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Breast Enlargement (Boob Job)

Breast Enlargement Review

From my first consultation for breast augmentation surgery with Mr Lambe I knew I had chosen the right surgeon. I was never rushed and no question was ever a silly one. It was really helpful to see the computer generated images of myself with different size/shaped implants. On the day of the surgery Mr Lambe and his team at Spire Manchester helped calm my nerves and made me feel at ease. I was particularly sickly post op due to the anaesthetic. Mr Lambe and the anaesthetist came to check on me a number of times and the nurses were amazing with me. I had an overnight stay and could not have wished for better care. The results of my surgery have far exceeded my expectations! I am 8 months post op, and the aftercare I have received from Mr Lambe has been exceptional. I would highly recommend Mr Lambe and indeed I have to a number of people.

Before & After Results

Breast Enlargement What to Expect


Treatment Time

2 – 2.5 hours


3 weeks

Hospital Stay

One Night


8 Weeks


Day One


Showers after 3 days, no bathing until healed


Sports bra for 6 -8 weeks

Time off work

2 weeks for sedentary roles

What is a Breast Enlargement?

A Breast Enlargement or Breast Augmentation, commonly known as a ‘boob job’ involves  a breast surgeon placing implants in your breasts to increase your cup size, correct any asymmetry or replace volume in the breast which is often lost (especially in the upper part of the breast) after pregnancy, childbirth and breast feeding. Discuss breast enlargement – boob jobs Manchester, Cheshire and the UK with Gerard Lambe today

Boob job is the ideal procedure for ladies who are unhappy with the present size of their breasts. It  is sometimes combined with a Breast Uplift (Mastopexy).

The Results

The results of breast enlargement surgery are usually great and the majority of women are delighted with their new enlarged shape. It is normal for the breasts to be a little swollen after the breast augmentation operation and it can take a number of months to see the final results of your boob job.

Silicone implants have been extensively investigated and found to have no association with any diseases. we use high-quality implants from reputable companies for all breast enlargement procedures.


Sarah *

Patient Background

Sarah* came to see me in the early part of this year to enquire about a breast augmentation. She is 32 yrs old and had 2 children and had decided that she did not want any more children. She had started back to work in an office role but since having her last child had become increasingly concerned about the changes in her bust. She had breastfed both of her children and had been pleased with the initial increase in her bust size she had while breastfeeding she felt overall more in proportion but her breasts became very much smaller after breastfeeding finished and she had developed a slight droop too.

First Breast Enlargement Consultation

Sarah* wanted to know about the length of time she would have to be off work as she was keen to have her cosmetic surgery done fairly soon but did want to take much time off work as she was only recently back after having maternity leave with the children.

I explained that the first 3 days tend to be the most uncomfortable but after that the vast majority of my patients are able to return to office-based work.

Questions at Consultation

She was keen to know about the types of breast implants and whether I used silicone or saline breast implants. I explained that all breast implants are made of a silicone shell and then the inside is made of a gel which is silicone too but much more pliable. I explained how old-style implants were more prone to rupture but that the modern ones very rarely fail and if they ever did I am able to remove them without any silicone spill as they are similar in texture to a jelly baby when it is cut in half.

I explained about the breast surgery taking one hour under general anaesthetic and that I close all of my wounds with 3 layers of dissolving stitches and that I would see her in 10 days post op, then 6 weeks after that and 6 months after that and also provide her with lifetime cover for her breast implants too.

She was keen to know if she needed her implants to go under or over her muscle and I could see from looking at the top of her chest that she was very slim so answered that it was most likely she would need a dual plane technique in which I cover the top half of the breast implant with her muscle and this is by far the most frequent technique I now use on patients who have little excess fat in their chest area.

She wasn’t sure about whether to have a shaped or round implant and so I scanned her in to our Crisalix 3D software and was able to simulate the shaped implant and round implants in a range of projections for her. She was quick to decide on her favourite 2 implants but wasn’t sure and therefore I gave her full written information and discussed possible dates for the operation and made an appointment to see me again. More FAQs can be found below.

