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“Boob Job” in Manchester Reviews

We are literally “blown away” by the many reviews that are now pouring in after our recent increase in operations post covid-10 lockdown (hurrah!) at both The Spire Manchester hospital and The Wilmslow Hospital in Cheshire who have really accommodated us during these absolutely astounding times.  Here’s to us getting back to normality in 2021!
Here’s just a small sample of what has come in recently!

5 stars: Excellent

“The best surgeon ever!” Mr Gerard Lambe

I can totally recommend surgeon Gerard Lambe at Reflectclinic 100%. I would give him 100 stars not 5! I had my breast enlargement 5 weeks ago I feel great and they look fantastic! Before my surgery I had done a lot of research. I knew Mr Lambe was “The best top surgeon” and I loved all his photos of breast enlargements, they all looked so natural. After my first consultation I knew Mr Lambe was the surgeon I wanted to do my surgery, I was confident I would be in the best hands with him, he was so warm, friendly and funny too !

He was so patient with me as I didn’t know what size I wanted to be. He told me to do the rice in tights test which was a brilliant way to test different sizes. After my consultation I met Jayne Mr Lambe’s PA, ah!! She was so lovely to me ! I just love her! Jayne is like your best friend , she is there for you anytime if you want to ask her any questions. On my second consultation I was given the 3D goggles which are fantastic to show you what you can look like with different size boobs. Also I was e-mailed 3D images from crisalix of my body again seeing yourself with different size boobs ! So you are given an amazing opportunity to choose the right size for you, and Mr Lambe gives you great advice what size he thinks is right for you too.

On the day of my surgery I was taken to my room in the Spire Hospital by a lovely man, I was so surprised it was more like a hotel room than a hospital. Then later on I was visited by my anaesthetist, he came to introduce himself and to see if I had any questions I wanted to ask him. It was really nice to meet him before my surgery. Then Mr Lambe came to see how I was and that i was happy to go ahead. He just puts you ease with his lovely kind manner! I was not nervous at all, I felt so safe and confident with him . When I woke up from my surgery I had no pain at all ! I just felt as if I had the best nights sleep ever!

I was taken back to my room and looked after by such caring and friendly nurses, they made sure I was comfortable all night. I had a fantastic night in the Spire Hospital. The next morning Mr Lambe came to see me making sure I was ok after my surgery. He is such a caring and fantastic surgeon.

I couldn’t be happier with my whole experience, it was truly amazing! And I wouldn’t have trusted anyone else with my surgery. The aftercare you get is fantastic too! So thank you so much ! From the bottom of my heart to Mr Lambe, Jayne and everyone at Reflect Clinic for making my dream come true! Xxx

Breast enlargement patient

5 stars: Excellent

I recently had breast surgery with Ged…

I recently had breast surgery with Ged Lambe, My only regret is not having it done sooner! After a long time of toying with the idea and being unhappy with my appearance I finally plucked up the courage to go for a consultation and I am so happy that I did. I felt so comfortable in the consultation and he knew exactly what I wanted and how it would be achieved.

I am now 9 weeks post op and I have never been happier.

Thank you so much to Jayne and Ged you really have changed my life!

Jade xx – breast enlargement

5 stars: Excellent

Breast enhancement at 21

As a 21 year old who had very small breasts, I lacked confidence in myself and would constantly find myself distraught when out clothes shopping as nothing ever fitted my top half, I hated trying tops, bikinis and bras on as I just ended up in tears through frustration and never feeling happy with myself. I first met Mr Lambe at an event held at the Spire for those interested in having cosmetic surgery. It was clear from this event that Mr Lambe was the surgeon for me, extremely approachable and knowledgeable. I tried the ‘boob goggles’ which were brilliant too.

After the event, I booked my consultation and even the lovely young man who booked my appointment sounded genuinely happy and excited for me to start my journey. Mr Lambe examined me and made sure to ask what I wanted from the procedure, he gave me multiple options for breast implants and helped me make an informed decision. I attended with my mother and he made sure to put her mind at rest also.

The day of the operation is something I will never forget, I was introduced to my nursing staff and anaesthetist, I met all of the surgical team beforehand and they are honestly a credit to the Spire. I felt like I had known the team forever. Rebecca, Tandy and Kim are staff that stood out especially in my aftercare making sure I was comfortable and I had a lovely laugh with them. Jayne was also brilliant and made sure to answer my many emails quickly. My consultation post op was fantastic also, again lovely staff and I am pleased to say that I have almost no scar, it’s incredible how natural I now look, the size and shape is perfectly complementary to my figure and I don’t notice any scarring.

So to all at the Spire; admin, receptionists, nurses, anaesthetists, surgeons and students thank you for making me confident and putting that smile back on my face. I haven’t stopped smiling since my op and I don’t plan on stopping. You have all changed my life and I will be forever grateful to you all. X

Hannah – breast enlargement
5 stars: Excellent

Amazing breast augmentation!

Having had a severe eating disorder in my teens, my growth was stunted. Whilst I am proud to say I now have a healthy relationship with my body, I have always felt as though I have been left feeling like a child. For years I contemplated breast augmentation, though was terrified of just the thought of general anaesthetic, and hadn’t been very supported. Having turned 25 I realised I only had a few years of my 20s left and wanted to feel confident and carefree.
I was very conscious that I wanted natural breasts in proportion to my frame. I had been to other consultations where in spite of my vision, the surgeons were recommending implants that would have left me looking like Dolly Parton, but not Mr Lambe.
From the first consultation Mr Lambe’s first instinct was to show me implants sizes that turned out to be almost half the size I had previously been shown. I tried on his 3D goggles, and they were exactly how I’d pictured them in my mind!
I went to my consultations with an enormous amount of questions, which Mr Lambe answered patiently, and he could not have been more warm and approachable. He had compassion, and showed enormous empathy. For the first time during this process, I felt at ease, and in safe hands. I knew I had found my surgeon.
It is important to mention at this point the Jayne, Mr Lambe’s PA, has been the most friendly, warm and bubbly person you could ever wish to meet. Jayne is extremely personable, relatable, and is the most supportive person you could ever have by your side when making such an important decision. From the moment you meet Jayne it is as if you have known her forever, and you feel safe to be vulnerable with her.
By the time it came to having my surgery, I had gone from terrified to excited. I knew I trusted Mr Lambe, his anaesthetist Patch, and their whole team wholeheartedly. I was in and out in a flash and didn’t have so much as an ounce of pain or a hint of a problem post-surgery. I still can’t quite believe how seamless it was!
I genuinely feel 1000x more confident, and feel more myself than ever. My breasts are natural, symmetrical, and they look amazing! Best of all, I feel like a grown up!!
I couldn’t recommend Mr Lambe more highly, and I couldn’t be more grateful!


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