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We all have parts of our body that we don’t like but if you feel your confidence and happiness is being affected by what you see in the mirror, or what other people have said now or in the past, take control of your life and take the first step to renewing your confidence.

You can book a consultation with our surgeon’s at one of our clinics, see the Clinic map here and start your journey towards your  Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Manchester and discuss your options today!

If you have been thinking of improving your face or body with cosmetic surgery, then please do some thorough research online before you go ahead and find out what results you can realistically expect from your cosmetic surgery procedure. It really helps to speak to family and friends to ask for their opinions & support. You should bring a picture of the results you are hoping to achieve from your cosmetic surgery at Manchester Spire hospital and others.

Surgery can help improve both your body-confidence and self-confidence, so you can get the most out of life, because after all, we are only here once! If you’d like to hear about the journey our patients have taken, then please click on play on our selection of videos so you can see and hear for yourself patients’ real-life stories and how they have benefitted from surgery – it makes us proud to see how happy they are and makes our job so rewarding!

Mr Gerard Lambe

Mr Lambe sees many cosmetic surgery patients, in all shapes and sizes and if you decide you’d like to take the next step, he will be delighted to talk with you and answer any particular questions you may have at your consultation.

He is a breast surgery specialist, performing breast augmentations (sometimes known as a breast aug, a breast enlargement or a boob job) with breast implants, as well as breast reductions and breast uplifts, on a regular basis. He also performs many mummy makeovers which is a combination of breast surgery, a tummy tuck and/or liposuction.

Which procedure is best for you?

If you are considering Cosmetic Surgery then please read carefully through each specific surgery on our Procedures tab at the top of the page where you will be able to see more detailed information about the surgery you would like so you too can Reflect The Most Beautiful You…

Your consultation

Once you have decided to proceed with cosmetic surgery, we will be happy to make you an appointment for a consultation, where you can discuss any personal issues, questions and concerns you may have, in a realistic, honest and open way.

Your Consultation will last about 40 minutes. Mr Lambe will be happy to give you a total cost for any surgery you require once he has seen you in person. You will be asked to share your past medical history as well as details of any medication that you are currently taking.

Please allow yourself plenty of time beforehand for travel and parking, so that you can be relaxed and make the most of your Consultation

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