The A to Z of Cosmetic Surgery in Manchester

A to Z of Cosmetic Surgery in Manchester


ASK – Never be afraid to ask your Surgeon questions. When researching cosmetic surgery in Manchester and other places know exactly what you are getting into before embarking on surgery and make sure that you meet the Surgeon (at least once) who will be operating on you, Ask to see their post operative results ie Before and After pictures.


has to be for BREASTS – Breast Surgery is a frequent request at Reflect Clinic, here in Manchester, a Breast Augmentation, a Breast Reduction as well as a Breast Uplift (mastopexy) are all procedures that we specialise in. We offer 3D Virtual Reality consultations to reduce the guesswork and put you at ease with your choice of breast implants. See more details under V.


Choices – Remember YOU are in charge! You can pick YOUR Surgeon and for a Breast Augmentation, you pick the size and shape of our Breast Implants. Don’t be shy and always ask all the questions you want to. Write them down beforehand if you are nervous so that you remember to ask or need assurance for any concerns you may have. If unsure about your Surgeon or if surgery is right for you then simply walk away


Drains – I rarely need to use drains and see no increase in complications either way. Drains can be painful and delay your discharge from hospital, but on occasion, when revising some Breast Augmentations especially if due to Capsular Contraction around the Breast Implants, it is necessary to use drains. This will be fully discussed at your Consultation.


Exercise – It is important to mobilise (keep moving!) after any surgery to reduce any complications but please listen to your Surgeon about when it is safe to start exercising and the limits you should put on yourself to avoid any problems.


Family & FriendsAfter surgery especially if you have more than one procedure, you will need support from family and friends.  It helps to plan this in advance to enable you to have a stress free recovery in both practical, mental and emotional terms.


Gender – Men too have cosmetic surgery and this is becoming more popular every day.  At this time, more women are booking in for cosmetic surgery such as breast augmentation but we also have men who book in to have their man boobs (or moobs) reduced. Whatever your gender, you can book in and discuss anything you would like to have done in a no pressure, relaxed way.


Hospital – Choose the hospital you prefer for your operation taking into account their CQC rating and reviews. I operate at Spire Cheshire and Spire Manchester hospitals. The care and standards are very high at both premises but please do your own research for your own peace of mind.  Feel free to bring a friend or relative along if it makes you feel more at ease. On the day don’t forget change for the car park or for your taxi fare if necessary, along with your bag for an overnight stay with your overnight essentials!


InformationAs well as outlining the possible risk of surgery and answering any questions or concerns you may have, always make sure your Surgeon gives you some printed information whatever the operation may be ie a Breast Augmentation, Facelift, Blepharoplasty or Mummy Makeover and you should sign an Informed Consent form which outlines all the risks discussed. You an read the printed information and share it with your friends and family if they are supporting you before, during or after your cosmetic surgery.


Journey of recovery – It is important to recognise that with all surgery you are on a journey of recovery and it will take time to get better. You must allow sufficient time away from social engagements so that you are not under time pressure to recover and are stress free.


Keep dressings on – in order to reduce potential wound problems. If you are concerned about anything, please call Jayne, my PA, or the hospital hotline.


Mr Gerard Lambe – has been interested in medicine since he was a small boy and fell through a glass window.  The moment he met his doctor he knew that he wanted to be one! From then on he studied hard and went on to study medicine at the world renowned Liverpool Medical School. H has trained around the North West and has trained internationally to learn the best and most up to date surgical methods for his patients.  He has a wife and two daughters and brings this empathy to his consultations.
He is dedicated to giving you the body you desire and to ensure your surgical journey is smooth and stress free.  He is delighted to have worked on celebrities from the world of TV and film and gives each and every patient the highest level of care from Consultation, to Operation to Post Op After Care. If you are delighted, he is delighted!


Move! – Although you need to rest to recover properly, we promote enhanced recovery as this has the lowest rate of complications. Never just lie in bed for a prolonged period as this increases your risk of post operative complications like chest infections and blood clots. I recommend that you get up and walk for 5-10 mins every 2 hours as a minimum.


NO Smoking – Please, please be honest about smoking as it massively increases potential wound healing problems and can lead to very serious complications.  This risk needs to be factored in to your surgical risk.


Old age – You are never too old for surgery but you may not be fit enough to have surgery. Your fitness level and safety under anaesthesia are a priority.


Positive mind set – This will help in your recovery journey (and life in general)! After seeing many thousands of people go through their surgery, I know that keeping a positive mindset helps greatly in the recovery process. You recover quicker and your results are better.


Questions – If you have any questions or concerns pre or post op, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Whatever you do, there’s no need to sit at home worrying!


Real self – You can view many images of pre and post op patients on this forum and if it helps you, bring images that show results you’d like to have so that Mr Lambe can discuss how much of this is achievable.


Sex! – Please be careful and listen to the advice of Mr Lambe as being too active during your recovery may delay healing after your surgery and affect your final result.


Time – for recovery is needed. Ask Mr Lambe the likely recovery time frame for your particular procedure. A Breast Augmentation usually has a quick recovery but a Breast Reduction will take longer and a Facelift or complete Mummy Makeover may take longer again.


Understanding – You must understand all you are told by your Surgeon. Do not let anyone make you feel that you have to go ahead with surgery. It is YOUR decision alone but be armed with the facts, weigh up the pros and cons of a procedure and trust your own intuition before choosing a Surgeon for your cosmetic surgery.


Virtual Reality – Our patients have really benefitted from our Virtual Reality Visors which enable patients to be scanned and then have the options of “seeing” different sized implants on their own body frame.  It takes out the guess work of deciding what size implants and what shape implants would look good on you and you can see “yourself” clearly in a “mirror” in bikinis and dresses to ensure you achieve the look you are after. You can also take these images home to discuss with your family and friends before deciding. It truly is amazing!


Work – Depending on your job and the extent of your surgery, you may need to take some time off work. Please discuss this in full with Mr Lambe as it depends on how active or physical your role is.


Extreme Makeovers – Do not be misled by reality shows which rarely show realistic recovery journeys and outcomes as these are heavily edited for the show’s time slot of 26 or 54 minutes in between ads.  Scare shows are also to be avoided as these hype up any problems and are not realistic for the usual patient.


Youth – Will I look young again? Unfortunately we cannot completely reset the clock of time, but we can make you look your very best!
Using the new Virtual Reality software for Facelifts, I can simulate your result from any surgery. This is the best way for you to gain a realistic preview of your likely post op result!


ZZZZZZ – Sleep! Everyone needs a little more sleep after surgery. Make time for your recovery, get some goodies in such as comfort and health promoting foods.  Have some books or magazines you have always wanted to read but never had the time. Make sure you are cosy in bed and focus on your recovery.