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Your Aftercare

Jayne Clinic Manager

Patient Aftercare with Reflect Clinic

At Reflect Clinic we care about our patients before, during and after their cosmetic surgery.

You will see our top team of Jayne Bailey, Clinic Manager and Gerard Lambe, Cosmetic Surgeon on your cosmetic surgery journey in Manchester, Chester or Cheshire.

Jayne has over 10 years’ experience and will communicate with you regularly and ensure you feel relaxed, able to ask any questions and will put you at ease.

In fact, our patients feel so well looked after because they see the same faces when they come in and have a chance to ask any questions they may have at each point in their journey.

We only operate in the best hospitals and we are surrounded by excellent nursing care teams who have your best interests at heart.

At Reflect Clinic we even offer a 12 month aftercare appointment!

If you are in any doubt about the service you will receive, just read our excellent Patient Testimonials and see for yourself!

We look forward to seeing The Most Beautiful YOU.



What is included in your first consultation?

When you are booked in to see Mr Lambe you have the dedicated time of the top cosmetic surgeon in the North West so that you can ask any questions that are specific to YOU and to gain his experienced advice on how he can help you achieve your best self, as well as giving you an honest opinion and realistic expectation of what can be achieved.

Your first consultation will last around 30 minutes and your second consultation should last around 20 minutes.

First breast enlargement surgery consultations last slightly longer (around 45 minutes) as we use up to the minute virtual reality software which helps you decide which type and size of breast implant suits you. This helps our patients feel at ease as they can see beforehand in virtual reality what they can expect from their breast augmentation here in our Spire Manchester hospital or Wilmslow Hospital in Cheshire.

Please arrive early so that you do not feel rushed or flustered and can relax, knowing that the consultation time is dedicated to you as well as bringing any notes, questions or pictures you might have so these can be fully discussed and answered.

gerard lambe consultation
Your Journey
  1. Personal point of contact from your first call from Jayne.

    Please be assured that Jayne is on hand at any point during this process to answer any questions or to settle any fears you may have.  You can contact her direct on 07434 572794

  2. First consultation and examination with Mr Lambe one to one
  3. Pre-surgery consultation with Mr Lambe either in person or virtual
  4. Pre-surgery tests and fitness for surgery (by the nursing team)
  5. Cosmetic surgery procedure with Mr Lambe, tailored to your body to achieve your expectations
  6. 1st post-op wound check at 7, 10 or 14 days post operatively with Mr Lambe and the nursing team (depending on which surgery)
  7. Post op review 6 weeks post op with Mr Lambe
  8. Post op review 3 months post op with Mr Lambe
  9. Post op review 6 months post op with Mr Lambe
  10. Final 12 month review and discharge with Mr Lambe


leah breast reconstruction

Patient Testimonial – Leah

Recently we performed breast augmentation surgery on a lady who had previously had a bad experience with another cosmetic surgeon. As you can imagine, she was very nervous about coming forward for more surgery but we listened to her concerns and were able to reassure her that we could improve her breasts with new implants and a breast reconstruction.

“The aftercare was brilliant. I had phone calls every day and they were genuinely concerned. It was personal to me – they didn’t just give me a leaflet and send me away. It was so good for my mental wellbeing” she said

“My advice for anyone in this position would be to go for it. Whether it’s reconstructive or to boost confidence, I’m all for cosmetic surgery if it’s going to make you feel better physically or emotionally.”

You can see more about Leah’s breast surgery journey here and on our press page



How Much is a Consultation with Mr Lambe?

Consultations with Mr Lambe are currently £250 (July 2021). You will have at least 2 pre-surgery consultation included and both are with Mr Lambe.

Your Consultation

Jayne will work with you to plan your consultation which will take place in one of a select group of hospitals. On the day you will sit with Mr Lambe, in private, to discuss your needs and get the best cosmetic surgery advice for you.

Book your Consultation with Mr Lambe

The Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Manchester, Cheshire and the North West!

If you would like to discuss improvements to your face or body and find out what can be achieved with cosmetic surgery, then come and discuss your options with Mr Lambe in a gentle and understanding environment at a convenient date and time for YOU.

You can contact Jayne direct via mobile on 07434572794 (office hours) or she will contact you if you complete our contact form below

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