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Top 3 Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

As we are winding down for the Christmas holidays, it has been great to review 2019 in all it’s glory.  We have had so many happy patients that it really is a pleasure to provide a service that is so key to boosting women’s self-confidence which they so deserve!

And we are very pleased to report that this year has been our busiest ever!

We have a top 3 of our most popular cosmetic surgery operations for 2019:-

  1. Breast enlargement surgery with breast implants
  2. Upper eyelift
  3. Labiaplasty

1 Breast Enlargement Surgery

Mr Lambe has done many, many breast enlargements over the years and has a vast amount of patient testimonials from both the Christie Hospital and his private clinic here at Reflect.

Here’s just a selection of recent testimonials

I found writing a review for someone who has carried out major surgery for me extremely daunting, not at all like writing a restaurant/hotel review, and not something to be undertaken lightly! However, I felt I really wanted to record my sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Mr Lambe and his wonderful team as I am not sure they always get the recognition they deserve. When I first met Mr Lambe to discuss potential reconstruction surgery following my mastectomy I was still a bit shell shocked with the cancer diagnosis and my confidence and self esteem were very low. I was nervous about the operation, and wasn’t sure what I should do, and consider myself extremely lucky that it was Mr Lambe that I was referred to. I can honestly say I had never met such a caring and empathetic doctor. Throughout the whole process he has treated me professionally, but with such care, compassion and understanding and importantly he listened to me too. He treated me as a whole person and not a symptom or just ‘another case’. Mr Lambe and his wonderful team gave me the trust and confidence to go ahead with my reconstruction, and were absolutely superb throughout the whole process. The operation was very successful and has given me my confidence back, not just physically, but mentally too, and it has made a huge difference to my life. I should also add that the care was extended to my husband and family too, and we were never rushed and he always seemed to have time to listen to everybody and support them too.

And here’s another

I cannot recommend Gerard Lambe highly enough. I had my treatment at the Spire Hospital in Didsbury and I can honestly say that the treatment and care I received both from Mr Lambe and all of the staff at the hospital was second to none. Nothing was too much trouble for him and he was so pleasant and professional and made every effort above what I would have expected to ensure I felt that he cared very much about my well being as well as the outcome of the surgery. Many thanks. So much appreciated.

The Cost of Breast Enlargement Surgery

A lot of women ask about having a “boob job” (breast augmentation) when we are out and about in Manchester.

As you can see, we now publish our prices so that our patients can see for themselves what the cost of their cosmetic surgery is likely to be.  If you’d like to see, then click here for a full list including breast enlargement surgery.

Breast Implants in Manchester Spire

When you come to see Mr Lambe, you will have a range of options available to you.  Medical techology is developing at a fast pace and we use a range of breast implants which have been proven to be safe.

Mr Lambe likes to keep up to date so that his patients have the very best care and support possible which is why he recently went to London to find out all about Motiva in Marylebone, London, who are a European breast implant manufacturer who offer a range of sizes and shapes to suit all individuals.

He has also been to Bucharest to visit Polytech (another breast implant manufacturer, based in Germany) to keep up to date with breast surgery training and the latest innovative techniques. Read about it here.

B-Lite Breast Implants

We have recently started using B-Lite Breast Implants because they are so much lighter than ordinary breast implants and so there is much less weight over time in your breasts which means that they are a lot less likely to droop over the passage of time.  They have been rigorously tested and here’s a diagram to explain more.

2 Upper Eyelift Surgery

The Cost of Eyelift Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

We now publish our prices so that our patients can see for themselves what the cost of their cosmetic surgery is likely to be.  If you’d like to see for yourself, then click here for a full list of our procedures.

However, due to the fantastic results that Mr Lambe has achieved for upper eyelifts, posted on social media recently, there have been a sharp rise in enquiries, he is definitely in demand!!

We have also been contacted by a fantastic actress whose eyelift surgery is now complete, we cannot say who, but we are delighted that a series she was in a while ago is due to be on our screens again before long!  We absolutely cannot wait!!

Here’s some recent results we can talk about, the top set are Dawn Ward from The Real Housewives of Cheshire fame, where you may have seen Mr Lambe from back in the day where he did breast enlargement surgery on Darby Ward, Dawn Ward’s daughter, a couple of years ago and it was filmed and aired on the show.

Since then he has been kept in mind for other cosmetic surgery operations such as the most recent below.

dawn ward eyelift

It’s safe to say that Dawn Ward was very happy with the results with some fans saying she “looks 20 years younger” and we can’t disagree with that!

Dawn herself said ” I’m thrilled with the results – it’s a really brilliant procedure” and “I had to go to someone I trusted and consultant Mr Lambe is very skilled and experienced” and finally “it has massively boosted my confidence and I am really pleased with the results”.

The two ladies below are also delighted with their results and we often hear from our lovely patients who are happy to send us a few before and after photos to show how the results have changed their lives and made them feel so much happier in themselves.

The Cost of Upper Eyelift Surgery

The cost of upper eyelift (upper blepharoplasty) surgery is currently between £4100 and £5000 for both eyes at Reflect Clinic.


3 Labiaplasty

This cosmetic surgery procedure is obviously a very sensitive area to discuss and many, many patients have been suffering in silence for many years, some since their difficult teenage years.

We haven’t got any photos to show you as it is so intimate and personal but we have got some testimonials from patients

Fantastic, honest and truly lovely to have been treated by such a caring bunch of people. Since the age of 13 I had felt that something wasn’t right with my vaginal area. I had looked into labiaplasty for a number of years through the NHS and had always thought it would be too expensive to go private. I decided to book an appointment with Mr Lambe, by sending an enquiry form. A lovely lady named Jayne gave me a call and got me booked in. It’s always nerve racking but you were made to feel welcome, Jayne was in an office when I arrived and made herself known to you as well as making you feel comfortable and having a general chat! After the first consultation, I think we all know that’s when you are able to tell if you can trust the surgeon who will be doing the procedure. Mr Lambe makes you feel comfortable, explains everything to you and in detail if needed. Then it’s time to book in. I was really happy with the initial meeting I had had and just now wanted to get on with it. Jayne had seen that they had had a cancellation so I had been booked in for the end of the month. When arriving on the day all the staff were lovely. I was taken down to another area of the hospital. The staff were amazing and i couldn’t believe how quickly it felt the operation had gone. Even though awake for the whole procedure, I  couldn’t feel a thing and felt safe with Mr Lambe and the team In the theatre. Mr Lambe had gone out of his way to make sure that everything was ok. Even if you panic etc after when you are home and recovering the team Mr Lambe and Jayne had been there every step of the way. It took me years to do but i am glad that I had waited to find the right Surgeon and team. If anyone is looking to have a labiaplasty done, please look at this team as they give you over and above the care you would expect.

Best Plastic Surgeon in the North West

You have probably seen our recent instagram and facebook campaigns which feature some of the very kind words that our many patients report as testimonials of Mr Lambe’s work. He has been described as a “Boob God” and is highly acclaimed both by patients and professionals alike.  He could even be the best breast surgeon in the world!


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