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Tatler Address Book for Manchester Cosmetic Surgery

We hope you are surviving and thriving in this challenging Corona Crisis!

We notice, by the huge number of enquiries we have had in the past few weeks, that a lot of you are reassessing your lives, looking at yourselves and taking action on what you would like to change – all in a bid to make the most of your life when we are fully back in society and hopefully some sort of new normality!

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Manchester Plastic Surgeon

I don’t know about you but we have been really busy, working hard behind the scenes on how we can adapt our clinic so that we can continue helping our patients, bearing in mind we can’t see you for personal one to one consultations, which we really love to do to get to know you and how we can help you to be your best self!

As you know we carry out our consultations and cosmetic surgery at state of the art Spire Manchester Hospital at the moment, but by the power of the internet we have been busy holding virtual reality cosmetic surgery consultations to patients from Manchester, Chester, Edinburgh, Leeds, Northern Ireland, Dorset, Bury, Bolton, Stockport, Warrington, Essex, Derbyshire, Lancashire, Penrith, Surrey, the US and Dubai.  Many patients have now benefitted from a remote consultation around the country and abroad with their Manchester cosmetic surgeon.

Good News for Cosmetic Surgery

Besides the huge amount of demotivation that has come about due to changing goal posts of when we can see our friends and family, go to work and go out again, other than for essentials and pottering in the garden, here at Reflect we have managed to gain some positive messages out there and in share our FREE remote consultations until the end of June 2020 as well as using our VIRTUAL REALITY software so that we can show you in virtual reality what your breasts (and now face and eyes) could look like after surgery.

During these challenging times we have done our best to ensure that your top Manchester cosmetic surgeon has come to you in your own homes (be it remotely!).  We do realise that this is important to keep in touch with our patients but at the same time it does not replace the full face to face experience of meeting with Mr Lambe to talk about your Manchester cosmetic surgery and build your relationship with your very own Manchester cosmetic surgeon.

June Re-cap

Here’s a recap of what we have been up to in June!

  1. Demonstrating Virtual Reality Cosmetic Surgery software on Loose Women
  2. Talking about the Zoom Boom on people’s appearance leading to a rise in cosmetic surgery enquiries in The Telegraph newspaper
  3. After many years of hard work, building up a solid reputation, we now appear in Tatler’s address book for facelifts, eyelifts, breast surgery and full body surgery.

Manchester Cosmetic Surgeon on Loose Women

As you may have seen, we used our virtual reality software to tweak the 4 panelists on the show, including Andrew McClean, Jane Moore, Brenda Edwards and Coleen Nolan and so that Gerard could provide a summary of potential cosmetic surgery improvements using their 3 photos of what could potentially be achieved with cosmetic surgery.

Mr Lambe’s commentary on Andrea follows

Andrea has a youthful face and is a lovely facial canvas to work on. Again, I can see she has looked after her skin but has the very normal laughter lines any woman has in her 40s. For her simulated surgery I’ve concentrated around her eyes where there is some loss of volume and brightness which can be corrected by careful use of filler in the lower eyes just to show the difference it can make, I have done her a Virtual Reality upper eyelid blepharoplasty – an eye lift – which removes the excess skin from the eyelid. It is very simple procedure that in real life can be done under local anaesthetic and the results are so rejuvenating for women and men – among celebrities and people in the public eye, including TV stars, sports stars and even male politicians, this is the most requested procedure for those who don’t need a full face lift but just a really fresh and natural look with little surgery.

The full Telegraph article is only available to subscribers, but here are some quotes

in lockdown, many have faced the tyranny of Zoom calls… another problem that has come to the fore- those who are forced to stare at their own faces all day have become insecure about their looks

Plastic surgeons have seen their waiting lists fill up during lockdown – especially as people realise they can quietly recover from a procedure at home as working remotely becomes the norm.

Gerard Lambe, spokesperson for industry body British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) explained; “The Zoom factor” with people using cameras more than ever and their visual appearance being scrutinised on apps, has certainly boosted enquiries for cosmetic tweaks and procedures.  Many people are also aware they are likely to be working from home long-term and want to now start planning their dream procedure”

We have certainly noticed this to be true!

The Tatler Address Book

As you know Mr Lambe specialises in women’s cosmetic surgery, we are experts in the following, so look out for us here!

  • Facelifts
  • Eyelifts
  • Body
  • Breasts

Tatler have been very kind in publishing the following about Mr Lambe.  Here’s our write up as it appears in Tatler.

The Reflect Clinic is one of the UK’s most prestigious cosmetic surgery clinicslocated in Manchester/Cheshire and London 

Established by Gerard Lambe MB ChB MRCS MD FRCS (Plast), who is also a spokesperson for industry body BAAPS.  

Mr Lambe is considered a highly influential and gifted surgeon known world-wide for his reconstructive skills. He is regularly featured in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, The Times, TelegraphITV This Morningthe BBC and others. 

Reflect attracts discerning clients keen to experience the latest in breast enhancements, as well as the clinic’s famous ‘Mummy Makeover’ – which includes Reflects signature breast, tummy tuck with liposuction and optional eye-lift. 

Cosmetic Surgeon’s Social media 

If you would like to see more before and after photographs for our cosmetic surgery procedures in Manchester, please like or follow our channels at

Hospital Reopening Date

As you know, we are due to operate at Spire Manchester Hospital sometime soon!

If you are on the waiting list for surgery, then Jayne will be in contact with you to book you in for a definitive operating date and time.

If you are thinking about cosmetic surgery, and are following us on the channels above, then we will let you know on social media of when this date will be.

We sincerely hope to see you soon!





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