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Ultimate Guide to Breast Uplift Surgery

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What is Breast Uplift Surgery?

Breast uplift surgery, also known as Mastopexy, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is designed to raise and reshape sagging breasts.

This procedure involves removing excess skin and tissue from the breasts and repositioning the remaining tissue and nipples to create a more youthful and lifted appearance.

In some cases, breast implants may also be used to enhance the size and shape of the breasts.

Why would I get Breast Uplift Surgery?

There are several reasons why someone might consider getting surgery:

  • Sagging breasts: Breast uplift surgery can help to restore the shape and position of breasts that have sagged due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight loss or ageing.
  • Low self-confidence: Women who feel self-conscious about their breasts’ shape or appearance may choose surgery to improve their body image and self-confidence.
  • Discomfort: Sagging breasts can cause physical discomfort or pain, particularly during exercise or other physical activities. Surgery can alleviate this discomfort by lifting and reshaping the breasts.
  • Asymmetry: Breasts that are uneven or asymmetrical in shape or size can also be corrected through breast uplift surgery.

How is Breast UpLift Surgery performed?

  1. Anaesthesia: The patient will receive general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia with sedation before surgery to ensure they are comfortable throughout the procedure.
  2. Incisions: The surgeon will make incisions around the areola and may also make additional incisions in the breast crease or horizontally along the breast. The location and length of the incisions will depend on the degree of sagging and the specific technique used.
  3. Reshaping the breast tissue: The surgeon will remove excess breast tissue and skin and reposition the remaining tissue to create a more lifted appearance. In some cases, breast implants may also be placed to improve volume and shape.
  4. Repositioning the nipples: The surgeon will reposition the nipples and areola to a higher position on the breast and reshape the areola if necessary.
  5. Closing the incisions: The surgeon will close them with sutures or surgical adhesive and place a surgical bra over the breasts to support and protect them during healing.

What are the risks of breast surgery?

As with any surgical procedure, breast surgery carries certain risks, which may include:

  • Scarring: Breast uplift surgery will leave scars, which may be visible and permanent, particularly around the areola and along the underside of the breast.
  • Changes in sensation: Breast surgery can cause changes in nipple sensitivity or loss of sensation in the breast.
  • Infection: Any surgical procedure carries a risk of infection, including breast uplift surgery.

What are the results of Breast Uplift Surgery?

Patients feel rejuvenated and more youthful after surgery and often go out and buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes and underwear.

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