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Appearance on The Real Housewives of Cheshire

After The Consultation

Well at last, our best kept secret is out and filming a consultation for The Real Housewives of Cheshire in Didsbury has been aired!
Cheshire businesswoman and celebrities, Dawn Ward, Darby Ward and Taylor Ward came to visit me at my clinic in the brand new, state of the art Spire Manchester Hospital to have a Consultation about possible Breast Surgery on Darby Ward and Taylor Ward. Mum Dawn came along to offer moral support to her girls who are 21 and 19 years old respectively.

Do Your Research

Beforehand Dawn did, as I always recommend for potential patients who are considering breast surgery or indeed any plastic surgery, and that is to to thoroughly research the (breast surgery) operation they are thinking about, research the hospital involved and thoroughly research the Surgeon before making an appointment (checking to see that they are BAAPS Registered – This is short for The British Association of Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeons which list  all good Surgeons who have been thoroughly and rigorously trained and are members).

Discuss with Friends and Family

The daughters, who broached the subject of breast surgery with the whole family and had previously discussed it with their Mum individually, then discussed it between themselves before announcing it around the family dinner table which the whole family then famously voted on whether Darby should have her “boob job” whilst on The Real Housewives of Cheshire.
Dawn said “We are doing a vote about a boob job, I mean, literally, this could only happen at Warford Hall”
Darby said “We were talking about body confidence and I was thinking of having a boob job… it’s just to feel a bit more feminine, as mine are a bit er, small”
Taylor continued “If you are not confident about a part of your body, then if you are able to change it, and you are fortunate to be able to, and you go to a good Surgeon, then if you deal with the situation properly, then you shouldn’t feel unhappy about something you don’t have to be, basically”

Consult the Experts

Dawn responds “Well let’s talk to the experts first” which is where we came in as Mr Lambe is generally considered on of The Best Cosmetic Surgeons in Manchester and, of course, Cheshire!
The family are then shown having a consultation with Mr Lambe who asks them what are their concerns, if they have any questions and why they think they would like breast surgery.

Breast Implants

Mr Lambe shows the girls what an implant looks like so that they can feel the weight and texture for themselves.  “Can I feel it?” asked Taylor.  “Looks like a stress ball” exclaimed Darby. Taylor agreed saying, “you don’t picture them to be like that”
“I don’t go around feeling women’s boobs, but yours feel quite natural” said Darby after the girls even check their Mother to see how her breasts feel with her implants which was a bit of a shock to Dawn.  “They don’t feel hard, they still feel quite natural” they agree. The image above is of of a round implant similar to that shown on the show.
Please note that our implants are subject to the strictest guidelines of testing for patient health and safety. Due to the high media profile of PIPS which caused a scandal in the UK and the US, this is one question that our patients ask us from time to time. This brand of implant used industrial level silicone in their implants which were since proven to show leakage and a range of health problems for women as they leaked into their blood stream.  The owner acted immorally and illegally and has since been jailed for fraud. Read more about it here.
We have never used PIP implants at Reflect Clinic but we do replace a lot of implants on a regular basis which is generally a very straightforward operation so if you have this concern, then please feel free to ring us for a chat.

3D Virtual Reality Goggles aka “Boob Goggles”

Patient happiness is our number one goal and we use 3D Virtual Reality Goggles to demonstrate clearly how a patient’s breasts could look with a range of implants of different sizes and shapes so that you the patient can decide which size and shape and also clearly see the “look” that this would achieve.  The software provides state of the art, real time changes and can switch between a range of bikinis and evening wear so that you can see what you would look like after surgery.
As shown on The Real Housewives of Cheshire, the footage then shows the ladies trying out our 3D Virtual Reality Pre-Breast Surgery Googles for the first time and they are clearly astonished by what they see!
Gerard said “This is the fun bit, where we measure you and scan in your sizes to make a 3D model of you, you can then try on different sizes and using these goggles you can actually see yourself in virtual reality and when you look down you can see yourself with different sized implants”

Patients are Astonished

“Wow!!” replied the girls in excitement, both grinning!
“That sounds amazing, yeah, I definitely want to do that!” exclaimed Taylor
Dawn says in astonishment “It just goes to show you how times have changed, cos you can see your new boobs through a pair of Goggles!!”

The girls cannot believe their eyes gasping and saying “Oh my God!!” and “it’s like a different world” and Gerard replies “It’s amazing isn’t it?” This is how our patients react on a regular basis so if you would like to try them for yourself then feel free to give us a call.
I think you will agree that the girls were definitely “wowwed” at their Consultation and when Dawn looked down at the Virtual Reality cleavage and  saw Darby’s breasts before any surgery she agreed “oh deary me, you do need them doing!”

Benefits of the 3D Software

Another benefit of the software is that you can also take the images home to discuss with family and friends and give yourself time to make the right decision for you.  You won’t be under any pressure to make a decision there and then as we want you to be delighted with your choice and happy that you have made the right decision for you. All our patients have been delighted by this new technology!
The girls were extremely happy with their Consultation with Dawn ending by saying “We went to see THE BEST SURGEON to get his professional advice” and that’s where Mr Lambe came into the frame.
This footage was shown on Series 6, Episode 3 and if you’d like to see more of the story then you’ll have to keep watching…!

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