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Breast Enlargement In Spire Manchester

A breast augmentation operation is a big decision and one that many ladies mull over for some time. There is now so much information available on the web that it can become quite overwhelming to decide what is right for you. I’m always looking for new ways in which to help patients make their own choice about their cosmetic surgery and to give them the best idea of just how they will look after a procedure. That is why for the last 2 years  I have been using Crisalix 3D Virtual Reality software to help my patients in their decision of what size breast implants will look best on them after having their breast augmentation surgery.

What Happens at Your 3D Breast Surgery Consultation?

This software use a small lens attached to an iPad to take an accurate 3 dimensional scan of your body, this only takes about 3 minutes. Then this image can be used to simulate how different breast implants will look on you. The best part is that these images can be viewed in Virtual Reality using just a phone and a VR headset. Once the visor/headset (aptly named Boob Goggles on social media) is placed over your eyes it allows you to look down and see your new cleavage as it will look using different sized and shaped implants to give you an idea of the various types so that you can compare and contrast and acheive the look you are after.

Cost of 3D Virtual Reality Consultation

I do not charge extra for a 3D Virtual Reality consultation. Each consultation is usually £250, however, during the Corona virus crisis we are offering FREE

Remote Consultations (via Skype, Facebook or other remote video software)

3D Virtual Reality Breast Implant Consultations which includes you have an email copy of your breasts with a minimum of two sizes of breast implants.

Please click on our bio on our Instagram profile or see our Faceback social media pages for o access this free new technology, available for a limited time only during the Covid-19 lockdown situation.

Placement of Your Breast Implants

It is possible to simulate both round and shaped breast implants as well as how they will look both under and over the muscle which will also be discussed at your consultation.

Implants can be placed either directly behind the breast (known as sub-glandular placement), or behind the breast and chest wall muscle (known as sub-muscular placement). 
Slim patients (with low body fat) are usually advised to have their implants placed sub-muscular so that the breasts will achieve a more natural look, rather than the very round, large domed, “fake” look that was a trend in the previous few decades.

Once you have been scanned at your consultation, the full catalogue of implants can be selected to really hone in on the exact result you want to achieve. The images can be shared with you via a secure email so that you can view a shortlist of implants at home and discuss your decision with your partner or family.

I always recommend a second consultation before any cosmetic procedure as this allows you the time to reflect on your decision on how you want to proceed and to think of any questions you may have regarding recovery or complications or that have come up once your have had a chat with your close friends and family.

What Happens in Breast Enlargement Surgery?

A breast augmentation procedure requires you to be asleep for approximately one hour and can be done as a day case, that is, no overnight stay is required which allows you to go back to the comfort of your own home and also reduces the cost of your surgery as you don’t have to pay for overnight care at the hospital.

I recommend that you wear a sports bra in the post-op period until both your wounds are healed. When your breast implants are inserted into your chest wall, the incision is only 5-6cm long and is placed in the bottom crease of the breasts (where the breast meets your chest ) and they are closed and stitched up with dissolving stitches. You will not need a drain and stitch removal is not required as they will dissolve naturally during your recuperation period.

When Can I Return to Work after Breast Enlargement?

You should of course be very gentle with yourself during your recovery but if it is totally unavoidable you can even return to normal office work in just 48hrs and even do light exercise after 2 weeks.

However, we recommend at least one week off work after surgery to allow your body time to heal and your mind time to adjust to your newly improved shape.

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Manufacturers of Breast Implants

There have been a number of media stories about concerns regarding breast implants and it is important to know which manufacturer your surgeon uses. I always use implants from reputable companies like Mentor and Polytech as they provide a good 10 year warranty with their implants which covers you if your implant should fail (in the worst case scenario). As a Surgeon whose main concern is your safety, I will always choose the safest option for your surgery and any implants that I use on my patients. However, I am very pleased to advise you that this is now very uncommon in the age of modern implant shell technology.

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Cosmetic Surgery is a Big Decision

It is important to remember that cosmetic surgery is a big decision and therefore you should always take your time to think it over and not feel at all pressured into making a quick decision that you may come to regret in the longer term.

Please check that your surgeon is registered with BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) and BAPRAS (British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive Aesthetic Surgeons) to ensure that they comply with the rigorous checks that happen during safe and thorough cosmetic surgery training.

If you do want to find out more about breast augmentation surgery, or any of the other surgeries we offer here at Reflect, then please get in touch with Jayne for an initial telephone chat on 07434572794. She will then be able to discuss an available date and time for you to come and see Mr Lambe at our clinics at Spire Manchester Hospital in Manchester and more recently on a monthly basis at DD Clinical based in Chester.

Take care and we look forward to seeing you very soon!


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