Second Consultation

At her second Consultation, she had some questions about getting back to the gym after surgery. She was not into lifting heavy weights but I explained that I let people go back to upper body weight lifting after 4 weeks but exercises that are low impact like the bike are able to be re-introduced after only 10 days.

Breast Enlargement Options

She had a further look at the 2 implants and used the Boob Goggles to confirm that she wanted to go with the 250cc round implants and so I ordered the implants that day and completed her booking form. I then took her pre op pictures so that all we had to do on the day was a quick mark up of where I was going to insert the implants.

The Day of Surgery

On the day of surgery she came with her husband and I was pleased to see she didn’t have any other questions other than could she go first on the list as she was hungry!
All went well in theatre and as she was coming from a distance she stayed overnight in the hospital. I like to see all my patients the next day as they often have more questions about bras which I advise to wear when the patient feels comfortable and I recommend using a sports bra with a front zip as this is more practical and comfortable than stretching round the back.

Post Operative Care

I then saw her again 10 days later and removed the dressings and check the wounds are healing nicely. I also trim a little suture that I leave coming out of the skin.

She was very happy with her initial appearance and had very little swelling.  After 6 weeks she was overjoyed as she now was able to wear clothes that she previously could not and because she had not opted to go too big she was able to avoid people noticing in work but when she wanted to wear low cut dresses she was getting flattering remarks from her friends and colleagues.

Patient Feedback

 I was recommended to visit Mr Lambe when I decided to have a Breast Enlargement. He was extremely thorough in my Consultation and asked to see me again before we went ahead with the breast aug surgery to ensure I was completely happy to go through with it.

He uses 3D goggles which give you a really good idea of how you will look with different sizes. I am currently 2 months post op and I am delighted with my results! They look so natural (which was very important to me) I am so happy now when I look in the mirror!

Mr Lambe is such a professional and a perfectionist which is clear in his amazing work! I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my body. I would recommend him to anybody, you will be in very safe hands. Thank you so much for giving me so much confidence and Thank you to all the amazing staff at the Manchester Spire who looked after me so well!

* our patient’s name was changed to preserve her privacy.


Below are some common FAQ’s about breast enlargement surgery.

What is the price of breast enlargement?

All procedures at Reflect Clinic are unique to you as we all have different types of skin, unique shapes and our own individual aspirations.

Please click here to find out the cost of your breast enlargement surgery.

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Once you have been assessed, you will then receive an exact price for your breast enlargement surgery which is clear and transparent so that you can make arrangements for finance (0% finance is available via Spire Manchester) or pay in full to begin the next step of your cosmetic surgery journey to The Most Beautiful You.


You should not have this procedure if
You are overweight, with a BMI of over 32, smoke or vape, are in bad health and are taking anti-coagulant medication or are diabetic.
Will I have scars?
Will I have scars? You will have a small scar which is made in the fold of your breast, where your breast meets your chest wall which starts off pink and over time fades to a thin silvery line.
Can you guarantee size?
Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in surgery, however, to ensure you have the most accurate choice we use the latest Virtual Reality 3D Visors (known on social media as #BoobGoggles) which show you in virtual reality how your breasts will look after surgery, you can choose the shape and size of your breast implants by looking at your “breasts” in virtual reality and deciding which look suits you.
How long till I see results?
After allowing any post operative swelling to subside and the implants to drop slightly the final result shows after about 12 weeks.
How long do breast implants last?
Your implants are insured for 10 years for legal reasons but if you are happy with them and they don’t cause you any problems then they can stay in a lot longer.
Do breast implants move?
Do my implants move once inserted? Mr Lambe carefully dissects the pocket area before inserting your textured implants which reduce the amount of movement post surgery.
Can I breastfeed after the procedure?
Yes, breastfeeding is perfectly possible after a breast augmentation and in studies there is no evidence of an increase of silicone in breast milk.
Printable FAQs for Breast Enlargement Surgery
FAQ Breast Enlargement – A Printable PDF guide for Breast Augmentation Surgery

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