Breast Enlargement Bookings

We are so pleased to hear that the majority of our current patients are keeping safe and well and have been keeping in touch with them regularly about when we can finally book them in for their cosmetic surgery operations.  Firstly, a big THANK YOU for your patience in recent times as we all navigate through the “new normality”.

Virtual Breast Enlargement Bookings

All of us have had to constantly adapt as a population to a new home life and new work life, no longer in meetings, but communicating via telephone, zooms, Facebook lives and Facetime. As you may have read in the media, we are now part of the zoom generation as it’s now called.

We are all scrutinising ourselves like never before and the top halves of our body from our hair down to our chest are now on show and loom larger in our mind’s eyes when we contact each other.  Of course, this has led to people seeing themselves for longer than ever before on screen and some people, after not liking what they see, seem to have done their research and a lot more people are now coming to see us to improve their face and parts of their body they are not happy with,

Breast Enlargement

So firstly we have been seeing many women, young and older, who would like to improve their breasts with a breast enlargement using breast implants. We can do this operation safely in our Manchester hospitals.

Spire Manchester has been slower to return to their private offering, as they have a contract with the NHS to provide serious and/or emergency care with them, so we have expanded our offering to other hospitals in Manchester, namely The Wilmslow Hospital (formerly 52 Alderley Road) and also The Highfield Hospital on Manchester Road in Rochdale, due to a high waiting lists.

Breast Implants

We use a full range of breast implants which are guaranteed. Breast implants are improving all the time so that you get the safest surgery and results.

If you are interested in finding out more, then please complete our contact form.

We can use smooth and textured breast implants, round and tear drop shaped, high projection or mid projection and can even use a light weight version if you are concerned about your breasts dropping over time.There has been so many innovations recently that there really are options to suit every body type.

Before embarking on your breast surgery journey, you should do full and thorough research and it may be useful to find out l details of various types of breast implants that we use by clicking here.

What size breast implants should I have?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked and also the most difficult to answer!

This is because each of us is different, with different size shoulders, chests, heights etc so a size that suits your friend would not necessarily suit you.

We have a fabulous virtual reality software that show you how you will look after breast surgery (in virtual reality). Our patients say that this really helps them to visualise and decide what size implants they should choose to achieve the look they are going for. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s a full review from one of our recent patients.

I can totally recommend surgeon Gerard Lambe at Reflect Clinic 100%. I would give him 100 stars not 5! I had my breast enlargement 5 weeks ago I feel great and they look fantastic! Before my surgery I had done a lot of research. I knew Mr Lambe was “The best top surgeon” and I loved all his photos of breast enlargements, they all looked so natural. After my first consultation I knew Mr Lambe was the surgeon I wanted to do my surgery, I was confident I would be in the best hands with him, he was so warm, friendly and funny too !

He was so patient with me as I didn’t know what size I wanted to be. He told me to do the “rice in tights” test which was a brilliant way to test different sizes. After my consultation I met Jayne, Mr Lambe’s Clinic Manager, ah!! She was so lovely to me! I just love her! Jayne is like your best friend, she is there for you anytime if you want to ask her any questions.

On my second consultation I was given the 3D goggles which are fantastic to show you what you can look like with different size boobs. Also I was e-mailed 3D images from crisalix of my body again seeing yourself with different size boobs! So you are given an amazing opportunity to choose the right size for you, and Mr Lambe gives you great advice what size he thinks is right for you too.

On the day of my surgery I was taken to my room in the Spire Hospital by a lovely man, I was so surprised it was more like a hotel room than a hospital. Then later on I was visited by my anaesthetist, he came to introduce himself and to see if I had any questions I wanted to ask him. It was really nice to meet him before my surgery. Then Mr Lambe came to see how I was and that I was happy to go ahead, he just puts you at ease with his lovely kind manner!

I was not nervous at all, I felt so safe and confident with him. When I woke up from my surgery I had no pain at all! I just felt as if I had the best nights sleep ever! I was taken back to my room and looked after by such caring and friendly nurses, they made sure I was comfortable all night. I had a fantastic night in the Spire Hospital. The next morning Mr Lambe came to see me, making sure I was ok after my surgery.

He is such a caring and fantastic surgeon. I couldn’t be happier with my whole experience, it was truly amazing ! And I wouldn’t have trusted anyone else with my surgery. The aftercare you get is fantastic too! So thank you so much!

From the bottom of my heart to Mr Lambe, Jayne and everyone at Reflect Clinic for making my dream come true! Xxx

Manchester Cosmetic Surgery

Both hospitals provide great care for our patients and are very experienced in providing care for cosmetic surgery patients. We have already carried out breast aug surgery at The Wilmslow Hospital for breast surgery (breast augmentation) patients in Manchester and around the North West.

Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Manchester

So if you would like to have cosmetic surgery and improve your breasts with a breast enlargement (sometimes known as a breast aug or boob job) or a breast uplift, tummy tuck or breast reduction, come and see your favourite Manchester Plastic Surgeon, Gerard Lambe, by booking in with Jayne on 07434 572794 to have an intial chat. We look forward to hearing from you!