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Breast Implants Manufacturer Visit

I have recently returned from a 2 day trip to Frankfurt, Germany as a guest of Polytech and Q Medical. I was asked to attend by Polytech, a high quality breast implant manufacturer. I often use their breast implants because they are high quality and rigorously tested and made to the highest standards for my patients.

This time, I was invited to a participate in an advisory board as part of a group of breast surgery experts, from around the UK including Manchester and London, and Europe, to discuss current issues in breast surgery and to receive the latest updates about safe practices in breast surgery, as well as new information about safety in breast implants themselves.

Top Plastic Surgeons

There were top plastic surgeons from the north including Manchester, and the south, including London, Hertfordshire and Holland. There was a healthy mixture of both the best international Plastic surgeons and Breast surgeons and so we could benefit from each other’s experience.

Each had a slightly different practice, with some performing Cosmetic surgery exclusively and others having a split between breast reconstruction following trauma or disease, and cosmetic breast surgery. The company gave us an update on the latest figures regarding ALCL, a rare type of cancer associated with breast implants and explained how the current risk with micro textured implants is extremely low, with some very large countries in the world yet to report a single case. It was emphasized that meticulous attention to detail when performing all breast implant surgery is essential. I always follow a 14 step plan to minimise contamination of all my Breast implants and have seen no capsular contracture or breast implants loss as a result.

It is always a pleasure to attend these events and meet other surgeons to discuss the latest tips and tricks in breast reduction and breast uplift surgery also. A number of the surgeons are also using social media and we can enjoy learning from each other in this way too.

Developing New Breast Surgery Techniques

All of this information helps in my cosmetic surgery practice but also when I am faced with some of the most challenging cases I see in my breast reconstruction practice in Manchester. I have just completed a follow-up clinic and seen many of my most challenging cases from the last 5 years. One lady has moved to Milton Keynes but returned just to say how very grateful she was for all the care that she has received. She required several operations to reconstruct her breasts after a procedure went wrong in another hospital. Her case required the use of many surgical techniques including flap transfer, fat grafting and finally, using a small breast implant. She was then symmetrized by performing a small breast uplift on her other side. There is no better feeling than seeing the confidence and happiness that radiates from these patients. By accepting these challenging cases I ensure I am constantly challenged and always have to think of new ways to solve these unique problems. I know if I continue to do this I can become the best breast surgeon that I can be.

A second lady I saw in today’s clinic had undergone reconstruction of both breasts but had required some liposuction to the side of one breast to perfect the result and reconstruction of both nipples. Younger breasts rarely require an uplift but a combination of implants and fat grafting can achieve remarkable results.

I often see long term patients who have developed problems with their breast implants after reconstruction. In these cases, it is extremely important to have a large range of breast implants to choose from. A lady returned today who had recently undergone breast augmentation surgery but had developed a malposition of both of them leaving her with a very odd appearance and no self-confidence. I used polyurethane coated implants to achieve a stable and symmetrical result for her, with a very low long term risk of capsular contracture. She was delighted today and has a new found confidence.

Breast surgery is an evolving specialty and each case, whether cosmetic or reconstructive, presents unique challenges. Every case has to be examined carefully to determine the right technique to achieve success. All of the skills in breast surgery are required and often operating on one side to try to match a reconstruction will require all techniques of breast reduction, breast uplift and perhaps even a small breast implant in order to give the final result.

I continue to find interesting challenges and rewards in my breast surgery practice and I see some difficult secondary breast surgery cases on a regular basis and have performed a number of complex revisions of patients who have had breast implants for 10 years or more. They often require a larger breast uplift combined with a change of their breast implants and the making of a new “pocket” in their chest in order to provide stable, long term results.

Some of these procedures are done in combination with other cosmetic surgery procedures such as a “mummy makeover” which is a combination of breast surgery (either a breast enlargement, breast uplift or breast reduction) combined with a tummy tuck with the option of some liposuction to some problem, stubborn, hard to shift pockets of fat which typically hang around the inner or outer thighs.  Others are stand alone operations, depending on my patient’s particular aspirations of what they are hoping to achieve.

As a breast surgeon, I continue to learn and improve with each case I do and a good cosmetic surgeon should always scrutinize his or her results to constantly learn and be the best they can be for the good of all their patients which is what I aim to do, so that I can perform the most up to date surgical techniques and get my many patients the best results possible. 

If you would like to improve your breasts, then I am happy to see you for a consultation so that you can ask any questions you might have and I can discuss how we can improve your breasts in a no pressure, relaxed and supportive environment.

Gerard Lambe
Consultant Plastic Surgeon

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