Breast Enlargement in Spire Manchester Hospital – Case Study


NAME: Elizabeth

OCCUPATION: Change Co-ordinator

LIVES: Liverpool

AGE: 33

HOBBIES: Weightlifting


1 Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I have a busy and active lifestyle, but I love having fun and going out with friends and travelling.

2 What prompted you to have a breast enlargement?

I always wanted bigger boobs and when I started weightlifting and body sculpting, I paid more attention to my body, but unfortunately, boobs are one part of the body that you can’t shape naturally, so I decided to invest in a boob job.

3 Why did you choose Mr Lambe at Reflect Clinic?

I had put a tremendous amount of research into breast augmentation surgery and read studies on which solutions are safe and what are the advantages and disadvantages of them.  Mr Lambe offered a solution that I was leaning toward from my own research.  He also offered a special breast implant that was deemed to be better than others that I had heard of before.

His character was very pleasant and understanding which was important to me and made me very comfortable with him.  I was also nervous about the procedure and my decision and he always told me, it’s OK if I change my mind and I never felt any pressure, even on the day of surgery.  I also did 3D Virtual Reality modelling to see how my breasts would look like with the sizes that we discussed and he offered me a very good size for my shape and body.

All of these things made him outstanding from other doctors who I had seen before.

4 How long did it take to recover?

My recovery took a bit longer than I expected, but the solution that we chose proved to be more invasive to my body as I wanted my breast implants placed “under the muscle” and also a big size.

The swelling took a long time to go down and I felt pain for over a month, so kept taking painkillers and reducing them gradually which worked really well.  All in all, my recovery was fast after the initial 6 weeks.

I went back to the gym 10 weeks later and only felt moderate discomfort with upper body exercises that wouldn’t hit my chest muscles directly.

5 What did you find hard?

I found taking a deep breath initially hard and going out, even for a walk, in the first couple of weeks.  Gradually these got better and after the first 6 weeks, I got significantly better.  Stretching and straightening myself were hard too, but my body adjusted well by giving time to my recovery.

6 What was easier than you thought?

Sleeping on my back, propped up.

I never sleep on my back and propping up myself really helped doing that just fine.  I kept sleeping on my back for almost 3 months after my breast augmentation surgery.

7 Do people notice you’ve had a breast enlargement?

At the beginning I was actually worried they would, but later on, it rather annoys me that they don’t ;))

No-one said anything to me, but sometimes I noticed that people stared at my boobs a little when I talked to them, so they might have noticed.  They fit so well on my body and I look so perfectly proportionate with them that they look like just my own natural breasts.

8 Are you pleased with your breast augmentation results?

I am so happy with my results and that I have done it, I rather wish I would have done it earlier in my life, but probably this was the right time healthwise, as well, and where I am at in my life.  The only thing I wish for sometimes is going a bit bigger in size, but I didn’t dare when I was making my decision about it, because I didn’t know how the breast implants would affect my performance and my everyday life etc.  But now having them and seeing how well my body adjusted itself to them, I would go bigger if I had the chance again.

9 What have you done since have your breast enlargement?

I have done everything I would normally have doe including travelling, partying, working, exercising etc

10 How has your breast enlargement changed your life?

I feel more confident, I love my body even more, I am more satisfied with my shape and dare to dress better. 😉

We really appreciate your honesty! Thank you so much!

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