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Summer Bikini Body

Pre Holiday Procedures

It’s that time of year when we are all looking forward to our Summer break. Even with the recent heat wave many are already booked to travel to beaches abroad and this is why we often see an increase in enquiries at this time of year, for those wanting to get that perfect beach body.

The following is a guide to some procedures that can be fitted in in time for an August holiday:-

Non Surgical – Botox and Fillers

Non-surgical treatments are the easy option to get that refreshed look:-


In just one hour you can have Botox to up to 3 areas in your forehead to reduce your frown or worry lines and achieve that relaxed and “no worries” look in plenty of time for an August break (or even before as it takes around 10 days for Botox to take full effect).  Botox can also help to lift your eyes and brows if you are looking a little tired. When you return from holiday you will look healthy, tanned, refreshed and relaxed – just what a good holiday should achieve!


If you want to get yourself ready for a host of glorious suntanned selfies, then perhaps some lip filler would do the trick? The results are also instant, so this is great for a last, last minute boost! Just 0.5 ml of filler can provide that perfect pout.


If you have any moles or skin tags that are getting in the way of that smooth application of sun cream then now is a good time to have them assessed and removed, removal usually takes only 20 minutes under local anaesthetic and we use dissolving stitches, so there’s no painful stitch removal.

Health Check – It’s important to be aware of any recent changes in your moles and if you are in any doubt you can book in for a skin check.


If after careful dieting and working out in the gym, you still have stubborn bulges, then Liposuction as a day case can address this for you. If it is a small area then it may be possible to perform this under local anaesthetic which can aid recovery and minimise downtime. Areas that respond well to Liposuction are the outer and inner thighs, lower tummy and upper arms. Liposuction will show an immediate effect and has minimal complications.

Breast Augmentations and Breast Implants

Other procedures which have a quick recovery include Breast Augmentations and we now have the latest 3D Virtual Reality equipment from Crisalix that lets you see how you will look in Virtual Reality, then click on the bikini image on the right of our Home Page.

Using this it is possible to simulate how you will look with both round and shaped implants and the effect of placing them either under or over your muscle. These Images can be shared with you so that you can discuss them with your friends and family and make an informed decision.

Mini Tummy Tuck

If you have a small bulge of tummy below the tummy button (umbilicus) then either liposuction or a Mini Tummy Tuck may be able to address this for you. This uses a small scar situated carefully so that it can be hidden in your swimwear and allows removal of excess skin and fat, but without moving the umbilicus. This is much less extensive than a Full Tummy Tuck and therefore the recovery time and risks are reduced.

Breast Reduction

However if you find you  are top heavy and struggling to get a bikini to fit you it may be that a Breast Reduction is the right option for you. This will take a longer recovery time and a longer holiday may be in order to ensure you recover well and are fully rested.

Please check our Treatments Page in full to find our more about the procedure we offer and the one(s) that applies to you.

All the above procedures can be performed at Spire Cheshire and Spire Manchester hospitals.

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