies.  They sometimes long to return to their pre-pregnancy shape.

Our patients often complain about a loss of volume in the upper part of their breasts (which can be corrected with the right type of breast implants) which makes their breasts look less full either in our out of their bras and reduces their cleavage.

Women also complain of the dramatic difference that pregnancy has on their tummy area.  Some women are lucky and especially when young or when they have had a great fitness regime, the tummy seems to bounce back quicker and easier to their pre-pregnancy shape.  However, for a lot of women, especially those who have had multiple births and multiple pregnancies, the skin and muscles behind are less likely to bounce back to the shape they once were and there may also be an excess of weight which is difficult to shift after a pregnancy. Rachel Lugo came out on The Real Housewives of Cheshire about her feeling down and lacking in confidence because she didn’t like the way her breasts and tummy looked.

This is a concern that many of our patients have and it is no wonder that Rachel has the same problem after growing five babies! It really is a concern we hear time and time again from Mums. Another complication Rachel mentioned on The Real Housewives of Cheshire was that she had discomfort in one of her breasts and it looked totally different from the other one. After having had a breast implants consultation she was told that this was due to a phenomenon called Capsular Contracture where scar tissue sometimes wraps itself around the breast implants and hardens and tightens and lifts the breast in a sometimes different direction. This issue (which is usually down to the type of breast implant, we recommend textured ones to try to prevent this). The result is that one or more of the breasts have a “tight” appearance and also they feel hard to the touch. She has since gone on to have a Mummy Makeover on the show and we look forward to seeing and hearing about her results!

More Information on the Real Housewives of Cheshire

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